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Measure Subject Author Status
SB-13 Local agency services: contracts: Counties of Napa and San Bernardino. Dodd Chaptered
SB-20 Student nutrition: eligibility for CalFresh benefits. Dodd Senate - Inactive
SB-52 State of emergency: local emergency: planned power outage. Dodd Chaptered
SB-99 Community Energy Resilience Act of 2021. Dodd Assembly - Appropriations
SB-103 Uniform Faithful Presidential Electors Act. Dodd Assembly - Rules
SB-109 Department of Forestry and Fire Protection: Office of Wildfire Technology Research and Development. Dodd Chaptered
SB-204 Electricity: demand response. Dodd Senate - Appropriations
SB-216 Contractors: workers’ compensation insurance: mandatory coverage. Dodd Senate - Inactive
SB-222 Water Rate Assistance Program. Dodd Assembly - Inactive
SB-223 Discontinuation of residential water service. Dodd Senate - Appropriations
SB-281 Medi-Cal: California Community Transitions program. Dodd Assembly - Health
SB-298 Brewpub-restaurant licenses: exchange for bona fide public eating place license. Dodd Assembly - Rules
SB-302 Tribal gaming: compact ratification. Dodd Chaptered
SB-332 Civil liability: prescribed burning operations: gross negligence. Dodd Chaptered
SB-370 Wildlife: Big Game Management Account: uses. Dodd Senate - Inactive
SB-389 Alcoholic beverages: retail on-sale license: off-sale privileges. Dodd Chaptered
SB-417 Alcoholic beverages: import. Dodd Assembly - Rules
SB-440 Earthquake and wildfire loss mitigation. Dodd Senate - Insurance
SB-451 Beverage container recycling: pilot program. Dodd Assembly - Natural Resources
SB-468 State of emergency: local emergency: electromagnetic pulse attack. Dodd Assembly - Rules
SB-494 Law enforcement: training. Dodd Senate - Unfinished Business
SB-556 Street light poles, traffic signal poles: small wireless facilities attachments. Dodd Senate - Unfinished Business
SB-561 Alcoholic beverage licensees: manufacturers and retailers: shared common licensed area. Dodd Assembly - Rules
SB-626 Department of Water Resources: Procurement Methods. Dodd Chaptered
SB-717 Complex Needs Patient Act. Dodd Senate - Inactive
SCR-45 Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse Awareness Month. Dodd Chaptered