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Civil Code - CIV

DIVISION 2. PROPERTY [654 - 1422]

  ( Heading of Division 2 amended by Stats. 1988, Ch. 160, Sec. 13. )


  ( Part 3 enacted 1872. )


  ( Title 2 enacted 1872. )

CHAPTER 4. Other Kinds of Personal Property [994 - 998]
  ( Chapter 4 enacted 1872. )


Instruments essential to the title of real property, and which are not kept in a public office as a record, pursuant to law, belong to the person in whom, for the time being, such title may be vested, and pass with the title.

(Enacted 1872.)


Whenever fur bearing animals, which are by their nature known as wild animals, have been brought into, or born in, restraint or captivity upon any farm or ranch for the purpose of cultivating or pelting their furs, such animals, together with their offspring or increase, shall be the subjects of ownership, lien, and all kinds of absolute and other property rights, the same as purely domestic animals, in whatever situation, location, or condition such fur bearing animals may thereafter come or be, and regardless of their remaining in or escaping from such restraint or captivity. Such fur bearing animals shall receive the same protection of law, and in the same way and to the same extent shall be the subject of trespass or larceny as other personal property and shall be considered and classified as domestic animals for the purpose of and within the meaning of any statute or law relating generally to domestic animals, other than dogs and cats or other pets, or relating to farming, to animal husbandry, or to the encouragement of agriculture, unless any such statute or law is impossible of application to such fur bearing animals.

(Added by Stats. 1941, Ch. 404.)


In this state, for any purpose, porcelain painting and stained glass artistry shall be considered a fine art and not a craft.

(Amended by Stats. 1982, Ch. 1609, Sec. 3.)


Any private vendor of electronic data processing equipment or telecommunications goods and services may sell or lease equipment, goods, or services to a private school for the same price and on similar terms as the vendor sells or leases the equipment, goods, or services to a public school or school district.

(Added by Stats. 1988, Ch. 858, Sec. 1.)

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