Code Section

Vehicle Code - VEH


  ( Heading of Division 6 amended by Stats. 1961, Ch. 1615. )

CHAPTER 5. License Fees [14900 - 14911]

  ( Chapter 5 enacted by Stats. 1959, Ch. 3. )

ARTICLE 1. Imposition of Fees [14900 - 14907]
  ( Heading of Article 1 added by Stats. 1991, Ch. 13, Sec. 48. )


(a) Notwithstanding any other provision of this code, in lieu of the fees in Section 14904, before a driver’s license may be issued, reissued, or returned to a person after suspension or revocation of the person’s privilege to operate a motor vehicle pursuant to Section 13353 or 13353.2, there shall be paid to the department a fee in an amount of one hundred twenty-five dollars ($125) to pay the costs of the administration of the administrative suspension and revocation programs for persons who refuse or fail to complete chemical testing, as provided in Section 13353, or who drive with an excessive amount of alcohol in their blood, as provided in Section 13353.2, any costs of the Department of the California Highway Patrol related to the payment of compensation for overtime for attending any administrative hearings pursuant to Article 3 (commencing with Section 14100) of Chapter 3 and Section 13382, and any reimbursement for costs mandated by the state pursuant to subdivisions (f) and (g) of Section 23612.

(b) This section does not apply to a suspension or revocation that is set aside by the department or a court.

(Amended by Stats. 2002, Ch. 805, Sec. 20. Effective September 23, 2002.)