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  ( Title 2 enacted by Stats. 1943, Ch. 134. )


  ( Division 3 added by Stats. 1945, Ch. 111. )


  ( Part 3 added by Stats. 1945, Ch. 112. )

CHAPTER 3. Fiscal Affairs [13290 - 13344]

  ( Chapter 3 added by Stats. 1945, Ch. 112. )

ARTICLE 2. Fiscal Year Budgets [13320 - 13326]
  ( Article 2 added by Stats. 1945, Ch. 112. )


Every State agency and court for which an appropriation has been made, shall submit to the department for approval, a complete and detailed budget at such time and in such form as may be prescribed by the department, setting forth all proposed expenditures and estimated revenues for the ensuing fiscal year.

(Added by Stats. 1945, Ch. 112.)


The budgets shall show the allotments of appropriations or other funds available for the fiscal year by quarter or other period of time and by organization unit. Expenditures may be classified by line item for each program in the detail prescribed by the department. The department may require the head of the state agency or court, in making up the budget allotments, to set aside a reserve for contingencies or other purposes in such amount as the department determines.

(Amended by Stats. 1969, Ch. 1325.)


Until enactment of the budget act containing the appropriations funding the fiscal year budget, the department may revise, alter, or amend any fiscal year budget, if, in its opinion, revision, alteration or amendment is required in the interest of the State. The department shall notify the head of the State agency or court of any revision, alteration, or amendment of its fiscal year budget.

(Amended by Stats. 1983, Ch. 324, Sec. 1.30. Effective July 21, 1983.)


Upon request of a State agency or court at any time during the fiscal year, the department may authorize transfers between its budget allotments, including reserves.

(Added by Stats. 1945, Ch. 112.)


Notwithstanding any limitation contained in any budget subject to this article, the department, upon the request of any agency which has an employee or employees on disability leave under Section 4800 of the Labor Code, may authorize an increase in the budgeted number for the agency, in order to establish the personnel level of the agency at the level provided for in the agency budget plus any employees on disability leave under Section 4800 of the Labor Code.

(Added by Stats. 1970, Ch. 993.)


Every person who incurs any expenditure in excess of the allotments or other provisions of the fiscal year budget as approved by the department or as subsequently changed by or with the approval of the department, is liable both personally and on his official bond for the amount of the excess expenditures.

(Added by Stats. 1945, Ch. 112.)


Approval by the Department of General Services of contracts, leases and other transactions or expenditures of state agencies, where such approval is required by law, shall be necessary regardless of the fact that the Department of Finance may have approved a budget, under this article or any other law, providing funds for such lease, contract or other transaction or expenditure.

(Amended by Stats. 1963, Ch. 1786.)


Every state agency, when making requests or preparing budgets to be submitted to the Federal Government for funds, equipment, material or services, other than for highway purposes, shall, upon completion of such request or budget, first submit it to the department. The department shall have authority to approve, disapprove, modify, or amend any such request or budget before it is submitted to the proper federal authority.

(Added by Stats. 1949, Ch. 96.)

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