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Measure Subject Author Status
SB-67 Clean energy: California 24/7 Clean Energy Standard Program. Becker Senate - Energy, Utilities and Communications
SB-68 Building electrification and electric vehicle charging. Becker Chaptered
SB-345 Energy programs and projects: nonenergy benefits. Becker Senate - Appropriations
SB-355 Court fees and costs: waiver. Becker Assembly - Inactive
SB-503 Voting: ballots and signature verification. Becker Chaptered
SB-504 Elections: voter registration. Becker Assembly - Third Reading
SB-591 Senior citizens: intergenerational housing developments. Becker Chaptered
SB-596 Greenhouse gases: cement sector: net-zero emissions strategy. Becker Chaptered
SB-640 Transportation financing: jointly funded projects. Becker Chaptered
SB-659 Community colleges: California College Promise. Becker Senate - Appropriations
SB-767 Educational technology: Digital Education Equity Program: regional consortia: State Digital Equity Plan. Becker Assembly - Appropriations
SB-769 Housing: pilot program: rental vouchers: skilled nursing facility patients. Becker Senate - Housing
SB-771 Sales and Use Tax Law: zero emissions vehicle exemption. Becker Assembly - Pending Referral
SB-775 Felony murder: resentencing. Becker Chaptered
SB-778 Buy Clean California Act: Environmental Product Declarations: concrete. Becker Assembly - Accountability and Administrative Review
SB-779 California Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act: earn and learn programs. Becker Chaptered
SB-786 Santa Clara Valley Water District. Becker Assembly - Local Government
SB-876 Educational technology: Digital Education Equity Program: county offices of education: State Digital Equity Plan. Becker Senate - Pending Referral
SR-59 x Becker Senate - Passed