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Public Utilities Code - PUC


  ( Division 10 repealed and added by Stats. 1955, Ch. 1036. )


  ( Part 2 added by Stats. 1957, Ch. 1056. )

CHAPTER 6. Powers and Functions of District [28950 - 29103]

  ( Chapter 6 added by Stats. 1957, Ch. 1056. )

ARTICLE 1. Corporate Power [28950 - 28959]
  ( Article 1 added by Stats. 1957, Ch. 1056. )


The district has perpetual succession and may adopt a seal and alter it at pleasure.

(Added by Stats. 1957, Ch. 1056.)


The district may sue and be sued, except as otherwise provided by law, in all actions and proceedings, in all courts and tribunals of competent jurisdiction.

(Added by Stats. 1957, Ch. 1056.)


The district may levy, and collect or cause to be collected, taxes for any lawful purpose, as provided in Chapter 7 of this part.

(Added by Stats. 1957, Ch. 1056.)


The district may exercise the right of eminent domain to take any property necessary or convenient to the exercise of the powers granted in this part. The district, in exercising such power, shall in addition to the damage for the taking, injury, or destruction of property, also pay the cost, exclusive of betterment and with credit for salvage value, of removal, reconstruction, or relocation of any structure, railways, mains, pipes, conduits, wires, cables or poles of any public utility which is required to be moved to a new location.

(Amended by Stats. 1975, Ch. 1176.)


The Public Utilities Commission of the State shall have and exercise power and jurisdiction to fix just compensation to be paid for the taking of any property of a public utility in eminent domain proceedings brought by the district. The district may commence and maintain such eminent domain proceedings in the Public Utilities Commission or the superior court at its option.

(Added by Stats. 1957, Ch. 1056.)


The district is entitled to the benefit of any reservation or grant, in all cases, where any right has been reserved or granted to the State or any agency or political subdivision thereof or any public corporation to construct or maintain roads, highways or other crossings over any public or private lands.

(Added by Stats. 1957, Ch. 1056.)


The district may be merged into or consolidated with any other public agency which may be established by law upon such terms as the board of directors shall specify in a resolution to be submitted to the electors of the district for approval in the manner provided in Sections 29540 to 29545, inclusive, of this part insofar as possible. The resolution authorizing consolidation or merger shall not take effect unless and until a majority of the votes cast are in favor of the proposed merger or consolidation. In the event of merger or consolidation, the surviving entity or the consolidated entity shall succeed to all the powers, duties, purposes, responsibilities, liabilities, and jurisdiction now or hereafter vested by law in the district.

(Added by Stats. 1957, Ch. 1056.)


The board may authorize the temporary transfer of cash balances in any fund (except moneys in any fund which the district is required to set aside for the payment of bonds, notes or other evidence of indebtedness and the interest thereon) to any other fund; and the amount so transferred shall be repaid as soon as moneys are available in the fund to which such transfer has been made. Transfers of funds within, or revision of, a budget adopted by the district, whether before or after the incurring of a bonded indebtedness, may be made by appropriate act of the board at a regular or special meeting.

(Amended by Stats. 1967, Ch. 1518.)


Notwithstanding Sections 53090 and 53091 of the Government Code, commercial outdoor advertising signs located on property of the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District shall be in conformance with the zoning regulations and ordinances of the city or county in which the signs are located.

(Added by Stats. 1971, Ch. 1618.)

PUCPublic Utilities Code - PUC1.