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Measure Subject Author Status
SB-218 Corporations: ratification or validation of noncompliant corporate actions. Jones Assembly - Appropriations
SB-227 Off-highway vehicles. Jones Assembly - Appropriations
SB-288 Corporations: conversions: foreign corporation or foreign other business entity. Jones Assembly - Judiciary
SB-305 Political Reform Act of 1974: electronic filing. Jones Senate - Appropriations
SB-329 Wills and trusts: no contest clauses. Jones Assembly - Rules
SB-358 Property crimes: mail theft. Jones Assembly - Appropriations
SB-397 Emergency powers: essential services: religious services. Jones Senate - Judiciary
SB-400 Homeless children and youths: local educational agencies: collaboration, training, and reporting. Jones Chaptered
SB-414 Land. Jones Chaptered
SB-445 Parole: Elderly Parole Program. Jones Senate - Public Safety
SB-469 Community property: presumption of right of survivorship. Jones Senate - Judiciary
SB-470 Fishing and hunting: annual combined hunting and fishing licenses. Jones Assembly - Appropriations
SB-506 California Environmental Quality Act: Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund monies: greenhouse gas emissions: vegetation management projects. Jones Senate - Natural Resources and Water
SB-528 Juveniles: health information summary: psychotropic medication. Jones Assembly - Human Services
SB-534 Dental hygienists. Jones Chaptered
SB-549 Social workers: essential workers. Jones Senate - Unfinished Business
SB-565 State Department of State Hospitals: facility expansion: report. Jones Senate - Appropriations
SB-578 Lanterman-Petris-Short Act: hearings. Jones Chaptered
SB-584 Resource Family Approval Program. Jones Chaptered
SB-588 Property insurance. Jones Senate - Rules
SB-841 Sexually violent predators. Jones Senate - Pending Referral
SR-18 x Jones Senate - Passed