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Revenue and Taxation Code - RTC

DIVISION 2. OTHER TAXES [6001 - 61050]

  ( Heading of Division 2 amended by Stats. 1968, Ch. 279. )


  ( Heading of Part 6 amended by Stats. 1978, Ch. 1209. )

CHAPTER 2. Assessments [11251 - 11354]

  ( Chapter 2 added by Stats. 1941, Ch. 41. )

ARTICLE 6. Jeopardy Assessments [11351 - 11354]
  ( Article 6 added by Stats. 1974, Ch. 54. )


If at any time after the lien date the board believes that the collection of all or part of the tax imposed by this part will be jeopardized by delay, it shall immediately determine the assessed value of the property and the tax rate to be applied. From these it shall compute the amount of tax together with any interest and penalties. The amount so determined shall be due and payable upon service of a notice of assessment upon the person assessed and shall be final 10 days after service unless the person assessed within such 10-day period petitions for reassessment.

(Added by Stats. 1974, Ch. 54.)


The notice of assessment shall be inscribed “jeopardy assessment” and shall be served upon the assessee in the manner prescribed in Section 11312. It shall contain in addition to the information prescribed in Section 11404 notice that the tax, interest, and penalties are due and payable at the time of service and will be delinquent 10 days thereafter unless they are paid or a petition for reassessment is filed.

(Added by Stats. 1974, Ch. 54.)


The person against whom a jeopardy assessment is made may file a petition for reassessment with the board within 10 days of service upon him of the notice of assessment. At the time of filing the petition the person shall deposit with the board such security as the board may deem necessary to insure payment of the amount due.

(Added by Stats. 1974, Ch. 54.)


A jeopardy assessment is delinquent at the time it becomes final, and if unpaid at this time, a penalty of 10 percent of the tax shall be added thereto, plus interest on the amount of tax at the adjusted annual rate established pursuant to Section 19521 from the date on which the tax becomes due and payable until the date of payment.

(Amended by Stats. 1996, Ch. 1087, Sec. 38. Effective January 1, 1997.)

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