Code Section

* California Constitution - CONS

  ( Article 10 added June 8, 1976, by Prop. 14. Res.Ch. 5, 1976. )

SEC. 3.  

All tidelands within two miles of any incorporated city, city and county, or town in this State, and fronting on the water of any harbor, estuary, bay, or inlet used for the purposes of navigation, shall be withheld from grant or sale to private persons, partnerships, or corporations; provided, however, that any such tidelands, reserved to the State solely for street purposes, which the Legislature finds and declares are not used for navigation purposes and are not necessary for such purposes may be sold to any town, city, county, city and county, municipal corporations, private persons, partnerships or corporations subject to such conditions as the Legislature determines are necessary to be imposed in connection with any such sales in order to protect the public interest.

(Sec. 3 added June 8, 1976, by Prop. 14. Res.Ch. 5, 1976.)