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SB-3 Veterans and Affordable Housing Bond Act of 2018. (2017-2018)

Bill Status
Beall (S)
Bloom (A) , Chiu (A) , Gloria (A) , Irwin (A) , Mullin (A) , Rendon (A)
Allen (S) , Atkins (S) , Bonta (A) , Cannella (S) , Dodd (S) , Glazer (S) , Hill (S) , Kalra (A) , Leyva (S) , McGuire (S) , Mendoza (S) , Monning (S) , Newman (S) , Portantino (S) , Roth (S) , Skinner (S) , Wiener (S)
Veterans and Affordable Housing Bond Act of 2018.
An act to add Part 16 (commencing with Section 54000) to Division 31 of the Health and Safety Code, and to add Article 5z (commencing with Section 998.600) to Chapter 6 of Division 4 of the Military and Veterans Code, relating to housing, by providing the funds necessary therefor through an election for the issuance and sale of bonds of the State of California and for the handling and disposition of those funds, and declaring the urgency thereof, to take effect immediately.
Secretary of State

Type of Measure
Inactive Bill - Chaptered
Two Thirds Vote Required
Fiscal Committee
Non-State-Mandated Local Program
Non-Tax levy
Last 5 History Actions
Date Action
09/29/17 Chaptered by Secretary of State. Chapter 365, Statutes of 2017.
09/29/17 Approved by the Governor.
09/21/17 Enrolled and presented to the Governor at 5:30 p.m.
09/15/17 Assembly amendments concurred in. (Ayes 30. Noes 8. Page 2958.) Ordered to engrossing and enrolling.
09/15/17 In Senate. Concurrence in Assembly amendments pending.