Code Section

Welfare and Institutions Code - WIC


  ( Division 4.5 added by Stats. 1977, Ch. 1252. )

CHAPTER 1.6. General Provisions [4507 - 4519.10]
  ( Chapter 1.6 heading added by Stats. 2014, Ch. 178, Sec. 4. )


On or before March 1, 2019, the department shall submit a rate study to the appropriate fiscal and policy committees of the Legislature addressing the sustainability, quality, and transparency of community-based services for individuals with developmental disabilities. The department shall consult with stakeholders, through the developmental services task force process, in developing the study. The study shall include, but not be limited to, all of the following:

(a) An assessment of the effectiveness of the methods used to pay each category of community service provider. This assessment shall include consideration of the following factors for each category of service provider:

(1) Whether the current method of ratesetting for a service category provides an adequate supply of providers in that category, including, but not limited to, whether there is a sufficient supply of providers to enable consumers throughout the state to have a choice of providers, depending upon the nature of the service.

(2) A comparison of the estimated fiscal effects of alternative rate methodologies for each service provider category.

(3) How different rate methodologies can incentivize outcomes for consumers.

(b) An evaluation of the number and type of service codes for regional center services, including, but not limited to, recommendations for simplifying and making service codes more reflective of the level and types of services provided.

(Added by Stats. 2016, 2nd Ex. Sess., Ch. 3, Sec. 2. (AB 1 2x) Effective June 9, 2016.)