Code Section

Food and Agricultural Code - FAC


  ( Division 10 enacted by Stats. 1967, Ch. 15. )

CHAPTER 6. Inspection of Cattle [21051 - 21323]

  ( Chapter 6 enacted by Stats. 1967, Ch. 15. )

ARTICLE 1. Requirements, Generally [21051 - 21070]
  ( Article 1 enacted by Stats. 1967, Ch. 15. )


(a) In addition to any other penalty provided by this chapter, the director may levy a civil penalty against any person who violates this chapter of an amount not to exceed one hundred dollars ($100) for each violation.

(b) Before a civil penalty is levied, the person who is charged with a violation shall be provided a notice of the violation, shall have an opportunity to be heard, and shall have the right to review the evidence and to present evidence on his or her behalf.

(c) The decision of the director may be reviewed pursuant to Section 1094.5 of the Code of Civil Procedure.

(d) The director shall deposit the funds collected pursuant to this section in the Department of Food and Agriculture Fund for expenditure as authorized by this division.

(Added by Stats. 1991, Ch. 361, Sec. 2. Effective August 30, 1991.)