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Revenue and Taxation Code - RTC

DIVISION 2. OTHER TAXES [6001 - 61050]

  ( Heading of Division 2 amended by Stats. 1968, Ch. 279. )


  ( Heading of Part 6 amended by Stats. 1978, Ch. 1209. )

CHAPTER 2. Assessments [11251 - 11354]

  ( Chapter 2 added by Stats. 1941, Ch. 41. )

ARTICLE 1. General Provisions [11251 - 11254]
  ( Article 1 added by Stats. 1941, Ch. 41. )


Private railroad cars operated upon railroads into, out of, or through this state shall be assessed and taxed by the board as prescribed in this part.

(Amended by Stats. 1995, Ch. 220, Sec. 3. Effective July 31, 1995.)


The tax imposed in this part is in lieu of all other state, county, municipal, or district taxes, according to value, upon private railroad cars and their appurtenances.

(Amended by Stats. 1995, Ch. 220, Sec. 4. Effective July 31, 1995.)


(a) The board may, in its discretion, enter into a written installment payment agreement with a person for the payment of any taxes due, together with interest thereon and any applicable penalties, in installments over an agreed period. With mutual consent, the board and the taxpayer may alter or modify the agreement.

(b) Upon failure of a person to fully comply with the terms of an installment payment agreement with the board, the board may terminate the agreement by mailing a notice of termination to the person. The notice shall include an explanation of the basis for the termination and inform the person of his or her right to request an administrative review of the termination. Fifteen days after the mailing of the notice, the installment payment agreement shall be void, and the total amount of the tax, interest, and penalties due shall be immediately payable.

(c) The board shall establish procedures for an administrative review for persons requesting that review whose installment payment agreements are terminated under subdivision (b). The collection of taxes, interest, and penalties that are the subject of the terminated installment payment agreement may not be stayed during this administrative review process.

(d) The notice requirement in subdivision (b) shall not apply to any case where the board finds collection of the tax to be in jeopardy.

Except in the case of fraud, if an installment payment agreement is entered into within 45 days from the due date of the tax bill, and the person complies with the terms of the installment payment agreement, the board shall relieve the penalty imposed pursuant to Section 11341.

(Amended by Stats. 2000, Ch. 1052, Sec. 19.5. Effective January 1, 2001.)


The board, beginning no later than January 1, 2001, shall provide each taxpayer who has an installment payment agreement in effect under Section 11253 an annual statement setting forth the initial balance at the beginning of the year, the payments made during the year, and the remaining balance as of the end of the year.

(Added by Stats. 2000, Ch. 1052, Sec. 20. Effective January 1, 2001.)


Except in any case where the board finds collection of the tax to be in jeopardy, if any property has been levied upon, the property or the proceeds from the sale of the property shall be returned to the taxpayer if the board determines any one of the following:

(a) The levy on the property was not in accordance with the law.

(b) The taxpayer has entered into and is in compliance with an installment payment agreement pursuant to Section 11253 to satisfy the tax liability for which the levy was imposed, unless that or another agreement allows for the levy.

(c) The return of the property will facilitate the collection of the tax liability or will be in the best interest of the state and the taxpayer.

(Added by Stats. 1999, Ch. 929, Sec. 13. Effective January 1, 2000.)

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