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Measure Subject Author Status
SB-75 Controlled substances: fentanyl. Bates Senate - Public Safety
SB-203 Approval and adoption. Bates Senate - Rules
SB-214 Neighborhood electric vehicles: County of Orange: Ranch Plan Planned Community. Bates Chaptered
SB-248 Sexually violent predators: open court proceedings. Bates Chaptered
SB-434 Substance abuse and mental health services: advertising and marketing. Bates Chaptered
SB-454 Child support: enforcement. Bates Assembly - Appropriations
SB-473 Health care coverage: insulin cost sharing. Bates Senate - Health
SB-511 Voter file maintenance: information from potential jurors. Bates Senate - Elections and Constitutional Amendments
SB-541 Substance use disorder treatment facilities and programs: disclosure of license and certification status. Bates Chaptered
SB-627 Coastal erosion: installation of shoreline protective devices: application process. Bates Senate - Natural Resources and Water
SB-652 Dentistry: use of sedation: training. Bates Senate - Inactive
SB-668 Property taxation: change in ownership: inheritance exclusion. Bates Senate - Governance and Finance
SB-676 Civil actions: forcible entry, forcible detainer, or unlawful detainer. Bates Senate - Judiciary
SB-706 Property taxation: change in ownership. Bates Senate - Governance and Finance
SB-718 Health care coverage: small employer groups. Bates Chaptered
SB-732 Communications: broadband. Bates Senate - Energy, Utilities and Communications
SB-760 State highways: State Route 241: reduction. Bates Senate - Appropriations
SB-761 Public resources: City of San Clemente: road construction. Bates Senate - Natural Resources and Water
SCR-12 CAL-FIRE Chief William R. Clayton Memorial Highway. Bates Chaptered