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Bills Returned: 28
Measure Subject Author Status
AB-45 Inmates: medical care: fees. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-223 California Safe Drinking Water Act: microplastics. Mark Stone Assembly - Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials
AB-253 Remote court reporting. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-376 Student loan servicing. Mark Stone Senate - Appropriations
AB-404 Commercial cannabis activity: testing laboratories. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-411 Redevelopment: City of Santa Cruz: bond proceeds: affordable housing. Mark Stone Vetoed
AB-439 Juveniles: competency. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-489 Flood control: state financial assistance: Pajaro River. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-552 Coastal resources: Program for Coastal Resilience, Adaptation, and Access. Mark Stone Senate - Appropriations
AB-618 Transactions and use taxes: City of Scotts Valley: City of Emeryville. Mark Stone Vetoed
AB-705 Mobilehome parks: change of use. Mark Stone Assembly - Housing and Community Development
AB-749 Settlement agreements: restraints in trade. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-802 Reports to the Legislature: Statewide Open Data Portal. Mark Stone Senate - Appropriations
AB-819 Foster care. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-965 Youth offender hearings. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-977 Medi-Cal: Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment. Mark Stone Assembly - Health
AB-1089 Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-1140 Tax preparers: disclosures. Mark Stone Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1198 Public employees’ retirement: pension reform: excepted employees: transit workers. Mark Stone Assembly - Public Employment and Retirement
AB-1270 False Claims Act. Mark Stone Senate - Appropriations
AB-1323 Public utilities: information: confidentiality. Mark Stone Assembly - Utilities and Energy
AB-1363 Electrical corporations: financing wildfire expenses: executive compensation. Mark Stone Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1390 Deferred entry of judgment pilot program. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-1436 CalWORKs: eligibility: income exemptions. Mark Stone Senate - Human Services
AB-1472 California Dungeness Crab Commission. Mark Stone Senate - Inactive
AB-1952 State entities: contracts: washing machines: microfiber filters. Mark Stone Assembly - Pending Referral
ACR-24 California Court Reporting and Captioning Week. Mark Stone Chaptered
ACR-140 Positive Parenting Awareness Month. Mark Stone Senate - Rules