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Health and Safety Code - HSC

DIVISION 13. HOUSING [17000 - 19997]

  ( Division 13 enacted by Stats. 1939, Ch. 60. )

PART 2.5. STATE BUILDING STANDARDS [18901 - 18949.31]

  ( Part 2.5 repealed and added by Stats. 1979, Ch. 1152. )

CHAPTER 4.5. Guidelines for Straw-Bale Structures [18944.30 - 18944.41]

  ( Chapter 4.5 added by Stats. 1995, Ch. 941, Sec. 1. )

ARTICLE 2. Guidelines for Materials [18944.35- 18944.35.]
  ( Article 2 added by Stats. 1995, Ch. 941, Sec. 1. )


(a)  Bales shall be rectangular in shape.

(b)  Bales used within a continuous wall shall be of consistent height and width to ensure even distribution of loads within wall systems.

(c)  Bales shall be bound with ties of either polypropylene string or baling wire. Bales with broken or loose ties shall not be used unless the broken or loose ties are replaced with ties which restore the original degree of compaction of the bale.

(d)  The moisture content of bales, at the time of installation, shall not exceed 20 percent of the total weight of the bale. Moisture content of bales shall be determined through the use of a suitable moisture meter, designed for use with baled rice straw or hay, equipped with a probe of sufficient length to reach the center of the bale, and used to determine the average moisture content of five bales randomly selected from the bales to be used.

(e)  Bales in loadbearing walls shall have a minimum calculated dry density of 7.0 pounds per cubic foot. The calculated dry density shall be determined after reducing the actual bale weight by the weight of the moisture content.

(f)  Where custom-made partial bales are used, they shall be of the same density, same string or wire tension, and, where possible, use the same number of ties as the standard size bales.

(g)  Bales of various types of straw, including wheat, rice, rye, barley, oats, and similar plants, shall be acceptable if they meet the minimum requirements of this chapter for density, shape, moisture content, and ties.

(Amended by Stats. 2002, Ch. 31, Sec. 4. Effective April 26, 2002. Inoperative on date prescribed in Section 18944.41.)

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