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Measure Subject Author Status
AB-21 Forestry: electrical transmission and distribution lines: clearance: penalties. Bauer-Kahan Assembly - Judiciary
AB-378 Public officials. Bauer-Kahan Chaptered
AB-426 Toxic air contaminants. Bauer-Kahan Assembly - Natural Resources
AB-427 Electricity: resource adequacy requirements. Bauer-Kahan Assembly - Appropriations
AB-439 Certificates of death: gender identity. Bauer-Kahan Chaptered
AB-529 Electrical utilities: fire safety, prevention, or mitigation services: notice. Bauer-Kahan Assembly - Utilities and Energy
AB-567 Pesticides: neonicotinoids: prohibited use. Bauer-Kahan Assembly - Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials
AB-624 Juveniles: transfer to court of criminal jurisdiction: appeals. Bauer-Kahan Chaptered
AB-731 County jails: recidivism: reports. Bauer-Kahan Senate - Inactive
AB-988 Mental health: 988 crisis hotline. Bauer-Kahan Senate - Governmental Organization
AB-1033 California Family Rights Act: parent-in-law: small employer family leave mediation: pilot program. Bauer-Kahan Chaptered
AB-1242 California Gambling Control Commission: voting records. Bauer-Kahan Senate - Inactive
AB-1287 Price discrimination: gender. Bauer-Kahan Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1320 Money transmission: customer service. Bauer-Kahan Chaptered
AB-1356 Reproductive health care services. Bauer-Kahan Chaptered
AB-1440 Civil rights crimes. Bauer-Kahan Assembly - Public Safety
AB-1512 Off-highway vehicular recreation: Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area: Alameda-Tesla Expansion Area. Bauer-Kahan Senate - Inactive
ACR-81 Food Allergy Awareness Week. Bauer-Kahan Chaptered
HR-11 x Bauer-Kahan Assembly - Passed