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  ( Title 6.7 added by Stats. 1994, Ch. 94, Sec. 1. )


  ( Heading of Division 1 amended (as added by Stats. 1994, Ch. 94) by Stats. 1994, Ch. 749, Sec. 1. )

CHAPTER 6. Small Business Financial Assistance Act of 2013 [63088 - 63089.98]

  ( Chapter 6 added by Stats. 2013, Ch. 537, Sec. 4. )

ARTICLE 7. Loan Guarantees [63089.70 - 63089.71]
  ( Article 7 added by Stats. 2013, Ch. 537, Sec. 4. )


(a) The Small Business Expansion Fund, which is hereby continued in existence, shall, among other things, provide guarantees to loans offered by financial institutions and financial companies to small businesses.

(b) The Legislature finds and declares that the Small Business Loan Guarantee Program has enabled participating small businesses that do not qualify for conventional business loans or Small Business Administration loans to secure funds to expand their businesses. These small businesses would not have been able to expand their businesses in the absence of the program. The program has also provided valuable technical assistance to small businesses to ensure growth and stability. The study commissioned by former Section 14069.6 of the Corporations Code, as added by Chapter 919 of the Statutes of 1997, documented the return on investment of the program and the need for its services. The value of the program has also been recognized by the Governor through proposals contained in the May Revision to the Budget Act of 2000 for the 2000–01 fiscal year.

(c) A corporation shall not issue a guarantee under this section unless it determines that the following conditions are satisfied:

(1) There is a low probability that the loan being guaranteed would be granted by a financial company or financial institution under reasonable terms and conditions and the borrower has demonstrated a reasonable prospect of repayment.

(2) The loan proceeds will be used exclusively in this state.

(3) The loan qualifies as a small business loan or an employment incentive loan.

(4) The borrower has a minimum equity interest in the business as determined by the directives and requirements.

(5) As a result of the loan being guaranteed, the jobs generated or retained demonstrate reasonable conformance to any directives and requirements specifying employment criteria.

(Added by Stats. 2013, Ch. 537, Sec. 4. (AB 1247) Effective October 4, 2013.)


(a) Among other priorities, corporations shall give high priority to the issuance of loan guarantees to small business incubators and to businesses that lease space in incubators.

(b) For the purposes of this section, “incubator” means a facility that allows new small businesses to increase their probability of success by sharing needed capital equipment, services, and facilities, which may include, but are not limited to, the following:

(1) Reception and meeting area.

(2) Secretarial services, such as collating, telephone answering, or mailhandling.

(3) Accounting and bookkeeping services.

(4) Research libraries.

(5) Onsite financial and management counseling.

(6) Parking.

(7) Flexible lease arrangements for flexible space.

(8) Computer or word processing facilities.

(9) Day care facilities.

(10) Office furniture rentals.

(11) A graduation policy sometimes requiring firms to leave after three to five years in a subsidized, nurturing environment.

(12) Employee training and placement services.

(c) Among other priorities, corporations shall give high priority to marketing their services to Phase 1 or Phase 2 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) recipients and providing loan guarantees, whenever possible.

(Added by Stats. 2013, Ch. 537, Sec. 4. (AB 1247) Effective October 4, 2013.)

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