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Streets and Highways Code - SHC


  ( Division 2 enacted by Stats. 1935, Ch. 29. )

CHAPTER 4. Methods of Performing Highway Work [1070 - 1197]

  ( Chapter 4 enacted by Stats. 1935, Ch. 29. )

ARTICLE 3. By Permanent Road Divisions [1160 - 1197]
  ( Article 3 added by Stats. 1935, Ch. 29. )


A petition for the formation of a division may be presented to the board of supervisors of the county wherein the division is proposed to be formed. The petition shall contain:

(a) The name of the proposed division.

(b) The signatures of at least a majority of the landowners within the proposed division or the signatures of owners of more than 50 percent of the assessed valuation within the division.

(c) The boundaries of the proposed division.

(d) The number of acres therein and the assessed valuation of such acreage according to the last equalized assessment roll of the county.

(e) The value of the improvements on real estate and of the personal property within the proposed division according to the last equalized assessment roll.

(f) The number of inhabitants therein, as nearly as can be ascertained.

(g) A particular description of the location of any highway which it is desired to construct, improve or permanently maintain or maintain for a specified number of years, in the event of which such limited period of maintenance the period thereof shall be shown and a statement showing the necessity for such work.

(Amended by Stats. 1959, Ch. 1308.)