Code Section

Business and Professions Code - BPC

DIVISION 2. HEALING ARTS [500 - 4999.129]

  ( Division 2 enacted by Stats. 1937, Ch. 399. )

CHAPTER 6. Nursing [2700 - 2838.4]

  ( Chapter 6 repealed and added by Stats. 1939, Ch. 807. )

ARTICLE 2. Scope of Regulation [2725 - 2742]
  ( Article 2 added by Stats. 1939, Ch. 807. )


This chapter does not prohibit:

(a) Gratuitous nursing of the sick by friends or members of the family.

(b) Incidental care of the sick by domestic servants or by persons primarily employed as housekeepers as long as they do not practice nursing within the meaning of this chapter.

(c) Domestic administration of family remedies by any person.

(d) Nursing services in case of an emergency. “Emergency,” as used in this subdivision includes an epidemic or public disaster.

(e) The performance by any person of such duties as required in the physical care of a patient and/or carrying out medical orders prescribed by a licensed physician; provided, such person shall not in any way assume to practice as a professional, registered, graduate or trained nurse.

(Amended by Stats. 1943, Ch. 573.)