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  ( Division 5 added by Stats. 1939, Ch. 94. )

CHAPTER 3.1. Puente Hills Landfill Open-Space Dedication [5600- 5600.]
  ( Heading of Chapter 3.1 renumbered from Chapter 3.5 (as added by Stats. 1994, Ch. 1295) by Stats. 1995, Ch. 91, Sec. 140. )


(a) The owner of the disposal site known as the Puente Hills Landfill, located in an unincorporated portion of the County of Los Angeles, shall dedicate as open-space property within the disposal site, pursuant to the terms of condition 14 (a) of Los Angeles County Conditional Use Permit 92–250 (4). This dedication shall include the buffer zone, and “Canyon 6,” “Canyon 7,” and “Canyon 8” as specified in the conditional use permit.

(b) The owner of the disposal site referred to in subdivision (a) shall enter into an agreement with the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation for use of the disposal area as a public park when solid waste disposal activities are complete, as referenced in and modified by condition 14 (b) of Los Angeles County Conditional Use Permit 92–250 (4). This agreement shall include the funding for the preparation of a park master plan, and for the full development, operation, and maintenance of the park, in an amount appropriate to the level of development shown on the master plan.

(c) The consultation specified in Part VIII of the monitoring program of Los Angeles Conditional Use Permit 92–250 (4), relating to the Puente Hills Landfill Citizens Advisory Committee, shall include the subject of landscaping of the mitigation berm specified in condition 10 (b), and shall also include any other planning matters that would affect the physical development or future use of the landfill site. The committee shall include members of the Hacienda Heights Improvement Association.

(d) The Joint Powers Authority established pursuant to condition 15 of Los Angeles County Conditional Use Permit 92–250 (4) shall give due consideration to purchasing parcels near the landfill property, specifically those parcels near the Hacienda Heights area.

(Amended by Stats. 1995, Ch. 91, Sec. 141. Effective January 1, 1996.)

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