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Welfare and Institutions Code - WIC


  ( Division 8.5 repealed and added by Stats. 1996, Ch. 1097, Sec. 13. )

CHAPTER 11. State Ombudsman [9700 - 9745]

  ( Chapter 11 added by Stats. 1996, Ch. 1097, Sec. 13. )

ARTICLE 5. Advisory Council [9740 - 9741]
  ( Article 5 added by Stats. 1996, Ch. 1097, Sec. 13. )


(a) The department shall establish an 11-member advisory council for the office. Members of the council shall be appointed by the director, and shall consist of representatives of community organizations, area agencies on aging, two long-term care providers, federal Older Americans Act funded direct services providers, the commission, the California Long-Term Care Ombudsman Association, county government, and other appropriate governmental agencies. The director shall make the appointments from lists of no less than five names submitted by each of the designated entities.

(b) The advisory council shall provide advice and consultation to the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program and the director on issues affecting the provision of ombudsman services, including the review of proposed policy changes to the operation of the program, and may make recommendations, within 30 days, as appropriate. The advisory council shall meet at least three times annually. Representatives on the advisory council shall receive their actual and necessary travel and other expenses incurred in participation on the advisory council.

(Amended by Stats. 1999, Ch. 943, Sec. 3. Effective January 1, 2000.)


At least 30 days prior to the designation of a new organization or agency as an approved organization, the department shall notify the advisory council for the purpose of soliciting comments regarding the designation.

(Repealed and added by Stats. 1996, Ch. 1097, Sec. 13. Effective January 1, 1997.)

WICWelfare and Institutions Code - WIC5.