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Financial Code - FIN


  ( Division 2 repealed and added by Stats. 1983, Ch. 1091, Sec. 2. )

CHAPTER 6. Investment Operations [7200 - 7800]

  ( Chapter 6 added by Stats. 1983, Ch. 1091, Sec. 2. )

ARTICLE 3. Investment in Business Property [7300- 7300.]
  ( Heading of Article 3 amended by Stats. 1984, Ch. 287, Sec. 23. )


(a) Each association shall have power to invest in real property, tangible personal property and interests in real property for the conduct of the business of the association, or its service corporation, which power shall include the ownership of stock of a wholly owned subsidiary corporation having as its exclusive activity the ownership and management of the property or interests.

(b) As used in this section, the term “real property” includes structures or buildings located on land owned in fee or held under a lease or sublease by the association with an unexpired term, including extensions or renewals that are automatically effective or may be exercised at the association’s option, of 25 years at the date of execution by the association of the lease or sublease.

(c) No association may without written approval of the commissioner purchase, sell, or pay interest on or dividends involving, gold or silver bullion or related instruments or securities except gold coins minted and issued by the United States Treasury pursuant to Public Law 99-185, 99 Stat. 1177 (1985).

(Amended by Stats. 1987, Ch. 1162, Sec. 12. Effective September 26, 1987.)

FINFinancial Code - FIN3.