Code Section

Government Code - GOV

TITLE 1. GENERAL [100 - 7914]

  ( Title 1 enacted by Stats. 1943, Ch. 134. )


  ( Division 4 enacted by Stats. 1943, Ch. 134. )

CHAPTER 11.5. Public Employee Communication [3555 - 3559]
  ( Chapter 11.5 added by Stats. 2017, Ch. 21, Sec. 2. )


Each public employer described in subdivision (a) of Section 3555.5 shall provide the exclusive representative mandatory access to its new employee orientations. The exclusive representative shall receive not less than 10 days’ notice in advance of an orientation, except that a shorter notice may be provided in a specific instance where there is an urgent need critical to the employer’s operations that was not reasonably foreseeable. The structure, time, and manner of exclusive representative access shall be determined through mutual agreement between the employer and the exclusive representative, subject to the requirements of Section 3557. The date, time, and place of the orientation shall not be disclosed to anyone other than the employees, the exclusive representative, or a vendor that is contracted to provide a service for purposes of the orientation.

(Amended by Stats. 2018, Ch. 53, Sec. 16. (SB 866) Effective June 27, 2018.)