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Government Code - GOV


  ( Title 4 added by Stats. 1949, Ch. 79. )

DIVISION 5. EMPLOYEES [45000 - 45345]

  ( Division 5 added by Stats. 1949, Ch. 79. )

CHAPTER 2. Retirement [45300 - 45345]

  ( Chapter 2 added by Stats. 1949, Ch. 79. )

ARTICLE 2. Pension and Retirement Systems [45341 - 45345]
  ( Heading of Article 2 amended by Stats. 1955, Ch. 624. )


The legislative body may establish a pension plan and provide retirement and death benefits for city employees in order to effect economy and efficiency in the public service and provide a means by which employees who become superannuated or otherwise incapacitated may, without hardship or prejudice, be replaced by more capable employees.

(Added by Stats. 1949, Ch. 79.)


Any pension or retirement system adopted shall be on a sound actuarial basis and provide for contributions by both the city and the employee members of the system which shall be based on percentages of pay roll to be changed only by adjustments on account of experience under the system.

(Added by Stats. 1949, Ch. 79.)


Contributions shall be in amounts which will accumulate at retirement a fund sufficient to carry out the promise to pay benefits to the individual on account of his service as a member of the system, without further contributions from any source.

(Added by Stats. 1949, Ch. 79.)


Benefits based on service rendered prior to membership in the system shall be met by additional contributions of the employer. Such prior service liability may be funded over a fixed period of years.

(Added by Stats. 1949, Ch. 79.)


As an alternate method of providing a retirement system, the city may contract with the Board of Administration of the State Employees’ Retirement System and enter all or any portion of its employees under such system pursuant to law and under the terms and conditions of such contract.

(Added by Stats. 1949, Ch. 79.)

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