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Food and Agricultural Code - FAC


  ( Division 13 enacted by Stats. 1967, Ch. 15. )

CHAPTER 1. Bees [29000 - 29322]

  ( Chapter 1 repealed and added by Stats. 1987, Ch. 1404, Sec. 2. )

ARTICLE 7. Use of Pesticides [29100 - 29103]
  ( Article 7 added by Stats. 1987, Ch. 1404, Sec. 2. )


(a) The Legislature hereby finds and declares that bees perform a valuable service to agriculture in this state.

(b) The Legislature further finds and declares that the necessary application of certain pesticides to blossoming plants poses a potential hazard to bees.

(c) The Legislature further finds and declares that the use of pesticides is necessary for the protection of agricultural crops.

(d) The Legislature further finds and declares that certain factors, including, but not limited to, the time of application, the type of pesticides used, the type of blossoming plant involved, the proximity of the apiaries, and the ability to locate and notify the owners of the apiaries involved, directly affect the extent of the harm to bees resulting from pesticides.

(Added by Stats. 1987, Ch. 1404, Sec. 2.)


(a) Each beekeeper shall report to the commissioner of the county in which the beekeeper’s apiary is located, on a form approved by the secretary, each location of apiaries for which notification of pesticide usage is sought. This report for notification may be filed with and be part of the form used for registration pursuant to Article 4 (commencing with Section 29040), or shall be submitted in writing if notice of relocation is made as set forth in Section 29070 or 29070.5. Except for reports filed as part of an initial registration pursuant to Section 29040, each request shall be mailed within 72 hours before locating an apiary, where feasible, but in no event later than 72 hours after locating an apiary.

(b) The beekeeper shall not be entitled to notification until receipt and processing of the report is made by the commissioner. However, the commissioner may provide notice earlier if practicable.

(c) Notice to pesticide applicators shall not be required until the written report by the beekeeper has been received and processed by the commissioner, except that the commissioner may provide notice earlier if practicable.

(d) The commissioner shall process the written report as expeditiously as reasonable, but shall not exceed 16 working hours. The 16-hour period shall commence upon receipt of the written report.

(Amended by Stats. 2019, Ch. 300, Sec. 6. (AB 450) Effective January 1, 2020.)


(a) The director shall adopt regulations necessary to minimize the hazard to bees, while still providing for the reasonable and necessary application of pesticides toxic to bees to blossoming plants. The regulations may be limited to specific blossoming plants.

(b) Regulations adopted pursuant to this section may be applicable to either the entire state or specified areas of the state. Regulations that are applicable to only specified areas of the state shall include provisions for the mandatory notice of movement of apiaries, including any relocation thereof within the area to which the regulations are applicable.

(c) The regulations may also include provisions for timely notification of apiary owners of proposed pesticide applications, and limitations on the time and method of application of pesticides and the pesticides used.

(Added by Stats. 1987, Ch. 1404, Sec. 2. Note: See this section as modified on July 17, 1991, in Governor's Reorganization Plan No. 1 of 1991.)


Failure of a beekeeper to remove hives from a specific location, except during specific periods of time, as provided in subdivision (c) of Section 29102 after notification, shall not prevent the application of pesticides to blossoming plants if consistent with the pesticide’s labeling and regulations. When the pesticide applicator has complied with the notification pursuant to subdivision (c) of Section 29102 the applicator shall not be liable for injury to bees that enter the area treated during or after the application.

(Added by Stats. 1987, Ch. 1404, Sec. 2.)

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