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  ( Division 15 added by Stats. 1974, Ch. 276. )

CHAPTER 7.7. Clean Fuels Act [25678 - 25679]
  ( Chapter 7.7 repealed (as Chapter 7.6) and added by Stats. 1988, Ch. 160, Sec. 155. )


The commission shall establish a grant program which provides a forty cent ($0.40) per gallon production incentive for liquid fuels fermented in this state from biomass and biomass-derived resources produced in this state. Eligible liquid fuels include, but are not limited to, ethanol, methanol, and vegetable oils. Eligible biomass resources include, but are not limited to, agricultural products and byproducts, forestry products and byproducts, and industrial wastes. The commission shall adopt rules and regulations necessary to implement the program. Prior to determining an applicant eligible for participation in the production incentive program, the commission shall find, among other things, that the production techniques employed will lead to a net increase in the amount of energy available for consumption.

(Added by Stats. 1988, Ch. 160, Sec. 155.)


Applicants for a grant under this chapter shall submit an application on a form prescribed by the commission which is responsible for administration of the program.

(Added by Stats. 1988, Ch. 160, Sec. 155.)

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