Code Section

Streets and Highways Code - SHC


  ( Heading of Division 3 amended by Stats. 1953, Ch. 192. )

CHAPTER 2. Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Program [2030 - 2038]
  ( Chapter 2 added by Stats. 2017, Ch. 5, Sec. 36. )


(a) On or before January 1, 2018, the commission, in cooperation with the department, transportation planning agencies, county transportation commissions, and other local agencies, shall develop guidelines for the allocation of funds pursuant to subdivision (a) of Section 2032.

(b) The guidelines shall be the complete and full statement of the policy, standards, and criteria that the commission intends to use to determine how these funds will be allocated.

(c) The commission may amend the adopted guidelines after conducting at least one public hearing.

(d) The guidelines may include streamlining of project delivery by authorizing local or regional transportation agencies to seek commission approval of a letter of no prejudice that allows the agency to expend its own funds in advance of an allocation of funds by the commission, and to be reimbursed at a later time for eligible expenditures. A letter of no prejudice shall only be available to local or regional transportation agencies for moneys that have been identified for future allocation to the applicant agency. Moneys designated pursuant to subdivision (a) of Section 2032 shall only be reimbursed when there is funding available in an amount sufficient to make the reimbursement.

(Amended by Stats. 2017, Ch. 255, Sec. 5. (AB 135) Effective September 16, 2017.)