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Measure Subject Author Status
SB-58 Personal information: social security numbers: state agencies: Employment Development Department: fraud prevention. Wilk Assembly - Appropriations
SB-259 Public Utilities Commission: oversight of electrical corporations. Wilk Senate - Rules
SB-292 Industrial hemp. Wilk Chaptered
SB-327 School districts: members of the governing board. Wilk Senate - Rules
SB-360 Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies Act: escrow agent rating services and escrow agents. Wilk Chaptered
SB-375 Employment Development Department: unemployment insurance claimants: assistance. Wilk Senate - Labor, Public Employment and Retirement
SB-509 Optometry: COVID-19 pandemic: temporary licenses. Wilk Chaptered
SB-520 Water resources: permit to appropriate: application procedure: mining use. Wilk Assembly - Water, Parks and Wildlife
SB-545 Pupil retention: COVID-19 impact. Wilk Assembly - Education
SB-546 Communications: lifeline universal service. Wilk Assembly - Appropriations
SB-690 The California aerospace industry. Wilk Senate - Rules
SCA-4 Legislature: 2-year budget. Wilk Senate - Budget and Fiscal Review
SJR-4 Special education funding. Wilk Assembly - Pending Referral
SJR-5 Social Security benefits: COVID-19. Wilk Assembly - Public Employment and Retirement