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Business and Professions Code - BPC

DIVISION 2. HEALING ARTS [500 - 4999.129]

  ( Division 2 enacted by Stats. 1937, Ch. 399. )

CHAPTER 16. Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors [4999.10 - 4999.129]

  ( Chapter 16 added by Stats. 2009, Ch. 619, Sec. 3. )

ARTICLE 4. Practice Requirements [4999.70 - 4999.76]
  ( Article 4 added by Stats. 2009, Ch. 619, Sec. 3. )


A licensee shall display his or her license in a conspicuous place in his or her primary place of practice.

(Added by Stats. 2009, Ch. 619, Sec. 3. (SB 788) Effective January 1, 2010.)


(a) Effective July 1, 2020, a licensee or registrant shall provide a client with a notice written in at least 12-point type prior to initiating psychotherapy services, or as soon as practicably possible thereafter, that reads as follows:


The Board of Behavioral Sciences receives and responds to complaints regarding services provided within the scope of practice of professional clinical counselors. You may contact the board online at, or by calling (916) 574-7830.

(b) The delivery of the notice required by this section to the client shall be documented.

(Amended by Stats. 2021, Ch. 647, Sec. 66. (SB 801) Effective January 1, 2022.)


Any licensed professional clinical counselor who owns a business using a fictitious business name shall not use any name that is false, misleading, or deceptive, and shall inform the patient, prior to the commencement of treatment, of the name and license designation of the owner or owners of the practice.

(Amended by Stats. 2021, Ch. 747, Sec. 26. (AB 690) Effective January 1, 2022.)


Licensed professional clinical counselors shall provide to each client accurate information about the counseling relationship and the counseling process.

(Added by Stats. 2009, Ch. 619, Sec. 3. (SB 788) Effective January 1, 2010.)


(a) A licensed professional clinical counselor shall retain a client’s or patient’s health service records for a minimum of seven years from the date therapy is terminated. If the client or patient is a minor, the client’s or patient’s health service records shall be retained for a minimum of seven years from the date the client or patient reaches 18 years of age. Health service records may be retained in either a written or an electronic format.

(b) This section shall apply only to the records of a client or patient whose therapy is terminated on or after January 1, 2015.

(Added by Stats. 2014, Ch. 312, Sec. 4. (SB 578) Effective January 1, 2015.)


(a) Except as provided in subdivision (c), the board shall not renew any license pursuant to this chapter unless the applicant certifies to the board, on a form prescribed by the board, that the applicant has completed not less than 36 hours of approved continuing education in or relevant to the field of professional clinical counseling in the preceding two years, as determined by the board.

(b) The board shall have the right to audit the records of any applicant to verify the completion of the continuing education requirement. Applicants shall maintain records of completed continuing education coursework for a minimum of two years and shall make these records available to the board for auditing purposes upon request.

(c) The board may establish exceptions from the continuing education requirement of this section for good cause, as defined by the board.

(d) The continuing education shall be obtained from one of the following sources:

(1) A school, college, or university that is accredited or approved, as defined in Section 4999.12. Nothing in this paragraph shall be construed as requiring coursework to be offered as part of a regular degree program.

(2) Other continuing education providers as specified by the board by regulation.

(e) The board shall establish, by regulation, a procedure for identifying acceptable providers of continuing education courses, and all providers of continuing education, as described in paragraphs (1) and (2) of subdivision (d), shall adhere to procedures established by the board. The board may revoke or deny the right of a provider to offer continuing education coursework pursuant to this section for failure to comply with this section or any regulation adopted pursuant to this section.

(f) Training, education, and coursework by approved providers shall incorporate one or more of the following:

(1) Aspects of the discipline that are fundamental to the understanding or the practice of professional clinical counseling.

(2) Significant recent developments in the discipline of professional clinical counseling.

(3) Aspects of other disciplines that enhance the understanding or the practice of professional clinical counseling.

(g) A system of continuing education for licensed professional clinical counselors shall include courses directly related to the diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of the client population being served.

(h) The continuing education requirements of this section shall fully comply with the guidelines for mandatory continuing education established by the Department of Consumer Affairs pursuant to Section 166.

(Amended by Stats. 2021, Ch. 647, Sec. 67. (SB 801) Effective January 1, 2022.)

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