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SR-85 (2017-2018)

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Senate Resolution
No. 85

Introduced by Senator De León

February 21, 2018

Relative to the expulsion of Senator Tony Mendoza.


SR 85, as introduced, De León.

WHEREAS, the California State Senate has adopted Standards of Conduct, which prescribe that each Senator shall conduct himself or herself in a manner that promotes public confidence in the integrity of the Senate; and
WHEREAS, the California State Senate is committed to providing a workplace free of sexual harassment and, in furtherance of that commitment, has adopted a “zero tolerance” policy regarding harassment; and
WHEREAS, the Senate Committee on Rules requested that an independent investigation be conducted into allegations of sexual misconduct against Senator Mendoza; and
WHEREAS, the independent investigation was completed on February 15, 2018, and concluded that it is more likely than not that Senator Mendoza engaged in unwanted sexually suggestive behavior with multiple staff members over a period of several years; and
WHEREAS, the Senate is authorized to expel a Senator by rollcall vote entered in the Senate Journal; now, therefore, be it
Resolved by the Senate of the State of California, two-thirds of the membership concurring, That pursuant to paragraph (1) of subdivision (a) of Section 5 of Article IV of the California Constitution, Senator Tony Mendoza, representing the 32nd Senate District, is hereby expelled from the California State Senate, effective immediately.