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* California Constitution - CONS

  ( Article 20 adopted 1879. )

SEC. 1.5.

The Legislature shall protect, by law, from forced sale a certain portion of the homestead and other property of all heads of families.

(Sec. 1.5 added June 8, 1976, by Prop. 14. Res.Ch. 5, 1976, clause 38, as revised by Res.Ch. 24, Amdt. 7.)

SEC. 2.

Except for tax exemptions provided in Article XIII, the rights, powers, privileges, and confirmations conferred by Sections 10 and 15 of Article IX in effect on January 1, 1973, relating to Stanford University and the Huntington Library and Art Gallery, are continued in effect.

(Sec. 2 renumbered from Sec. 6 on June 8, 1976, by Prop. 14. Res.Ch. 5, 1976.)

SEC. 4.

The Legislature shall not pass any laws permitting the leasing or alienation of any franchise, so as to relieve the franchise or property held thereunder from the liabilities of the lessor or grantor, lessee, or grantee, contracted or incurred in the operation, use, or enjoyment of such franchise, or any of its privileges.

(Sec. 4 renumbered from Sec. 7 on June 8, 1976, by Prop. 14. Res.Ch. 5, 1976.)

SEC. 5.

All laws now in force in this State concerning corporations and all laws that may be hereafter passed pursuant to this section may be altered from time to time or repealed.

(Sec. 5 renumbered from Sec. 24 on June 8, 1976, by Prop. 14. Res.Ch. 5, 1976.)

SEC. 6.

Any legislator whose term of office is reduced by operation of the amendment to subdivision (a) of Section 2 of Article IV adopted by the people in 1972 shall, notwithstanding any other provision of this Constitution, be entitled to retirement benefits and compensation as if the term of office had not been so reduced.

(Sec. 6 renumbered from Sec. 25 on June 8, 1976, by Prop. 14. Res.Ch. 5, 1976.)

SEC. 7.

The limitations on the number of terms prescribed by Section 2 of Article IV, Sections 2 and 11 of Article V, Section 2 of Article IX, and Section 17 of Article XIII apply only to terms to which persons are elected or appointed on or after November 6, 1990, except that an incumbent Senator whose office is not on the ballot for the general election on that date may serve only one additional term. Those limitations shall not apply to any unexpired term to which a person is elected or appointed if the remainder of the term is less than half of the full term.

(Sec. 7 added Nov. 6, 1990, by Prop. 140. Initiative measure.)

SEC. 23.

Notwithstanding any other provision of this Constitution, the Speaker of the Assembly shall be an ex officio member, having equal rights and duties with the nonlegislative members, of any state agency created by the Legislature in the field of public higher education which is charged with the management, administration, and control of the State College System of California.

(Sec. 23 added Nov. 3, 1970, by Prop. 7. Res.Ch. 169, 1970.)

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