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Corporations Code - CORP


  ( Title 3 enacted by Stats. 1947, Ch. 1038. )

  ( Heading of Part 3 renumbered from Part 2 by Stats. 1972, Ch. 962. )


Every person who, without being authorized so to do, subscribes the name of another to or inserts the name of another in any prospectus, circular, or other advertisement, or announcement of any joint stock association, existing or intended to be formed, with intent to permit the document to be published, and thereby to lead persons to believe that the person whose name is so subscribed is an officer, agent, member, or promoter of such association, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

(Enacted by Stats. 1947, Ch. 1038.)


Every director, officer, or agent of any joint stock association is guilty of a felony who knowingly concurs in making, publishing, or posting either generally or privately to the stockholders or other persons, any written report, exhibit, or statement of its affairs or pecuniary condition, or book or notice containing any material statement which is false, or any untrue or wilfully or fraudulently exaggerated report, prospectus, account, statement of operations, values, business, profits, expenditures, or prospects, or any other paper or document intended to produce or give, or having a tendency to produce or give, the shares of stock in such association a greater value or a less apparent or market value than they really possess.

(Enacted by Stats. 1947, Ch. 1038.)


(a) Every director, officer, or agent of any joint stock association, who knowingly receives or possesses himself of any property of the association, otherwise than in payment of a just demand, and, with intent to defraud, omits to make, or to cause or direct to be made, a full and true entry thereof in the books or accounts of the association, is guilty of a public offense.

(b) Every director, officer, agent, or member of any joint stock association who, with intent to defraud, destroys, alters, mutilates, or falsifies any of the books, papers, writings, or securities belonging to the association, or makes or concurs in making any false entries, or omits or concurs in omitting to make any material entry in any book of accounts or other record or document kept by the association, is guilty of a public offense.

(c) Each public offense specified in this section is punishable by imprisonment pursuant to subdivision (h) of Section 1170 of the Penal Code, or by imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding one year, or a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by both that fine and imprisonment.

(Amended by Stats. 2011, Ch. 15, Sec. 46. (AB 109) Effective April 4, 2011. Operative October 1, 2011, by Sec. 636 of Ch. 15, as amended by Stats. 2011, Ch. 39, Sec. 68.)


For the purposes of this part every director of a joint stock association is deemed to possess such knowledge of the affairs of his association as to enable him to determine whether any act, proceeding, or omission of its directors is a violation of this part.

(Enacted by Stats. 1947, Ch. 1038.)

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