Code Section

Government Code - GOV

TITLE 1. GENERAL [100 - 7931.000]

  ( Title 1 enacted by Stats. 1943, Ch. 134. )

DIVISION 7. MISCELLANEOUS [6000 - 7599.104]

  ( Division 7 enacted by Stats. 1943, Ch. 134. )

CHAPTER 3.1. Address Confidentiality for Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking [6205 - 6210]
  ( Heading of Chapter 3.1 amended by Stats. 2006, Ch. 639, Sec. 1. )


(a) The Secretary of State shall provide each program participant a notice in clear and conspicuous font that contains all of the following information:

(1) The program participant is authorized by law to request to use the address designated by the Secretary of State on real property deeds, change of ownership forms, and deeds of trust when purchasing or selling a home.

(2) The program participant may create a revocable living trust and place their real property into the trust to protect their residential street address from disclosure in real property transactions.

(3) The program participant may obtain a change of their legal name to protect their anonymity.

(4) A list of contact information for entities that the program participant may contact to receive information on, or receive legal services for, the creation of a trust to hold real property or obtaining a name change, including county bar associations, legal aid societies, domestic violence prevention organizations, human trafficking prevention organizations, elder and dependent adult abuse prevention organizations, state and local agencies, or other nonprofit organizations that may be able to assist program participants.

(b) Commencing January 1, 2023, the Secretary of State shall make the notice required by this section available in English and in at least the other languages described in Section 1632 of the Civil Code. The Secretary of State may make the notice available in additional languages.

(Amended by Stats. 2021, Ch. 457, Sec. 3. (AB 277) Effective January 1, 2022.)