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  ( Division 5 added by Stats. 1939, Ch. 94. )

CHAPTER 1.57. Central Valley Vision [5095.50 - 5095.54]
  ( Chapter 1.57 added by Stats. 2007, Ch. 546, Sec. 2. )


For purposes of this chapter, the following definitions apply:

(a) “Central Valley” means the geographic region extending from approximately the City of Redding in the north to the Tehachapi Mountains in the south, and from the valley floor up to 2,000 feet elevation along the coastal range in the west and the Sierra Nevada range in the east.

(b) “Plan” means the detailed plan of implementation developed by the department for its Central Valley Vision.

(Added by Stats. 2007, Ch. 546, Sec. 2. Effective January 1, 2008.)


The department shall develop a detailed plan of implementation for its Central Valley Vision. The plan shall identify and prioritize specific sites and projects for acquisition and development in the Cental Valley, based on the following objectives:

(a) Expansion of resource protection and access to recreational opportunities at existing state parks and other public lands.

(b) Acquisition of lands with important natural, cultural, and recreational values, focusing on lands that link state parks with other public lands, particularly along water corridors.

(c) Preservation and interpretation of historical and cultural resources.

(d) Expansion of interpretive and recreational programs and opportunities in state park units.

(Added by Stats. 2007, Ch. 546, Sec. 2. Effective January 1, 2008.)


To the extent feasible, the plan shall do all of the following:

(a) Identify specific opportunities and priorities for acquisition and development of new and existing parks and recreational opportunities, with priority given to the following:

(1) Areas with significant or threatened natural resource values, as blue oak and sycamore woodlands, riparian and wetland areas, and native grasslands.

(2) Areas along river corridors and other water bodies, and in the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta.

(3) Areas that can be linked with other state park units or public lands, providing natural corridors and linkages for wildlife and trails.

(4) Areas with unique California cultural and historical values.

(5) Areas with the capacity to support recreational activities for which there is a demonstrated unmet public interest and demand.

(b) Expand opportunities and facilities for multiple and diverse recreational activities, based on identified public interest and demand.

(c) Expand educational and interpretive services and facilities, focusing on the unique cultural and historical resources of the Central Valley.

(Added by Stats. 2007, Ch. 546, Sec. 2. Effective January 1, 2008.)


The plan shall include a specific timeline for implementation.

(Amended by Stats. 2012, Ch. 728, Sec. 140. (SB 71) Effective January 1, 2013.)


This chapter shall be implemented to the extent that funds are appropriated pursuant to subdivision (a) of Section 75063 or any other source.

(Added by Stats. 2007, Ch. 546, Sec. 2. Effective January 1, 2008.)

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