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Health and Safety Code - HSC


  ( Division 107 added by Stats. 1995, Ch. 415, Sec. 9. )


  ( Part 2 added by Stats. 1995, Ch. 415, Sec. 9. )

CHAPTER 4. Rural Health [127620- 127620.]

  ( Chapter 4 heading added by Stats. 1996, Ch. 1023, Sec. 355. )

ARTICLE 1. Rural Health Care Transition Oversight [127620- 127620.]
  ( Heading of Article 1 renumbered from Article 12 (and relocated from Chapter 2 of Part 1 of Division 1) by Stats. 1996, Ch. 1023, Sec. 135. )


(a) The Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development, in conjunction with the State Department of Health Services, shall act as the coordinating agency to develop a strategic plan that would assist rural California to prepare for health care reform. The plan shall assist in the coordination and integration of all rural health care services on the birth to death continuum and serve as an infrastructure for rural communities to establish priorities and develop appropriate programs.

(b) The office shall designate representatives from provider groups including rural hospitals, clinics, physicians, other rural providers including psychologists, counties, beneficiaries, and other entities directly affected by the plan. The office shall convene meetings with the objectives of doing all of the following:

(1) Assessing the current status of health care in rural communities.

(2) Assembling and reviewing data related to available programs and resources for rural California.

(3) Assembling and reviewing data related to other states’ strategic plans for rural communities.

(4) Reviewing and integrating the office’s rural work plan, as appropriate.

(5) Making assumptions about the future of health care and developing a strategic plan based on these assumptions.

(c) The rural health care strategic plan shall address all of the following:

(1) The special needs of the elderly and of ethnic populations.

(2) Elimination of barriers in planning and coordinating health services.

(3) The lack of primary and specialty providers.

(4) Access to emergency services.

(5) The role of new technologies, including, but not limited to, telehealth.

(Amended by Stats. 2012, Ch. 782, Sec. 9. (AB 1733) Effective January 1, 2013.)

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