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Insurance Code - INS


  ( Division 5 added by Stats. 1980, Ch. 1190, Sec. 11. )

CHAPTER 2. Public Insurance Adjusters Act [15000 - 15062]

  ( Chapter 2 added by Stats. 1985, Ch. 1202, Sec. 1. )

ARTICLE 2. Administration [15003 - 15005]
  ( Article 2 added by Stats. 1985, Ch. 1202, Sec. 1. )


The commissioner may, in accordance with the State Civil Service Act, appoint those inspectors, investigators, and other personnel as may be necessary for the administration and enforcement of this chapter.

(Added by Stats. 1985, Ch. 1202, Sec. 1.)


Every power and duty granted to or imposed upon the commissioner may be exercised by any other officer or employee of the department authorized by the commissioner, but the commissioner shall have the supervision of and the responsibility for all powers and duties exercised by those officers and employees.

(Added by Stats. 1985, Ch. 1202, Sec. 1.)


The commissioner may adopt and enforce reasonable rules:

(a) Fixing the qualifications of licensees in addition to those prescribed in the chapter, necessary to promote and protect the public welfare.

(b) Carrying out generally the provisions of this chapter, including regulation of the conduct of licensees.

(c) For a change in the classification of a licensee, or in the type of business organization upon application therefore by a licensee, and to prescribe the fee, if any, to be paid.

(Added by Stats. 1985, Ch. 1202, Sec. 1.)

INSInsurance Code - INS2.