Code Section

Evidence Code - EVID


  ( Division 10 enacted by Stats. 1965, Ch. 299. )

CHAPTER 2. Exceptions to the Hearsay Rule [1220 - 1390]

  ( Chapter 2 enacted by Stats. 1965, Ch. 299. )

ARTICLE 9. Former Testimony [1290 - 1294]
  ( Article 9 enacted by Stats. 1965, Ch. 299. )


As used in this article, “former testimony” means testimony given under oath in:

(a) Another action or in a former hearing or trial of the same action;

(b) A proceeding to determine a controversy conducted by or under the supervision of an agency that has the power to determine such a controversy and is an agency of the United States or a public entity in the United States;

(c) A deposition taken in compliance with law in another action; or

(d) An arbitration proceeding if the evidence of such former testimony is a verbatim transcript thereof.

(Enacted by Stats. 1965, Ch. 299.)