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Streets and Highways Code - SHC


  ( Division 1 enacted by Stats. 1935, Ch. 29. )

CHAPTER 4. Cooperation By and With the State [760 - 834]

  ( Chapter 4 enacted by Stats. 1935, Ch. 29. )

ARTICLE 1. County Aid to State [760 - 762]
  ( Article 1 enacted by Stats. 1935, Ch. 29. )


(a) If the board of supervisors of any county determines, by a four-fifths vote of the membership of the board, that the acquisition or contribution authorized under this section will promote the interests of the county and the acquisition or contribution is recommended in writing by the department, the board, by resolution passed by a four-fifths vote of its members, may proceed to do either or both of the following:

(1) Acquire any real property or interest needed for state highway purposes and described in the department’s written recommendation. The board shall proceed, if necessary, to condemn the real property or any interest therein. The title to the property or interest may be taken in the name of the state or the county. The resolution of the board is the only preliminary procedure required prior to the acquisition of the property or interest, or to the commencement of a condemnation proceeding, except that if the acquisition is by eminent domain, the resolution shall be one that satisfies the requirements of Article 2 (commencing with Section 1245.210) of Chapter 4 of Title 7 of Part 3 of the Code of Civil Procedure.

(2) Contribute bridges, fencing, money, labor, materials, and appurtenances toward the construction of state highways within the limits of the county.

(b) After the board has adopted the resolution described in subdivision (a) and based on the terms of that resolution, the department may proceed to condemn any real property or interest that is described in both the department’s recommendation and the board’s resolution.

(c) The acquisitions or contributions authorized under this section shall be for the use of the state as provided in Section 762.

(Amended by Stats. 1999, Ch. 546, Sec. 1. Effective September 28, 1999.)


The expense of any such acquisition of real property or interest therein, or of any such contribution, or of both, may be charged to the general fund of the county, the road fund of the county, or the district fund of the district benefited.

(Amended by Stats. 1961, Ch. 801.)


The State may receive and use the benefits provided under section 760, and any money contributed by a county under that section shall be paid into a State fund available for highway purposes and designated by the board of supervisors in the resolution determining such contribution.

(Enacted by Stats. 1935, Ch. 29.)

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