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Bills Returned: 1262
Measure Subject Author Status
AB-38 Student loan servicers: licensing and regulation: Student Loan Servicing Act. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-87 Vehicles: removal: autonomous vehicles. Ting Chaptered
AB-91 High-occupancy vehicle lanes. Cervantes Chaptered
AB-93 Healing arts: marriage and family therapists: clinical social workers: professional clinical counselors: required experience and supervision. Medina Chaptered
AB-105 Budget Act of 2017. Committee on Budget Chaptered
AB-106 Cannabis: licenses: criminal records. Committee on Budget Chaptered
AB-108 Education: Child care: individualized county child care subsidy plans: the Every Kid Counts (EKC) Act. Committee on Budget Chaptered
AB-110 In-home supportive services provider wages: emergency caregiver payments for foster care: civil immigration detainees: recording fees. Committee on Budget Chaptered
AB-193 Zero-Emission Assurance Project. Cervantes Chaptered
AB-216 Vote by mail ballots: identification envelopes: prepaid postage. Gonzalez Fletcher Chaptered
AB-235 Apprenticeship and preapprenticeship. O'Donnell Chaptered
AB-237 Pilot Program for Increased Access to Responsible Small Dollar Loans. Gonzalez Fletcher Chaptered
AB-282 Aiding, advising, or encouraging suicide: exemption from prosecution. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
AB-306 Vote by mail ballots. Gonzalez Fletcher Chaptered
AB-315 Pharmacy benefit management. Wood Chaptered
AB-324 Crimes: disorderly conduct. Kiley Chaptered
AB-347 Weights and measures: inspection: fees. Chau Chaptered
AB-349 Drug Medi-Cal Treatment Program: ratesetting process. McCarty Chaptered
AB-372 Domestic violence: probation. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-375 Privacy: personal information: businesses. Chau Chaptered
AB-403 Legislature: Legislative Employee Whistleblower Protection Act. Melendez Chaptered
AB-406 Charter schools: operation. McCarty Chaptered
AB-417 Acute psychiatric hospital: County of Ventura: outpatient mental health services. Limón Chaptered
AB-448 Joint powers authorities: Orange County Housing Finance Trust. Daly Chaptered
AB-456 Healing arts: associate clinical social workers. Thurmond Chaptered
AB-505 Medical Board of California: adjudication: expert testimony. Caballero Chaptered
AB-565 Building standards: live/work units. Bloom Chaptered
AB-595 Health care service plans: mergers and acquisitions. Wood Chaptered
AB-605 Child day care facilities: infant to schoolage license. Mullin Chaptered
AB-613 Healing arts: clinical laboratories. Nazarian Chaptered
AB-626 California Retail Food Code: microenterprise home kitchen operations. Eduardo Garcia Chaptered
AB-636 Local streets and roads: expenditure reports. Irwin Chaptered
AB-653 Joint powers agreements: County of Santa Barbara: nonprofit hospitals. Cunningham Chaptered
AB-666 Elections: voter information guides: candidate statements. Aguiar-Curry Chaptered
AB-686 Housing discrimination: affirmatively further fair housing. Santiago Chaptered
AB-700 Outdoor advertising displays: arenas. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
AB-709 Sacramento Regional Transit District. McCarty Chaptered
AB-710 Cannabidiol. Wood Chaptered
AB-716 Public elementary and secondary schools: consolidated applications for funding: school plans for student achievement: schoolsite councils. O'Donnell Chaptered
AB-734 California Environmental Quality Act: Oakland Sports and Mixed-Use Project. Bonta Chaptered
AB-747 State Water Resources Control Board: Administrative Hearings Office. Caballero Chaptered
AB-748 Peace officers: video and audio recordings: disclosure. Ting Chaptered
AB-807 Daylight saving time. Chu Chaptered
AB-829 Local government: funding: state-assisted projects. Chiu Chaptered
AB-865 Military personnel: veterans: resentencing: mitigating circumstances. Levine Chaptered
AB-873 Department of Food and Agriculture: commercial cannabis activity inspectors: peace officer duties. Lackey Chaptered
AB-880 Tribal Nation Grant Fund. Gray Chaptered
AB-888 Charitable raffles. Low Chaptered
AB-929 Spousal support factors: domestic violence. Rubio Chaptered
AB-939 Local government: taxicab transportation services. Low Chaptered
AB-987 California Environmental Quality Act: sports and entertainment project. Kamlager-Dove Chaptered
AB-998 Multidisciplinary teams: human trafficking and domestic violence. Grayson Chaptered
AB-1013 Remote accessible vote by mail system. Low Chaptered
AB-1041 Bay Area Toll Authority and oversight committee: conflict of interest. Levine Chaptered
AB-1062 Postsecondary education: cross-enrollment: online education at the California State University. Levine Chaptered
AB-1065 Theft: aggregation: organized retail theft. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
AB-1092 Health care service plans: vision care services: provider claims: fraud. Cooley Chaptered
AB-1168 Gambling: local moratorium. Gipson Chaptered
AB-1184 City and County of San Francisco: local tax: transportation network companies: autonomous vehicles. Ting Chaptered
AB-1192 Firearms: retired peace officers. Lackey Chaptered
AB-1205 Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority: contracting. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
AB-1214 Juvenile proceedings: competency. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-1215 Mental Health Services Act: innovative programs: research. Weber Chaptered
AB-1217 Alcoholic beverage licenses: historic cemetery. Santiago Chaptered
AB-1248 Pupils: wearing of traditional tribal regalia or recognized objects of religious or cultural significance as an adornment at school graduation ceremonies. Gloria Chaptered
AB-1270 Dams and reservoirs: inspections and reporting. Gallagher Chaptered
AB-1289 Real property disclosure requirements. Arambula Chaptered
AB-1290 Lawyer-client privilege: holder of the privilege. Obernolte Chaptered
AB-1330 Park property: Ayala Park. Reyes Chaptered
AB-1373 Insurance. Daly Chaptered
AB-1406 School facilities: leases of real property. Gloria Chaptered
AB-1407 California New Motor Voter Program: voter registration. McCarty Chaptered
AB-1423 Tidelands and submerged lands: City and County of San Francisco: seawall lots: affordable housing. Chiu Chaptered
AB-1433 Tribal gaming: compact ratification. Wood Chaptered
AB-1436 Board of Behavioral Sciences: licensees: suicide prevention training. Levine Chaptered
AB-1445 Designated qualified opportunity zones: sale or lease of property. Reyes Chaptered
AB-1526 Debt collection. Kalra Chaptered
AB-1527 Cannabis: Cannabis Control Appeals Panel. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
AB-1531 Court fees: electronic filing. Berman Chaptered
AB-1547 State finance: financing authorities. Quirk-Silva Chaptered
AB-1561 Economic development: infrastructure: logistic hubs. Quirk-Silva Chaptered
AB-1565 Labor-related liabilities: direct contractor. Thurmond Chaptered
AB-1573 Marine fisheries: experimental fishing permits. Bloom Chaptered
AB-1577 California Safe Drinking Water Act: Sativa-Los Angeles County Water District. Gipson Chaptered
AB-1584 Criminal law: DNA collection: minors. Gonzalez Fletcher Chaptered
AB-1617 Juvenile case files: inspection. Bloom Chaptered
AB-1619 Sexual assault: statutes of limitations on civil actions. Berman Chaptered
AB-1639 Crime victims: the California Victim Compensation Board. Eduardo Garcia Chaptered
AB-1654 Labor Code Private Attorneys General Act of 2004: construction industry. Rubio Chaptered
AB-1659 Healing arts boards: inactive licenses. Low Chaptered
AB-1661 School accountability: federal compliance with accountability requirements. Limón Chaptered
AB-1668 Water management planning. Friedman Chaptered
AB-1678 Elections: voter registration information: security: campaign literature and communications. Berman Chaptered
AB-1694 Foster care payments: income. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-1735 Protective orders: human trafficking: pimping: pandering. Cunningham Chaptered
AB-1736 Evidence: hearsay: prior inconsistent statements. Cunningham Chaptered
AB-1739 Nonprobate transfers: revocable transfer on death deeds. Chau Chaptered
AB-1741 Cannabis: taxation: electronic funds transfer. Bonta Chaptered
AB-1746 Criminal procedure: jurisdiction of public offenses. Cervantes Chaptered
AB-1747 School safety plans. Rodriguez Chaptered
AB-1749 Workers’ compensation: off-duty peace officer. Daly Chaptered
AB-1751 Controlled substances: CURES database. Low Chaptered
AB-1753 Controlled substances: CURES database. Low Chaptered
AB-1755 Bicycle operation. Steinorth Chaptered
AB-1759 Public trust lands: City of Sacramento. McCarty Chaptered
AB-1762 State parks: visitors: animals: dogs. Steinorth Chaptered
AB-1766 Swimming pools: public safety. Maienschein Chaptered
AB-1768 The County of San Bernardino: housing authority: middle-income housing projects. Steinorth Chaptered
AB-1770 Local government: investments. Steinorth Chaptered
AB-1771 Planning and zoning: regional housing needs assessment. Bloom Chaptered
AB-1772 Fire insurance: indemnity. Aguiar-Curry Chaptered
AB-1773 Claims against the state. Committee on Appropriations Chaptered
AB-1775 State lands: leasing: oil and gas. Muratsuchi Chaptered
AB-1776 Emergency medical transport of police dogs: pilot project. Steinorth Chaptered
AB-1782 Surfing. Muratsuchi Chaptered
AB-1785 Medi-Cal eligibility: assets. Nazarian Chaptered
AB-1786 Community colleges: academic credit for prior military experience. Cervantes Chaptered
AB-1787 Reporting: Valley Fever. Salas Chaptered
AB-1788 Public health: Valley Fever. Salas Chaptered
AB-1790 Valley Fever Education, Early Diagnosis, and Treatment Act. Salas Chaptered
AB-1791 Physicians and surgeons: continuing education. Waldron Chaptered
AB-1793 Cannabis convictions: resentencing. Bonta Chaptered
AB-1794 Ojai Basin Groundwater Management Agency: Southern California Water Company. Limón Chaptered
AB-1796 Rental property: electric vehicle charging stations. Muratsuchi Chaptered
AB-1797 Residential property insurance. Levine Chaptered
AB-1798 Schoolbuses: passenger restraint systems. Chu Chaptered
AB-1799 Insurance: policy documents. Levine Chaptered
AB-1800 Fire insurance: indemnity. Levine Chaptered
AB-1804 California Environmental Quality Act: exemption: residential or mixed-use housing projects. Berman Chaptered
AB-1805 Community colleges: Student Equity and Achievement Program. Irwin Chaptered
AB-1808 Education finance: education omnibus trailer bill. Committee on Budget Chaptered
AB-1809 Higher education trailer bill. Committee on Budget Chaptered
AB-1810 Health. Committee on Budget Chaptered
AB-1811 Human services omnibus. Committee on Budget Chaptered
AB-1812 Public safety omnibus. Committee on Budget Chaptered
AB-1817 State government. Committee on Budget Chaptered
AB-1824 State government. Committee on Budget Chaptered
AB-1825 Education finance: constitutional minimum funding obligation: local control funding formula. Committee on Budget Chaptered
AB-1826 State Capitol Building Annex: state office building. Committee on Budget Chaptered
AB-1827 No Place Like Home Act of 2018. Committee on Budget Chaptered
AB-1830 Budget Deficit Savings Account: Safety Net Reserve Fund. Committee on Budget Chaptered
AB-1831 State government: appointments: infrastructure. Committee on Budget Chaptered
AB-1834 Corrections: omnibus. Committee on Budget Chaptered
AB-1838 Local government: taxation: prohibition: groceries. Committee on Budget Chaptered
AB-1840 Education finance. Committee on Budget Chaptered
AB-1858 Student financial aid: Financial Aid Shopping Sheet. Calderon Chaptered
AB-1859 Customer records. Chau Chaptered
AB-1860 Health care coverage: cancer treatment. Limón Chaptered
AB-1861 Pupil instruction: human trafficking: use of social media and mobile device applications. Rodriguez Chaptered
AB-1868 Pupil instruction: sexual health education: sexually suggestive or sexually explicit materials. Cunningham Chaptered
AB-1871 Charter schools: free and reduced-price meals. Bonta Chaptered
AB-1872 Firearms: unsafe handguns. Voepel Chaptered
AB-1875 Residential property insurance. Wood Chaptered
AB-1877 Office of Emergency Services: communications: notifications: translation. Limón Chaptered
AB-1879 Gas corporation: service connections. Santiago Chaptered
AB-1884 Food facilities: single-use plastic straws. Calderon Chaptered
AB-1887 Public education governance: service on boards and commissions. Medina Chaptered
AB-1888 Peace officers: basic training requirements. Salas Chaptered
AB-1889 Santa Clara Valley Water District. Caballero Chaptered
AB-1890 Alcoholic beverage licensees: craft distillers, winegrowers, and beer manufacturers. Levine Chaptered
AB-1891 Alcoholic beverage licensees: instructional tastings: craft distillers. Levine Chaptered
AB-1892 CalFresh. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
AB-1893 Maternal mental health: federal funding. Maienschein Chaptered
AB-1894 Postsecondary education: student hunger. Weber Chaptered
AB-1895 California DREAM Loan Program: repayment, deferment, and forbearance. Calderon Chaptered
AB-1896 Sexual assault counselor-victim privilege. Cervantes Chaptered
AB-1897 California Victim Compensation Board: claim. Committee on Appropriations Chaptered
AB-1900 Capital investment incentive programs: repeal date. Brough Chaptered
AB-1906 Information privacy: connected devices. Irwin Chaptered
AB-1908 Memorial districts. Chávez Chaptered
AB-1912 Public employees’ retirement: joint powers agreements: liability. Rodriguez Chaptered
AB-1914 Underground installations: excavations. Flora Chaptered
AB-1919 Price gouging: state of emergency. Wood Chaptered
AB-1920 Impersonation: search and rescue personnel. Grayson Chaptered
AB-1925 Vehicles: unsafe, unsecured load. Choi Chaptered
AB-1928 California Conservation Corps: contracts. McCarty Chaptered
AB-1930 Foster care. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-1933 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund: recycling infrastructure projects. Maienschein Chaptered
AB-1934 Dependent persons: definition. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
AB-1941 Misdemeanors. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
AB-1943 Manufactured housing: foundation systems: installation: common interest developments. Waldron Chaptered
AB-1944 Sustainable groundwater management: San Luis Rey Valley Groundwater Basin. Eduardo Garcia Chaptered
AB-1948 Interception of electronic communications. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
AB-1953 Skilled nursing facilities: disclosure of interests in business providing services. Wood Chaptered
AB-1954 Timber harvest plans: exemption: reducing flammable materials. Patterson Chaptered
AB-1956 Fire prevention activities: local assistance grant program. Limón Chaptered
AB-1957 Social services: communications: computer-generated text messages. Berman Chaptered
AB-1959 Telecommunications: universal service programs. Wood Chaptered
AB-1960 Estates and trusts: kindred: definition. Obernolte Chaptered
AB-1961 Postsecondary education: student housing and meal plans. Choi Chaptered
AB-1962 Education finance: local control funding formula: unduplicated pupils: foster youth: dependent child of a tribal court. Wood Chaptered
AB-1965 Tribal gaming: compact ratification. Aguiar-Curry Chaptered
AB-1966 Tribal gaming: compact ratification. Aguiar-Curry Chaptered
AB-1968 Mental health: firearms. Low Chaptered
AB-1973 Reporting crimes. Quirk Chaptered
AB-1974 Pupils: collection of debt. Gonzalez Fletcher Chaptered
AB-1976 Employment: lactation accommodation. Limón Chaptered
AB-1977 State real property: surplus. Committee on Accountability and Administrative Review Chaptered
AB-1980 Statute of limitations: hazardous materials. Quirk Chaptered
AB-1981 Organic waste: composting. Limón Chaptered
AB-1985 Hate crimes: law enforcement policies. Ting Chaptered
AB-1986 Craft distillers: alcoholic beverage licensees: donations. Cunningham Chaptered
AB-1987 Discovery: postconviction. Lackey Chaptered
AB-1993 Secondhand goods: tangible personal property: dealers. Gipson Chaptered
AB-1994 Sex offenders: county or local custodial facilities. Cervantes Chaptered
AB-1999 Local government: public broadband services. Chau Chaptered
AB-2000 Alcoholic beverages: tied-house restrictions: advertising. Kalra Chaptered
AB-2004 Big Bear Fire Agencies Pension Consolidation Act of 2018. Obernolte Chaptered
AB-2006 Charge Ahead California Initiative: agricultural worker vanpool programs. Eggman Chaptered
AB-2009 Interscholastic athletic programs: school districts: written emergency action plans: automated external defibrillator. Maienschein Chaptered
AB-2012 School and community college employees: parental leave. Medina Chaptered
AB-2015 Pupil instruction: information about completion of applications for student financial aid. Reyes Chaptered
AB-2019 Health care districts. Aguiar-Curry Chaptered
AB-2020 Cannabis: local jurisdiction licensees: temporary event license. Quirk Chaptered
AB-2022 Pupil mental health services: school notification. Chu Chaptered
AB-2030 CalWORKs: accommodations. Limón Chaptered
AB-2031 Public contracts: school facility projects: bidding requirements. O'Donnell Chaptered
AB-2034 Human trafficking: notice. Kalra Chaptered
AB-2035 Affordable housing authorities. Mullin Chaptered
AB-2036 State Capitol: Mervyn M. Dymally bust. Gipson Chaptered
AB-2037 Pharmacy: automated patient dispensing systems. Bonta Chaptered
AB-2041 University of California: Office of the Chief Investment Officer. Caballero Chaptered
AB-2044 Domestic violence: family court. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-2045 Insurance. Committee on Insurance Chaptered
AB-2046 Workers’ compensation insurance fraud reporting. Daly Chaptered
AB-2052 State Teachers’ Retirement System: contributions due to system: form. Bonta Chaptered
AB-2055 Legislative ethics: harassment: education: lobbying. Levine Chaptered
AB-2056 Mobilehomes. Eduardo Garcia Chaptered
AB-2061 Near-zero-emission and zero-emission vehicles. Frazier Chaptered
AB-2062 State highways: landscaping. Maienschein Chaptered
AB-2063 California Financing Law: PACE program administrators. Aguiar-Curry Chaptered
AB-2068 Electricity: rates: public schools. Chu Chaptered
AB-2076 County employees’ retirement: disability: date of retirement. Rodriguez Chaptered
AB-2080 Criminal offender record information: reporting. Cervantes Chaptered
AB-2083 Foster youth: trauma-informed system of care. Cooley Chaptered
AB-2084 Shorthand reporters. Kalra Chaptered
AB-2086 Controlled substances: CURES database. Gallagher Chaptered
AB-2088 Patient records: addenda. Santiago Chaptered
AB-2090 Guardianships: special immigrant juvenile status. Gonzalez Fletcher Chaptered
AB-2091 Fire prevention: prescribed burns: insurance pool. Grayson Chaptered
AB-2095 Congressional and legislative vacancies. Quirk-Silva Chaptered
AB-2096 Personal income taxes: voluntary contributions: Organ and Tissue Donor Registry Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund. Frazier Chaptered
AB-2097 Carpet recycling: annual reports. Acosta Chaptered
AB-2098 Adult Education Block Grant Program: immigration integration. McCarty Chaptered
AB-2099 Mental health: detention and evaluation. Gloria Chaptered
AB-2103 Firearms: license to carry concealed. Gloria Chaptered
AB-2105 Punitive damages: minors. Maienschein Chaptered
AB-2109 Pupils: pupils with a temporary disability: individual instruction: pupils who are terminally ill: honorary diplomas. O'Donnell Chaptered
AB-2112 Federal 21st Century Cures Act: community-based crisis response plan: grant. Santiago Chaptered
AB-2113 Estates and trusts: guardianships. Obernolte Chaptered
AB-2114 Livestock inspection. Bigelow Chaptered
AB-2115 Vehicles: passing and overtaking: waste service vehicles. Santiago Chaptered
AB-2117 Marriage and family therapists: clinical social workers: professional clinical counselors. Arambula Chaptered
AB-2119 Foster care: gender affirming health care and mental health care. Gloria Chaptered
AB-2121 Pupil instruction: coursework and graduation requirements: migratory children and newly arrived immigrant pupils. Caballero Chaptered
AB-2123 District-based elections. Cervantes Chaptered
AB-2125 Election results: risk-limiting audits. Quirk Chaptered
AB-2126 California Conservation Corps: forestry corps program. Eggman Chaptered
AB-2127 Electric vehicle charging infrastructure: assessment. Ting Chaptered
AB-2128 School employees: dismissal or suspension: hearings: evidence. Kiley Chaptered
AB-2132 Building permit fees: waiver. Levine Chaptered
AB-2133 Criminal justice: state summary criminal history records. Weber Chaptered
AB-2134 Cosmetology students: externships. Rubio Chaptered
AB-2137 Regional park and open-space districts: general manager: powers. Mayes Chaptered
AB-2138 Licensing boards: denial of application: revocation or suspension of licensure: criminal conviction. Chiu Chaptered
AB-2142 Insurance: home protection companies. Bigelow Chaptered
AB-2145 Vehicular air pollution. Reyes Chaptered
AB-2146 Alcoholic beverages: tied-house restrictions: advertising. Gloria Chaptered
AB-2151 Hunting: reduced-price antelope, elk, bear, and bighorn sheep tags: resident junior hunters. Gray Chaptered
AB-2155 Political Reform Act of 1974: campaign disclosures. Mullin Chaptered
AB-2160 Classified employees: school and community college districts: part-time playground positions. Thurmond Chaptered
AB-2162 Planning and zoning: housing development: supportive housing. Chiu Chaptered
AB-2164 Local ordinances: fines and penalties: cannabis. Cooley Chaptered
AB-2172 Redistricting: inmates. Weber Chaptered
AB-2173 Commercial real property: termination of tenancy: disposition of personal property. Santiago Chaptered
AB-2175 Vessels: removal. Aguiar-Curry Chaptered
AB-2176 Firearms. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
AB-2178 Limited service charitable feeding operation. Limón Chaptered
AB-2179 Municipal corporations: public utility service: water and sewer service. Gipson Chaptered
AB-2180 Long-term care and disability insurance. Kalra Chaptered
AB-2184 Business licenses. Chiu Chaptered
AB-2185 Civil actions: appointment of guardian ad litem. Chiu Chaptered
AB-2188 Political Reform Act of 1974: campaign disclosures: advertisements. Mullin Chaptered
AB-2190 Hospitals: seismic safety. Reyes Chaptered
AB-2192 State-funded research: grant requirements. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-2193 Maternal mental health. Maienschein Chaptered
AB-2195 Natural gas: out-of-state sources: greenhouse gases. Chau Chaptered
AB-2196 Public employees’ retirement: service credit: payments. Cooper Chaptered
AB-2197 Custodial officers. Bigelow Chaptered
AB-2198 State government: FI$Cal: transparency. Obernolte Chaptered
AB-2201 Court fees: name changes: exemption. Mayes Chaptered
AB-2202 University of California: school of medicine: San Joaquin Valley Regional Medical Education Endowment Fund. Gray Chaptered
AB-2204 Clinics: licensure and regulation: exemption. Gray Chaptered
AB-2207 Commercially sexually exploited children. Eggman Chaptered
AB-2210 Public postsecondary education: community colleges: refugees and holders of certain special immigrant visas: exemption from paying nonresident tuition. McCarty Chaptered
AB-2215 Veterinarians: cannabis: animals. Kalra Chaptered
AB-2218 Vote by mail ballot tracking. Berman Chaptered
AB-2219 Landlord-tenant: 3rd-party payments. Ting Chaptered
AB-2221 Occupational therapy. Bloom Chaptered
AB-2222 Crime prevention and investigation: informational databases: firearms. Quirk Chaptered
AB-2225 State government: storing and recording: public records. Limón Chaptered
AB-2226 Crime victims: restitution and compensation. Patterson Chaptered
AB-2227 Motorcycles: hang tags. Friedman Chaptered
AB-2229 Residential property insurance: disclosures. Wood Chaptered
AB-2230 Civil actions. Berman Chaptered
AB-2234 School districts: employees: dismissal or suspension administrative proceedings: testimony of minor witnesses: pupil contact information. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
AB-2235 County community schools: funding. Quirk-Silva Chaptered
AB-2236 Conservatorships. Maienschein Chaptered
AB-2237 Corporations: corporate records. Maienschein Chaptered
AB-2238 Local agency formation: regional housing need allocation: fire hazards: local health emergencies: hazardous and medical waste. Aguiar-Curry Chaptered
AB-2239 Pupil instruction: world language courses: A–G course certification. Eduardo Garcia Chaptered
AB-2243 Evidence: admissibility. Friedman Chaptered
AB-2247 Foster youth: case plan: placement changes. Gipson Chaptered
AB-2248 Student financial aid: Cal Grant program. McCarty Chaptered
AB-2249 Public contracts: local agencies: alternative procedure. Cooley Chaptered
AB-2252 State grants: state grant administrator. Limón Chaptered
AB-2256 Law enforcement agencies: opioid antagonist. Santiago Chaptered
AB-2261 School employees: merit system: classified service: community representatives. Friedman Chaptered
AB-2263 Designated historical resource: conversion or adaptation: required parking. Friedman Chaptered
AB-2270 Horse racing: out-of-country harness racing. McCarty Chaptered
AB-2271 School food authorities: federal equipment assistance grants: matching state grants. Quirk-Silva Chaptered
AB-2272 State highways: relinquishment. Mayes Chaptered
AB-2274 Division of community property: pet animals. Quirk Chaptered
AB-2281 Clinical laboratories: licensed medical laboratory technicians. Irwin Chaptered
AB-2282 Salary history information. Eggman Chaptered
AB-2285 Teacher credentialing: out-of-state prepared teachers: clear credential. O'Donnell Chaptered
AB-2286 Civil actions: service of notice or other paper. Chen Chaptered
AB-2289 Pupil rights: pregnant and parenting pupils. Weber Chaptered
AB-2291 School safety: bullying. Chiu Chaptered
AB-2293 Emergency medical services: report. Reyes Chaptered
AB-2296 Licensed professional clinical counselors: licensed clinical social workers. Waldron Chaptered
AB-2300 Continuing education: veterinarians. Maienschein Chaptered
AB-2301 School bonds: Wiseburn Unified School District: Centinela Valley Union High School District. Burke Chaptered
AB-2302 Child abuse: sexual assault: mandated reporters: statute of limitations. Baker Chaptered
AB-2309 Sale of the West Los Angeles Courthouse. Bloom Chaptered
AB-2310 Public Employees’ Retirement System: contracting members. Aguiar-Curry Chaptered
AB-2311 Medicine: trainees: international medical graduates. Arambula Chaptered
AB-2313 Electronic benefits transfer system. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-2315 Pupil health: mental and behavioral health services: telehealth technology: guidelines. Quirk-Silva Chaptered
AB-2316 Mental health: county patients’ rights advocates: training materials. Eggman Chaptered
AB-2319 Foreign language education: world language. Nazarian Chaptered
AB-2322 Department of Motor Vehicles: records: confidentiality. Daly Chaptered
AB-2325 County mental health services: veterans. Irwin Chaptered
AB-2327 Peace officers: misconduct: employment. Quirk Chaptered
AB-2329 Special districts: board of directors: compensation. Obernolte Chaptered
AB-2330 Recreational vehicle dealers: temporary branch licenses. Bigelow Chaptered
AB-2334 Occupational injuries and illness: employer reporting requirements: electronic submission. Thurmond Chaptered
AB-2337 Nonminor dependents. Gipson Chaptered
AB-2338 Talent agencies: education and training. Levine Chaptered
AB-2339 Water utility service: sale of water utility property by a city. Gipson Chaptered
AB-2341 California Environmental Quality Act: aesthetic impacts. Mathis Chaptered
AB-2343 Real property: possession: unlawful detainer. Chiu Chaptered
AB-2348 California Winter Rice Habitat Incentive Program. Aguiar-Curry Chaptered
AB-2349 Humane officers: authorization to carry a wooden club or baton. Chen Chaptered
AB-2350 Unclaimed property. Obernolte Chaptered
AB-2357 Driver’s licenses: renewal. Voepel Chaptered
AB-2358 Apprenticeships: discrimination: prohibition. Carrillo Chaptered
AB-2363 Zero Traffic Fatalities Task Force. Friedman Chaptered
AB-2369 Fishing: marine protected areas: violations. Gonzalez Fletcher Chaptered
AB-2370 Lead exposure: child day care facilities: family day care homes. Holden Chaptered
AB-2371 Water use efficiency: landscape irrigation. Carrillo Chaptered
AB-2372 Planning and zoning: density bonus: floor area ratio bonus. Gloria Chaptered
AB-2376 Civil actions: provisional remedies: injunctions. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-2377 Agriculture: Cannella Environmental Farming Act of 1995: technical assistance grant program. Irwin Chaptered
AB-2380 Fire protection: privately contracted private fire prevention resources. Aguiar-Curry Chaptered
AB-2381 Vehicles: emissions: certification, auditing, and compliance. Carrillo Chaptered
AB-2385 Public postsecondary education: textbooks. Cunningham Chaptered
AB-2388 Employment: minors. Chu Chaptered
AB-2392 Vehicles: towing and storage. Santiago Chaptered
AB-2393 Mental health. Committee on Health Chaptered
AB-2395 California Life and Health Insurance Guarantee Association. Calderon Chaptered
AB-2396 Public contracting: conflicts of interest: exemption. Bigelow Chaptered
AB-2400 Personal income taxes: voluntary contribution fund: Alzheimer’s disease research. Kalra Chaptered
AB-2402 Cannabis: personal information. Low Chaptered
AB-2411 Solid waste: use of compost: planning. McCarty Chaptered
AB-2413 Tenancy: law enforcement and emergency assistance. Chiu Chaptered
AB-2415 Public Employees’ Retirement System: officers and directors: appointment and compensation. Calderon Chaptered
AB-2420 Workforce development: soft skills training. Quirk-Silva Chaptered
AB-2421 Wildlife Conservation Board: Monarch Butterfly and Pollinator Rescue Program. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-2423 Physical therapists: direct access to services: plan of care approval. Holden Chaptered
AB-2425 Property taxation: property records: transmission by mail or electronic format. Berman Chaptered
AB-2426 Trustee: power to terminate trust. Maienschein Chaptered
AB-2428 Federally qualified health centers: rural health clinics. Gonzalez Fletcher Chaptered
AB-2439 Official state LGBTQ Veterans Memorial. Eduardo Garcia Chaptered
AB-2441 Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta: removal of abandoned commercial vessels. Frazier Chaptered
AB-2445 Public health: retail sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits. O'Donnell Chaptered
AB-2448 Juveniles: rights: computing technology. Gipson Chaptered
AB-2449 School districts, county offices of education, and community college districts: governing boards: elections. Arambula Chaptered
AB-2450 Electrically conductive balloons. Quirk Chaptered
AB-2452 Alcoholic beverages: tied-house restrictions. Aguiar-Curry Chaptered
AB-2453 Air pollution: schools. Eduardo Garcia Chaptered
AB-2455 Home care aide registry: disclosure of personal contact information. Kalra Chaptered
AB-2456 Arts Council: peer review groups. Bloom Chaptered
AB-2457 Podiatry: Podiatric Medical Board of California. Irwin Chaptered
AB-2458 Qualified special taxes: exemption: information. Weber Chaptered
AB-2461 Criminal history information: subsequent arrest notification: State Department of Social Services. Flora Chaptered
AB-2468 Bees: apiaries: registration: colony relocation: administrative civil penalty. Arambula Chaptered
AB-2469 Alcoholic beverages: beer wholesalers: beer sales. Berman Chaptered
AB-2470 Invasive Species Council of California. Grayson Chaptered
AB-2472 Health care coverage. Wood Chaptered
AB-2473 State Highway Route 185: relinquishment: City of San Leandro. Bonta Chaptered
AB-2485 Code enforcement: financially interested parties. Chau Chaptered
AB-2487 Physicians and surgeons: continuing education: opiate-dependent patient treatment and management. McCarty Chaptered
AB-2488 School facilities: task order procurement contracting: Los Angeles Unified School District. O'Donnell Chaptered
AB-2490 Vital records: homeless persons. Chiu Chaptered
AB-2493 Beverage container recycling: recycling centers and payments. Bloom Chaptered
AB-2495 Prosecuting attorneys: charging defendants for the prosecution costs of criminal violations of local ordinances. Mayes Chaptered
AB-2499 Health care coverage: medical loss ratios. Arambula Chaptered
AB-2501 Drinking water: state administrators: consolidation and extension of service. Chu Chaptered
AB-2503 Corporations: limited liability companies: dissolution: cancellation: abatement of taxes. Irwin Chaptered
AB-2504 Peace officer training: sexual orientation and gender identity. Low Chaptered
AB-2505 California State University: budget oversight policies. Santiago Chaptered
AB-2507 County jails: infant and toddler breast milk feeding policy. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
AB-2511 The Parent’s Accountability and Child Protection Act. Chau Chaptered
AB-2514 Pupil instruction: dual language programs: grant program. Thurmond Chaptered
AB-2516 Dams: reservoir restrictions. Eggman Chaptered
AB-2518 Innovative forest products and mass timber. Aguiar-Curry Chaptered
AB-2521 Reservists: active duty: deferment of financial obligations. Quirk-Silva Chaptered
AB-2524 California Retail Food Code. Wood Chaptered
AB-2526 Temporary emergency gun violence restraining orders. Rubio Chaptered
AB-2532 Infractions: community service. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
AB-2533 Inmates: indigence. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-2535 High-occupancy toll lanes: notice of toll evasion violation. Obernolte Chaptered
AB-2540 State facilities and public buildings: vote centers and polling places. Mullin Chaptered
AB-2541 Safe Drinking Water State Revolving Fund: project financing: severely disadvantaged communities. Salas Chaptered
AB-2543 State agencies: infrastructure project budget and schedule: Internet Web site information. Eggman Chaptered
AB-2544 Parking penalties. Lackey Chaptered
AB-2548 Commute benefit policies: Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Friedman Chaptered
AB-2550 Prisons: female inmates and male correctional officers. Weber Chaptered
AB-2551 Forestry and fire prevention: joint prescribed burning operations: watersheds. Wood Chaptered
AB-2554 Public postsecondary education: exemption from mandatory systemwide tuition and fees: surviving child or spouse of a federal firefighter. Bonta Chaptered
AB-2557 Corporations: directors. Maienschein Chaptered
AB-2561 Vital records: local registrar: copy of records. Flora Chaptered
AB-2562 Department of Housing and Community Development loans. Mullin Chaptered
AB-2564 Civil penalties: glider vehicles. Rodriguez Chaptered
AB-2568 County jails: veterans. Reyes Chaptered
AB-2576 Emergencies: health care. Aguiar-Curry Chaptered
AB-2580 Special education: due process hearings: extension of hearings: good cause. Cunningham Chaptered
AB-2587 Disability compensation: paid family leave. Levine Chaptered
AB-2589 Controlled substances: human chorionic gonadotropin. Bigelow Chaptered
AB-2592 Secretary of State: census outreach and education. Berman Chaptered
AB-2594 Fire insurance. Friedman Chaptered
AB-2595 Wards: confinement. Obernolte Chaptered
AB-2598 Cities and counties: ordinances: violations. Quirk Chaptered
AB-2599 Criminal records. Holden Chaptered
AB-2600 Regional park and open space districts. Flora Chaptered
AB-2601 Pupil instruction: sexual health education: charter schools. Weber Chaptered
AB-2605 Rest breaks: petroleum facilities: safety-sensitive positions. Gipson Chaptered
AB-2608 Licensed Mental Health Service Provider Education Program: former foster youth. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-2610 Employees: meal periods. Aguiar-Curry Chaptered
AB-2615 State highway system: parks and recreation: accessibility for bicycles and pedestrians. Carrillo Chaptered
AB-2620 Rental passenger vehicle transactions. Ting Chaptered
AB-2622 After School Education and Safety Program. Dahle Chaptered
AB-2626 Child care services. Mullin Chaptered
AB-2629 Department of Transportation: airspace under state highways: leases. Eggman Chaptered
AB-2632 Packaging and labeling: containers: slack fill. Santiago Chaptered
AB-2634 Life insurance. Chau Chaptered
AB-2639 Pupil suicide prevention policies: reviews: updates. Berman Chaptered
AB-2640 Fully protected species: Lost River sucker and shortnose sucker limited take authorization: California condor limited take authorization. Wood Chaptered
AB-2642 Guardianship: special immigrant juveniles. Levine Chaptered
AB-2644 Dolores Huerta Day. Reyes Chaptered
AB-2646 The San Diego Unified Port District: grant: trust lands. Gonzalez Fletcher Chaptered
AB-2654 Design-build: Orange County. Quirk-Silva Chaptered
AB-2657 Pupil discipline: restraint and seclusion. Weber Chaptered
AB-2658 Secretary of the Government Operations Agency: working group: blockchain technology. Calderon Chaptered
AB-2661 Mental health: sexually violent predators. Arambula Chaptered
AB-2663 Property taxation: change in ownership: exclusion: local registered domestic partners. Friedman Chaptered
AB-2664 Court reporters: official reporter pro tempore. Holden Chaptered
AB-2665 Absentee ballots: processing. Salas Chaptered
AB-2667 State Capitol Building Annex: historic symbols. Cooley Chaptered
AB-2669 Peace officers: communications. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
AB-2674 Health care service plans: disciplinary actions. Aguiar-Curry Chaptered
AB-2676 Weighmasters: junk dealers and recyclers: licenses: additional application information and fee. Gipson Chaptered
AB-2679 Health facilities: linen laundry. O'Donnell Chaptered
AB-2684 Parent and child relationship. Bloom Chaptered
AB-2685 Driving privilege: minors. Lackey Chaptered
AB-2687 Office of Small Business. Quirk-Silva Chaptered
AB-2694 Domestic violence: ex parte orders. Rubio Chaptered
AB-2696 Public Employees’ Retirement System: limited term appointments. Rodriguez Chaptered
AB-2697 Nesting Bird Habitat Incentive Program: idled agricultural lands. Gallagher Chaptered
AB-2698 California state preschool programs: general child care and development programs: mental health consultation services: adjustment factors. Rubio Chaptered
AB-2705 Contractors: violations. Holden Chaptered
AB-2707 Voter information Internet Web site. Mullin Chaptered
AB-2710 Warrants. Obernolte Chaptered
AB-2717 Driving under the influence: blood tests. Lackey Chaptered
AB-2719 Aging. Irwin Chaptered
AB-2721 Cannabis: testing laboratories. Quirk Chaptered
AB-2722 Student financial aid: California Military Department GI Bill Award Program. Medina Chaptered
AB-2735 English learners: participation in standard instructional program. O'Donnell Chaptered
AB-2745 State parks: merchandise sales. Carrillo Chaptered
AB-2746 Taxation: tax-defaulted property sales. Eduardo Garcia Chaptered
AB-2750 Certified copies of death records. Obernolte Chaptered
AB-2751 Agricultural labor relations. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-2753 Density bonuses: density bonus application. Friedman Chaptered
AB-2760 Prescription drugs: prescribers: naloxone hydrochloride and other FDA-approved drugs. Wood Chaptered
AB-2762 Public contracts: disabled veteran business enterprises: local small business enterprises: social enterprises. Carrillo Chaptered
AB-2764 State acquisition of information technology goods and services: exemptions. Chau Chaptered
AB-2769 Privacy: driver’s license information. Cooper Chaptered
AB-2770 Privileged communications: communications by former employer: sexual harassment. Irwin Chaptered
AB-2774 Animal shelters: adoption application: crimes. Limón Chaptered
AB-2775 Professional cosmetics: labeling requirements. Kalra Chaptered
AB-2777 State employees: travel reimbursements. Daly Chaptered
AB-2780 Family law: support orders. Bloom Chaptered
AB-2782 California Environmental Quality Act. Friedman Chaptered
AB-2783 Controlled substances: hydrocodone combination products: schedules. O'Donnell Chaptered
AB-2785 Student services: lactation accommodations. Rubio Chaptered
AB-2789 Health care practitioners: prescriptions: electronic data transmission. Wood Chaptered
AB-2791 Stray animals: impoundment: puppies: kittens. Muratsuchi Chaptered
AB-2792 Termination of the parent and child relationship: severe sexual abuse. Calderon Chaptered
AB-2797 Planning and zoning: density bonuses. Bloom Chaptered
AB-2798 Hospitals: licensing. Maienschein Chaptered
AB-2799 Adult-use cannabis and medicinal cannabis: license application: OSHA training. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
AB-2800 High school athletics: California High School Coaching Education and Training Program: heat illness. Chu Chaptered
AB-2801 Crimes: memorials: veterans and law enforcement. Salas Chaptered
AB-2802 Insurance payments: interception. Friedman Chaptered
AB-2813 California Cybersecurity Integration Center. Irwin Chaptered
AB-2816 Pesticides: schoolsites: report. Muratsuchi Chaptered
AB-2821 Integrated and comprehensive health and human services system. Mayes Chaptered
AB-2822 California State Auditor: high-risk local government agency audit program. Obernolte Chaptered
AB-2826 Pupil enrollment: interdistrict attendance. Friedman Chaptered
AB-2830 County agencies: interns and student assistants: hiring preference. Reyes Chaptered
AB-2831 Small business customers: demand-side energy management programs. Limón Chaptered
AB-2832 Recycling: lithium-ion vehicle batteries: advisory group. Dahle Chaptered
AB-2835 Elections: ballots. Calderon Chaptered
AB-2836 Native Americans: repatriation. Gloria Chaptered
AB-2844 Insurance: agents and brokers. Cooley Chaptered
AB-2845 Criminal procedure: pardons. Bonta Chaptered
AB-2847 Commercial real property: tenancy: abandonment. Rubio Chaptered
AB-2849 Sierra Nevada Conservancy: watershed improvement: tribal organization. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-2850 Nurse assistant training programs: online or distance learning. Rubio Chaptered
AB-2859 Pharmacy: safe storage products. Caballero Chaptered
AB-2861 Medi-Cal: telehealth: alcohol and drug use treatment. Salas Chaptered
AB-2862 Credit unions: investments and exemptions. Limón Chaptered
AB-2863 Health care coverage: prescriptions. Nazarian Chaptered
AB-2864 Coastal resources: oil spills. Limón Chaptered
AB-2865 High-occupancy toll lanes: Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority. Chiu Chaptered
AB-2867 Criminal procedure: postconviction relief. Gonzalez Fletcher Chaptered
AB-2870 Military: National Guard: youth challenge program: counselors. Eggman Chaptered
AB-2873 Personal vehicle sharing: recalled vehicles. Low Chaptered
AB-2876 Vehicles: removal and impound authority. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
AB-2878 Local control and accountability plans: annual goals: state priorities: family engagement. Chávez Chaptered
AB-2880 Political Reform Act of 1974: local enforcement. Harper Chaptered
AB-2884 Real estate. Irwin Chaptered
AB-2885 Air Quality Improvement Program: Clean Vehicle Rebate Project. Rodriguez Chaptered
AB-2887 Migrant farm labor centers. Aguiar-Curry Chaptered
AB-2889 Timber harvesting plans: guidance and assistance. Caballero Chaptered
AB-2893 California Health Benefit Review Program: financial impacts. Waldron Chaptered
AB-2894 Postsecondary education: students called to active military duty during an academic term. Gloria Chaptered
AB-2898 Emergency services: local emergencies. Gloria Chaptered
AB-2899 Cannabis: advertisements. Rubio Chaptered
AB-2900 Proposed new public water system: preliminary technical report. Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Chaptered
AB-2901 Cleaning Product Right to Know Act of 2017. Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Chaptered
AB-2902 Hazardous substances. Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Chaptered
AB-2911 Fire safety. Friedman Chaptered
AB-2912 Association finances. Irwin Chaptered
AB-2913 Building standards: building permits: expiration. Wood Chaptered
AB-2914 Cannabis in alcoholic beverages. Cooley Chaptered
AB-2915 Workforce development boards: mutual disaster aid assistance: memorandum of understanding. Caballero Chaptered
AB-2918 Vehicles: driver’s handbook. Holden Chaptered
AB-2920 Transactions and use taxes: North Lake Tahoe Transportation Authority and City of Berkeley. Thurmond Chaptered
AB-2923 San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District: transit-oriented development. Chiu Chaptered
AB-2927 California Earthquake Authority. Nazarian Chaptered
AB-2928 Hazardous waste: used oil. Chen Chaptered
AB-2930 Unlawful detainer: nuisance: unlawful weapons and ammunition. Santiago Chaptered
AB-2938 Sales and use taxes: exemption: bicycles: City of Santa Monica. Bloom Chaptered
AB-2941 Health care coverage: state of emergency. Berman Chaptered
AB-2942 Criminal procedure: recall of sentencing. Ting Chaptered
AB-2944 Personal income taxes: voluntary contributions: Schools Not Prisons Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
AB-2949 Pupil residency: pupils of military families. Gloria Chaptered
AB-2952 Juvenile records: sealed records: access. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-2954 School districts: special taxes: uniformity requirement: unimproved property. Bonta Chaptered
AB-2955 Traffic: Cities of Burbank, Glendale, and Los Angeles. Friedman Chaptered
AB-2958 State bodies: meetings: teleconference. Quirk Chaptered
AB-2960 Child care and development services: online portal. Thurmond Chaptered
AB-2961 Emergency medical services. O'Donnell Chaptered
AB-2967 Foster care: certified record of live birth. Quirk-Silva Chaptered
AB-2968 Psychotherapist-client relationship: victims of sexual behavior and sexual contact: informational brochure. Levine Chaptered
AB-2969 LGBT Pride Month. Low Chaptered
AB-2973 Land use: Subdivision Map Act: expiration dates. Gray Chaptered
AB-2975 Wild and scenic rivers. Friedman Chaptered
AB-2982 North County Transit District: City of San Diego. Gloria Chaptered
AB-2983 Health care facilities: voluntary psychiatric care. Arambula Chaptered
AB-2986 Transportation network companies: disclosure of participating driver information. Cunningham Chaptered
AB-2988 Criminal procedure: disposition of evidence. Weber Chaptered
AB-2989 Motorized scooter: use of helmet: maximum speed. Flora Chaptered
AB-2990 Public postsecondary education: exemption from tuition and fees for qualifying survivors of deceased public safety and fire suppression personnel: notice. Low Chaptered
AB-2992 Peace officer training: commercial sexual exploitation of children. Daly Chaptered
AB-2998 Consumer products: flame retardant materials. Bloom Chaptered
AB-3002 Disability access requirements: information. Grayson Chaptered
AB-3012 State Coastal Conservancy: grants: climate change projects. Gallagher Chaptered
AB-3018 State contracts: skilled and trained workforce. Low Chaptered
AB-3019 Deposition notices. Reyes Chaptered
AB-3022 Retroactive grant of high school diplomas: departed and deported pupils. Gonzalez Fletcher Chaptered
AB-3032 Maternal mental health conditions. Frazier Chaptered
AB-3036 Solid waste: byproducts from the processing of food or beverages. Cooley Chaptered
AB-3041 Real estate transfer fees: prohibition. Cunningham Chaptered
AB-3043 Pupil nutrition: breakfast and lunch programs. Berman Chaptered
AB-3047 Court fees: waiver: Indian Child Welfare Act. Daly Chaptered
AB-3058 School facilities: inspections: examination and evaluation. O'Donnell Chaptered
AB-3061 State highways: property leases. Gloria Chaptered
AB-3066 Mobilehome Residency Law Protection Act. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-3067 Internet: marketing: minors: cannabis. Chau Chaptered
AB-3068 County government: contract legal counsel: auditor-controller. Daly Chaptered
AB-3075 Office of Elections Cybersecurity. Berman Chaptered
AB-3077 Vehicles: bicycle helmets. Caballero Chaptered
AB-3078 Theft: burglary: natural or manmade disasters. Gallagher Chaptered
AB-3082 In-home supportive services. Gonzalez Fletcher Chaptered
AB-3089 Student financial aid: Chafee grant awards. Thurmond Chaptered
AB-3098 Residential care facilities for the elderly: emergency and disaster plans. Friedman Chaptered
AB-3101 Community colleges. Carrillo Chaptered
AB-3109 Contracts: waiver of right of petition or free speech. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-3112 Controlled substances: butane. Grayson Chaptered
AB-3118 Sexual assault: investigations. Chiu Chaptered
AB-3122 Property taxation: disaster relief: payment of deferred taxes. Gallagher Chaptered
AB-3124 Vehicles: length limitations: buses: bicycle transportation devices. Bloom Chaptered
AB-3126 Contractors’ State License Law: cash deposit in lieu of a bond. Brough Chaptered
AB-3129 Firearms: prohibited persons. Rubio Chaptered
AB-3133 State Public Works Board. Berman Chaptered
AB-3137 State property: conveyance: City of Pomona. Rodriguez Chaptered
AB-3138 Hazardous materials: management: civil liability. Muratsuchi Chaptered
AB-3139 State highways: property leases. Bonta Chaptered
AB-3141 Bureau of Automotive Repair: automotive repair dealers: maintenance and services. Low Chaptered
AB-3142 Acupuncture Licensure Act: Acupuncture Board. Low Chaptered
AB-3143 Tax preparers. Low Chaptered
AB-3144 Professional Fiduciaries Bureau. Low Chaptered
AB-3162 Alcoholism or drug abuse treatment facilities. Friedman Chaptered
AB-3163 Department of Motor Vehicles: private industry partners: electronic submission of documents. Frazier Chaptered
AB-3168 Outdoor advertising displays: publicly owned property. Rubio Chaptered
AB-3176 Indian children. Waldron Chaptered
AB-3177 North County Transit District: contracting. Chávez Chaptered
AB-3186 Public postsecondary education: University of California: California Community Colleges: competitive bidding: best value. Medina Chaptered
AB-3187 Biomethane: gas corporations: rates: interconnection. Grayson Chaptered
AB-3189 Consent by minors to treatment for intimate partner violence. Cooper Chaptered
AB-3192 LEA Medi-Cal billing option: program guide. O'Donnell Chaptered
AB-3194 Housing Accountability Act: project approval. Daly Chaptered
AB-3205 School facilities: modernization projects: door locks. O'Donnell Chaptered
AB-3211 Advance health care directives. Kalra Chaptered
AB-3212 Service member protections. Irwin Chaptered
AB-3223 Special education: visually impaired pupils: braille: Unified English Braille. Grayson Chaptered
AB-3224 Public social services: county employees. Thurmond Chaptered
AB-3229 California Right to Financial Privacy Act. Burke Chaptered
AB-3231 Employment: public works: apprenticeship. Gray Chaptered
AB-3232 Zero-emissions buildings and sources of heat energy. Friedman Chaptered
AB-3246 Transportation: omnibus bill. Committee on Transportation Chaptered
AB-3247 Arbitration: agreements: enforcement. Committee on Judiciary Chaptered
AB-3248 Judiciary omnibus. Committee on Judiciary Chaptered
AB-3249 State Bar Act: attorneys: discipline: annual membership fee. Committee on Judiciary Chaptered
AB-3250 Civil law: civil rights. Committee on Judiciary Chaptered
AB-3251 Sale of armories. Committee on Veterans Affairs Chaptered
AB-3252 Animal health. Committee on Agriculture Chaptered
AB-3254 Local government organization: omnibus. Committee on Local Government Chaptered
AB-3255 Postsecondary education: omnibus bill. Committee on Higher Education Chaptered
AB-3256 California Film Commission. Committee on Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism, and Internet Media Chaptered
AB-3257 Natural resources. Committee on Natural Resources Chaptered
AB-3258 Elections. Committee on Elections and Redistricting Chaptered
AB-3259 Elections. Committee on Elections and Redistricting Chaptered
AB-3260 Department of Food and Agriculture: administrative civil penalties: notice. Committee on Agriculture Chaptered
AB-3261 Cannabis. Low Chaptered
AB-3262 Tribal gaming: compact ratification. Gray Chaptered
AB-3264 Alcoholic beverages: licensees. Committee on Governmental Organization Chaptered
ACR-67 Veterans’ Memorial Highway. Aguiar-Curry Chaptered
ACR-103 Matthew “SLOStringer” Frank Memorial Highway. Cunningham Chaptered
ACR-110 City of San Diego’s Naval Training Station. Gloria Chaptered
ACR-117 Supervised visitation providers: training. Thurmond Chaptered
ACR-134 Gang Awareness and Prevention Month. Eduardo Garcia Chaptered
ACR-135 Ventura County Fire Engineer Ryan Osler Memorial Highway. Limón Chaptered
ACR-137 Latinos: environmental protection and conservation. Eduardo Garcia Chaptered
ACR-139 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Holden Chaptered
ACR-140 Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Bonta Chaptered
ACR-141 California Fitness Week. Chen Chaptered
ACR-142 Colonel Charles Young Memorial Highway. Mathis Chaptered
ACR-143 Day of Remembrance. Muratsuchi Chaptered
ACR-144 Korean American Day. Choi Chaptered
ACR-145 California Institute for Aerospace. Lackey Chaptered
ACR-146 American Heart Month and Wear Red Day. Limón Chaptered
ACR-147 India Republic Day. Kalra Chaptered
ACR-148 Persian New Year. Nazarian Chaptered
ACR-149 Officer and Medal of Valor Recipient Waldron G. Karp Memorial Highway. Choi Chaptered
ACR-150 Dual Enrollment Week. Limón Chaptered
ACR-151 Gubernatorial appointments: military service. Voepel Chaptered
ACR-152 National Mentoring Month. Aguiar-Curry Chaptered
ACR-153 Pet adoptions. Santiago Chaptered
ACR-154 Border Patrol Agent Jarod Charles Dittman Memorial Highway. Voepel Chaptered
ACR-155 Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. Baker Chaptered
ACR-156 Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Awareness Day. Gonzalez Fletcher Chaptered
ACR-157 Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic Winter Games in South Korea. Choi Chaptered
ACR-158 Cancer Screen Week. Baker Chaptered
ACR-159 Fred Korematsu Day of Civil Liberties and the Constitution. Ting Chaptered
ACR-160 Physician Anesthesiologist Week. Baker Chaptered
ACR-161 30th Annual State Scientist Day. Limón Chaptered
ACR-162 Rare Disease Day. Levine Chaptered
ACR-163 Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Flora Chaptered
ACR-164 Career Technical Education Month. Cunningham Chaptered
ACR-165 California Down Syndrome Awareness Week and Day. Grayson Chaptered
ACR-166 International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Baker Chaptered
ACR-169 Deputy Sheriff Scott Ballantyne and Sheriff’s Pilot James Chavez Memorial Highway. Mathis Chaptered
ACR-170 California Ports Day. O'Donnell Chaptered
ACR-171 National Caregivers Day. Eggman Chaptered
ACR-172 Historical state anti-LGBT laws. Low Chaptered
ACR-173 Little Saigon Cultural and Commercial District. Gloria Chaptered
ACR-174 Hepatitis Awareness Month and Hepatitis Testing Day. Gipson Chaptered
ACR-175 Endometriosis Awareness Month. Rubio Chaptered
ACR-176 Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Rubio Chaptered
ACR-177 Intergenerational trauma: epigenetics. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
ACR-178 Irish American Heritage Month. Mullin Chaptered
ACR-179 Deputy Sheriff Robert “Bob” Paris, Jr., Memorial Highway. Flora Chaptered
ACR-180 Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month. Waldron Chaptered
ACR-181 Deputy Sheriff Dennis Wallace Memorial Highway. Flora Chaptered
ACR-182 Women in Construction Week. Baker Chaptered
ACR-183 The 50th anniversary of the Chicano Student Walkouts. Carrillo Chaptered
ACR-184 Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway. Bigelow Chaptered
ACR-186 School Breakfast Week. Rubio Chaptered
ACR-187 Portuguese National Heritage Month. Salas Chaptered
ACR-188 Colonel Young Oak Kim, United States Army, Memorial Highway. Quirk-Silva Chaptered
ACR-189 Civil Grand Jury Awareness Month. Gallagher Chaptered
ACR-190 Blue Star Mothers of America Month. Salas Chaptered
ACR-191 California Nonprofits Day. Limón Chaptered
ACR-192 Gold Star Mothers’ and Families’ Day. Salas Chaptered
ACR-193 The Girl Scouts. Baker Chaptered
ACR-194 Latino Education and Advocacy Week. Reyes Chaptered
ACR-195 California Celebrating Women in Public Office Day. Irwin Chaptered
ACR-196 HIV Testing Day. Gipson Chaptered
ACR-197 Children: from at-risk to at-promise. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
ACR-198 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: 50th anniversary of assassination. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
ACR-199 Archbishop Oscar A. Romero: 38th Anniversary of his death. Carrillo Chaptered
ACR-200 Child Abuse Prevention Month. Baker Chaptered
ACR-201 Jesse L. Acebedo Memorial Rest Area. Fong Chaptered
ACR-202 Robert “Bob” Thompson Memorial Highway. Dahle Chaptered
ACR-203 Donate Life/DMV Partnership Month. Quirk-Silva Chaptered
ACR-204 Equal Pay Day. Baker Chaptered
ACR-205 CAL FIRE Firefighter Cory Iverson Memorial Highway. Waldron Chaptered
ACR-206 California Diversity in STEM and Tech Week. Holden Chaptered
ACR-207 California Holocaust Memorial Day. Friedman Chaptered
ACR-208 California Wines: Down to Earth Month. Aguiar-Curry Chaptered
ACR-209 Compost Awareness Week. Eggman Chaptered
ACR-210 Special Olympics Day. Frazier Chaptered
ACR-211 Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Frazier Chaptered
ACR-212 Deputy Sheriff Robert “Bobby” French Memorial Highway. Kiley Chaptered
ACR-213 Autism: sensory-friendly movie screenings. Grayson Chaptered
ACR-214 Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Didier M. Hurdle Memorial Highway. Gipson Chaptered
ACR-215 23 Asilomar AI Principles. Kiley Chaptered
ACR-216 529 College Savings Day. Muratsuchi Chaptered
ACR-217 Point Reyes National Seashore: dairy and beef ranching. Levine Chaptered
ACR-218 Lyme Disease Awareness Month. Obernolte Chaptered
ACR-219 Second Chances Month. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
ACR-220 Private First Class Keith M. Williams Memorial Overpass. Mathis Chaptered
ACR-221 California Fairgrounds Appreciation Month. Bigelow Chaptered
ACR-222 Global Accessibility Awareness Day. Gray Chaptered
ACR-224 Joe Cox Memorial Highway. Gray Chaptered
ACR-225 Secure Your Load Day. Choi Chaptered
ACR-226 Emergency Medical Services Week. Rodriguez Chaptered
ACR-227 California Zinfandel Month. Cooper Chaptered
ACR-228 California Wildfire Awareness Week and California Master Mutual Aid Awareness Day. Limón Chaptered
ACR-230 Medal of Honor Memorial Highway. Reyes Chaptered
ACR-231 May 2018: Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage Month. Chiu Chaptered
ACR-232 Food Allergy Awareness Week. Baker Chaptered
ACR-233 Ramadan. Reyes Chaptered
ACR-234 Breastfeeding Awareness Month of 2018. Rubio Chaptered
ACR-235 Trauma-Informed Awareness Day. Arambula Chaptered
ACR-236 Pomona Police Officer Greggory Casillas Memorial Highway. Rodriguez Chaptered
ACR-237 Foster Care Month. Cooley Chaptered
ACR-238 Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse Awareness Month. Kalra Chaptered
ACR-239 Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month and The Longest Day. Maienschein Chaptered
ACR-240 The 2018 International Day of Yoga. Kalra Chaptered
ACR-241 Cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Rodriguez Chaptered
ACR-242 California Manufacturing Day. Gipson Chaptered
ACR-243 Crossing Guards Keep Our Children Safe Month. Eduardo Garcia Chaptered
ACR-244 California Cancer Survivors Day. Baker Chaptered
ACR-245 Ronald Reagan Day. Acosta Chaptered
ACR-246 World Oceans Day. Calderon Chaptered
ACR-248 Parks Make Life Better! Month. Eduardo Garcia Chaptered
ACR-249 Father’s Day. Gallagher Chaptered
ACR-250 Arroyo Seco Victims Memorial Overcrossing. Holden Chaptered
ACR-251 Philippine Independence Day. Gloria Chaptered
ACR-252 The 4th of July. Cooley Chaptered
ACR-255 Suicide Prevention Week in California. Harper Chaptered
ACR-256 Rosie’s Day. Reyes Chaptered
ACR-257 Uterine Fibroids Awareness Month. Weber Chaptered
ACR-258 Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis and Post-Exposure Prophylaxis Awareness Day. Gloria Chaptered
ACR-259 Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome (PANS) Awareness Day. Gallagher Chaptered
ACR-260 Statutes: gender-neutral language: pronouns. Low Chaptered
ACR-261 California Hindu American Awareness and Appreciation Month. Kalra Chaptered
ACR-262 Recognizing the contributions of Chinese Americans to Yosemite National Park and the Sierra Nevada. Bigelow Chaptered
ACR-263 Caltrans District 7 Fallen Workers Memorial Interchange. Rivas Chaptered
ACR-264 India’s Independence Day. Kalra Chaptered
ACR-265 California Computer Science Education Month. Berman Chaptered
ACR-266 Red Ribbon Week. Rubio Chaptered
ACR-267 California’s Sikh American Awareness and Appreciation Month. Kalra Chaptered
ACR-268 Education technology. Thurmond Chaptered
ACR-269 Dosan Ahn Chang Ho Day. Choi Chaptered
ACR-270 Pet fire safety. Acosta Chaptered
ACR-271 2008 fire season. Acosta Chaptered
ACR-273 Women’s Small Business Month. Waldron Chaptered
ACR-274 Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Gabriel Chaptered
ACR-277 Epilepsy Awareness Month. Medina Chaptered
ACR-278 PACE Month. Arambula Chaptered
ACR-279 Plant-based diets. Kalra Chaptered
ACR-281 Arirang Day commemoration. Choi Chaptered
ACR-282 Filipino American History Month. Gloria Chaptered
ACR-283 Code Enforcement Officer Appreciation Week. Cooley Chaptered
ACR-284 Court Adoption and Permanency Month. Thurmond Chaptered
ACR-285 Diaper Need Awareness Week. Gonzalez Fletcher Chaptered
ACR-286 Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Month. Kamlager-Dove Chaptered
AJR-27 Cannabis. Low Chaptered
AJR-28 Financial institutions: cannabis. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
AJR-29 Oil and gas: offshore drilling: operations: leases. Limón Chaptered
AJR-30 Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act of 2017. Aguiar-Curry Chaptered
AJR-33 Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Limón Chaptered
AJR-34 Agricultural workers: labor shortages. Eduardo Garcia Chaptered
AJR-36 136th anniversary of the Chinese Exclusion Act. Ting Chaptered
AJR-37 Armenian Genocide. Friedman Chaptered
AJR-38 Dams and reservoirs: federal jurisdiction: safety. Mathis Chaptered
AJR-39 Citizenship: internationally adopted children who are now adults. Choi Chaptered
AJR-41 Social Security. Thurmond Chaptered
AJR-42 Title X: family planning. Kamlager-Dove Chaptered
AJR-46 Federal zero tolerance immigration policy: family separation. Gonzalez Fletcher Chaptered
AJR-48 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Limón Chaptered
SB-10 Pretrial release or detention: pretrial services. Hertzberg Chaptered
SB-25 Elections: alternate ballot order: Los Angeles County pilot program. Portantino Chaptered
SB-30 Insurance: climate change. Lara Chaptered
SB-46 Mobilehomes: enforcement actions: sunset provision. Leyva Chaptered
SB-70 Real estate: Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. Bates Chaptered
SB-100 California Renewables Portfolio Standard Program: emissions of greenhouse gases. De León Chaptered
SB-134 Regional center contracts. Hernandez Chaptered
SB-152 Transactions and use taxes: County of Sonoma. McGuire Chaptered
SB-175 Developmental services: Canyon Springs Community Facility. McGuire Chaptered
SB-183 Educational equity: immigration status. Lara Chaptered
SB-192 Mental Health Services Fund. Beall Chaptered
SB-212 Solid waste: pharmaceutical and sharps waste stewardship. Jackson Chaptered
SB-215 Diversion: mental disorders. Beall Chaptered
SB-224 Personal rights: civil liability and enforcement. Jackson Chaptered
SB-237 Electricity: direct transactions. Hertzberg Chaptered
SB-244 Privacy: personal information. Lara Chaptered
SB-261 Common interest developments: governance. Roth Chaptered
SB-269 Commercial fishing businesses and marine aquaria: landing receipts. McGuire Chaptered
SB-273 Marriage and domestic partnership: minors. Hill Chaptered
SB-274 Administration of taxes: notice of deficiency assessment. Glazer Chaptered
SB-311 Commercial cannabis activity: licensed distributors. Pan Chaptered
SB-327 Information privacy: connected devices. Jackson Chaptered
SB-343 Income taxes: gross income exclusions: Kast Property Tank Farm facility cleanup. Bradford Chaptered
SB-398 Acquired brain trauma. Monning Chaptered
SB-419 Legislature: Whistleblower protection and retaliation prevention. Portantino Chaptered
SB-439 Jurisdiction of the juvenile court. Mitchell Chaptered
SB-465 Property Assessed Clean Energy Program: wildfire safety improvements. Jackson Chaptered
SB-473 California Endangered Species Act. Hertzberg Chaptered
SB-481 Successor agencies: assets: disposal. Pan Chaptered
SB-495 Protected species: blunt-nosed leopard lizard: taking or possession. Vidak Chaptered
SB-501 Dentistry: anesthesia and sedation: report. Glazer Chaptered
SB-502 Commuter rail systems: availability of automated external defibrillators: Construction Manager/General Contractor Project delivery method: Metrolink commuter rail projects. Portantino Chaptered
SB-519 State highways: property leases. Beall Chaptered
SB-522 West Contra Costa Healthcare District. Glazer Chaptered
SB-532 Emergency services: state of emergency: cyberterrorism. Dodd Chaptered
SB-558 Property taxation: new construction exclusion: rain water capture system. Glazer Chaptered
SB-577 Public postsecondary education: California Community College Teacher Credentialing Partnership Pilot Program. Dodd Chaptered
SB-606 Water management planning. Hertzberg Chaptered
SB-635 Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development: local economic development liaison services. Hueso Chaptered
SB-668 Commercial feed: violations: administrative penalty. McGuire Chaptered
SB-688 Mental Health Services Act: revenue and expenditure reports. Moorlach Chaptered
SB-695 Professions and vocations: applications and renewals: individual tax identification number. Lara Chaptered
SB-700 Self-generation incentive program. Wiener Chaptered
SB-720 Environmental education: environmental principles and concepts. Allen Chaptered
SB-721 Building standards: decks and balconies: inspection. Hill Chaptered
SB-726 CalWORKs: benefits overpayment. Wiener Chaptered
SB-746 Firearms and ammunition: prohibited possession: transfer to licensed dealer. Portantino Chaptered
SB-759 Elections: vote by mail ballots. McGuire Chaptered
SB-762 Optometry: administration of immunizations. Hernandez Chaptered
SB-765 Planning and zoning: housing. Wiener Chaptered
SB-766 International commercial arbitration: representation. Monning Chaptered
SB-782 Energy data transparency. Skinner Chaptered
SB-785 Evidence: immigration status. Wiener Chaptered
SB-790 Dreissenid mussel infestation prevention: grants. McGuire Chaptered
SB-795 Accountancy: practice privileges. Galgiani Chaptered
SB-816 Elementary and secondary education: omnibus revisions. Committee on Education Chaptered
SB-818 Mortgages and deeds of trust: foreclosure. Beall Chaptered
SB-820 Settlement agreements: confidentiality. Leyva Chaptered
SB-821 Emergency notification: county jurisdictions. Jackson Chaptered
SB-822 Communications: broadband Internet access service. Wiener Chaptered
SB-823 Alcohol and drug treatment abuse recovery and treatment facilities. Hill Chaptered
SB-824 Insurers: declared disaster: homeowners’ insurance policies. Lara Chaptered
SB-826 Corporations: boards of directors. Jackson Chaptered
SB-828 Land use: housing element. Wiener Chaptered
SB-830 Pupil instruction: media literacy: resources. Dodd Chaptered
SB-833 Emergencies: Office of Emergency Services: guidelines: alert and warning systems. McGuire Chaptered
SB-834 State lands: leasing: oil and gas. Jackson Chaptered
SB-838 Corporate records: articles of incorporation: blockchain technology. Hertzberg Chaptered
SB-840 Budget Act of 2018. Mitchell Chaptered
SB-841 Budget Act of 2017: augmentation. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Chaptered
SB-846 Employment. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Chaptered
SB-847 Courts: omnibus. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Chaptered
SB-848 Transportation. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Chaptered
SB-849 Medi-Cal. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Chaptered
SB-850 Housing. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Chaptered
SB-852 State public employment: memorandum of understanding: State Bargaining Unit 6: approval. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Chaptered
SB-853 Developmental services. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Chaptered
SB-854 Public resources. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Chaptered
SB-855 Taxation. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Chaptered
SB-856 Budget Act of 2018. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Chaptered
SB-857 In-home supportive services: provider orientation. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Chaptered
SB-861 National Mortgage Settlement Fund: allocations. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Chaptered
SB-862 Budget Act of 2018. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Chaptered
SB-866 Employment. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Chaptered
SB-867 Legislative Counsel: workplace conduct services. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Chaptered
SB-869 County of San Diego: local elections. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Chaptered
SB-871 Income taxes: credits: motion pictures. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Chaptered
SB-872 Local government: taxation: prohibition: groceries. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Chaptered
SB-873 State public employment: memorandum of understanding: approval: State Bargaining Units 9 and 10. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Chaptered
SB-875 Public resources. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Chaptered
SB-876 Human services. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Chaptered
SB-877 State Government. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Chaptered
SB-878 Taxes: credits: qualified motion pictures. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Chaptered
SB-879 Public safety. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Chaptered
SB-880 Workers’ compensation. Pan Chaptered
SB-881 Flood control: County of Santa Clara: South San Francisco Bay Shoreline Project. Wieckowski Chaptered
SB-892 Lunar New Year. Pan Chaptered
SB-894 Property insurance. Dodd Chaptered
SB-895 Pupil instruction: model curricula: Vietnamese American refugee experience, the Cambodian genocide, and Hmong history and cultural studies. Nguyen Chaptered
SB-896 Aggravated arson. McGuire Chaptered
SB-901 Wildfires. Dodd Chaptered
SB-903 Transportation Development Act: County of Stanislaus. Cannella Chaptered
SB-904 Alarm companies: business conditions: limited liability companies. Wieckowski Chaptered
SB-907 County road commissioner: Merced County. Cannella Chaptered
SB-909 Uniform Trust Decanting Act. Hertzberg Chaptered
SB-910 Short-term limited duration health insurance. Hernandez Chaptered
SB-912 California Housing Finance Agency: management compensation. Beall Chaptered
SB-913 Public works: City of Los Angeles: graffiti abatement. Hertzberg Chaptered
SB-914 Local agency contracts: construction manager at-risk construction contracts. Dodd Chaptered
SB-917 Insurance policies. Jackson Chaptered
SB-918 Homeless Youth Act of 2018. Wiener Chaptered
SB-920 Engineering, land surveying, and architecture: limited liability partnerships. Cannella Chaptered
SB-923 Criminal investigations: eyewitness identification. Wiener Chaptered
SB-925 Foster care. Beall Chaptered
SB-929 Special districts: Internet Web sites. McGuire Chaptered
SB-931 Conservatorships: custody status. Hertzberg Chaptered
SB-939 Claims against the state: appropriation. Portantino Chaptered
SB-941 California Victim Compensation Board: claims. Lara Chaptered
SB-942 State claims. Lara Chaptered
SB-946 Sidewalk vendors. Lara Chaptered
SB-954 Mediation: confidentiality: disclosure. Wieckowski Chaptered
SB-955 Oroville Dam: Citizens Advisory Commission. Nielsen Chaptered
SB-957 Vehicles: high-occupancy vehicle lanes. Lara Chaptered
SB-958 Davis Joint Unified School District: special taxes: exemptions: teachers and district employees. Dodd Chaptered
SB-959 Water corporation: advice letters. Beall Chaptered
SB-960 Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation: suicide prevention: reports. Leyva Chaptered
SB-961 Enhanced infrastructure financing districts. Allen Chaptered
SB-963 Water replenishment districts. Allen Chaptered
SB-964 Public Employees’ Retirement Fund and Teachers’ Retirement Fund: investments: climate-related financial risk. Allen Chaptered
SB-965 California Cattle Council. McGuire Chaptered
SB-966 Onsite treated nonpotable water systems. Wiener Chaptered
SB-967 Public postsecondary education: waiver of mandatory systemwide tuition and fees: current or former foster youth. Berryhill Chaptered
SB-969 Automatic garage door openers: backup batteries. Dodd Chaptered
SB-970 Employment: human trafficking awareness. Atkins Chaptered
SB-972 Pupil and student health: identification cards: suicide prevention hotline telephone numbers. Portantino Chaptered
SB-973 Alcoholic beverages: annual license fees: surcharge: distilled spirits manufacturers: free or discounted rides. Dodd Chaptered
SB-977 Horse racing: charity racing days: nonprofit corporation or trust: distributions to qualified disabled jockeys. Galgiani Chaptered
SB-978 Law enforcement agencies: public records. Bradford Chaptered
SB-981 Home solicitation contract or offer: water treatment devices: rescission. Dodd Chaptered
SB-988 Home inspectors. Galgiani Chaptered
SB-989 State highways: Route 84: relinquishment. Wieckowski Chaptered
SB-992 Alcoholism or drug abuse recovery or treatment facilities. Hernandez Chaptered
SB-997 Health care service plans: physician to enrollee ratios. Monning Chaptered
SB-998 Discontinuation of residential water service: urban and community water systems. Dodd Chaptered
SB-1000 Transportation electrification: electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Lara Chaptered
SB-1001 Bots: disclosure. Hertzberg Chaptered
SB-1003 Respiratory therapy. Roth Chaptered
SB-1004 Mental Health Services Act: prevention and early intervention. Wiener Chaptered
SB-1007 Sales and use taxes: exemption: military and veteran medical facilities. Hertzberg Chaptered
SB-1008 Health insurance: dental services: reporting and disclosures. Skinner Chaptered
SB-1012 Homeless multidisciplinary personnel team. Delgado Chaptered
SB-1013 Fluorinated refrigerants. Lara Chaptered
SB-1014 California Clean Miles Standard and Incentive Program: zero-emission vehicles. Skinner Chaptered
SB-1016 Common interest developments: EV-dedicated TOU meters. Allen Chaptered
SB-1017 Commercial fishing: drift gill net shark and swordfish fishery: permit transition program. Allen Chaptered
SB-1018 Elections: state and local reapportionment. Allen Chaptered
SB-1021 Prescription drugs. Wiener Chaptered
SB-1022 Public Employees’ Retirement System: administration. Pan Chaptered
SB-1028 Public utilities: rates: federal tax law changes. Hill Chaptered
SB-1029 North Coast Railroad Authority. McGuire Chaptered
SB-1034 Health care: mammograms. Mitchell Chaptered
SB-1035 General plans. Jackson Chaptered
SB-1036 Local educational agencies: minutes of meetings of governing bodies: inclusion of directory information and personal information of pupils and parents or guardians of pupils. Wilk Chaptered
SB-1039 Market milk: ultra-filtered milk products. Pan Chaptered
SB-1040 In-home supportive services: natural disaster. Dodd Chaptered
SB-1041 Childhood lead poisoning prevention. Leyva Chaptered
SB-1042 Contractors: violations. Monning Chaptered
SB-1045 Conservatorship: serious mental illness and substance use disorders. Wiener Chaptered
SB-1046 Insurance: long-term care. Roth Chaptered
SB-1050 Exonerated inmates. Lara Chaptered
SB-1051 Tribal gaming: compact ratification. Dodd Chaptered
SB-1053 Presentation of claims: local public entities: childhood sexual abuse. Beall Chaptered
SB-1054 Pretrial release and detention: pretrial services. Hertzberg Chaptered
SB-1055 Banks and credit unions: savings promotions. Bradford Chaptered
SB-1071 Public postsecondary education: Chancellor of the California Community Colleges: policy to award course credit for prior military education, training, and service. Roth Chaptered
SB-1072 Regional Climate Collaborative Program: technical assistance. Leyva Chaptered
SB-1073 Flood control: Napa River. Dodd Chaptered
SB-1076 Emergency preparedness: electrical utilities: electromagnetic pulse attacks and geomagnetic storm events. Hertzberg Chaptered
SB-1078 Housing. Committee on Transportation and Housing Chaptered
SB-1079 Forest resources: fire prevention grants: advance payments. Monning Chaptered
SB-1080 Transportation network companies: driver requirements and identification. Roth Chaptered
SB-1083 Resource family approval. Mitchell Chaptered
SB-1084 Mono County Tri-Valley Groundwater Management District. Berryhill Chaptered
SB-1085 Public employees: leaves of absence: exclusive bargaining representative service. Skinner Chaptered
SB-1086 Workers’ compensation: firefighters and peace officers. Atkins Chaptered
SB-1087 PACE program: program administrators. Roth Chaptered
SB-1089 California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System. Jackson Chaptered
SB-1090 Diablo Canyon nuclear powerplant. Monning Chaptered
SB-1097 Lead poisoning. Hueso Chaptered
SB-1098 Geologists and geophysicists: fees. Cannella Chaptered
SB-1100 Firearms: transfers. Portantino Chaptered
SB-1104 Pupil safety: human trafficking prevention resources. Roth Chaptered
SB-1106 Young adults: deferred entry of judgment pilot program. Hill Chaptered
SB-1107 Public social services: family home agencies. Leyva Chaptered
SB-1108 Medi-Cal: conditions of eligibility or coverage. Hernandez Chaptered
SB-1109 Controlled substances: Schedule II drugs: opioids. Bates Chaptered
SB-1110 Energy: California Renewables Portfolio Standard Program: local publicly owned electric utilities. Bradford Chaptered
SB-1113 Mental health in the workplace: voluntary standards. Monning Chaptered
SB-1115 Property taxation: welfare exemption: low income housing. Hill Chaptered
SB-1119 Low Carbon Transit Operations Program. Beall Chaptered
SB-1121 California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018. Dodd Chaptered
SB-1123 Disability compensation: paid family leave. Jackson Chaptered
SB-1126 Upper Los Angeles River and Tributaries Working Group: river ranger program. Portantino Chaptered
SB-1129 Spousal support award: convictions. Monning Chaptered
SB-1130 Property tax postponement: residential dwelling: manufactured homes. Leyva Chaptered
SB-1131 Electrical and gas corporations: energy efficiency: financing options: industrial and agricultural processes: custom projects. Hertzberg Chaptered
SB-1133 Water quality control plans: funding. Portantino Chaptered
SB-1135 Electric service: rates: Family Electric Rate Assistance program. Bradford Chaptered
SB-1136 Electricity: load-serving entities: resource adequacy requirements. Hertzberg Chaptered
SB-1137 Veterans: professional licensing benefits. Vidak Chaptered
SB-1138 Food options: plant-based meals. Skinner Chaptered
SB-1139 Real property liens: equity lines of credit: suspend and close. Morrell Chaptered
SB-1144 Enhanced industrial disability leave: State Bargaining Unit 8. Dodd Chaptered
SB-1145 Enhanced infrastructure financing districts: maintenance. Leyva Chaptered
SB-1147 Offshore oil and gas wells. Hertzberg Chaptered
SB-1151 Neighborhood electric vehicles: County of San Diego. Bates Chaptered
SB-1152 Hospital patient discharge process: homeless patients. Hernandez Chaptered
SB-1153 Local initiatives: review. Stern Chaptered
SB-1155 Court interpreters: small claims proceedings. Hueso Chaptered
SB-1162 Capitol area planning: height limits. Pan Chaptered
SB-1163 Postmortem examination or autopsy: unidentified body or human remains: medical examiner: attending physician and surgeon. Galgiani Chaptered
SB-1164 Craft distillers. Skinner Chaptered
SB-1165 State teachers’ retirement. Pan Chaptered
SB-1171 Electors: conditional voter registration. Stern Chaptered
SB-1172 High-Speed Rail Authority: property acquisition: capital outlays: public contracts: county assessor’s records. Beall Chaptered
SB-1173 Common interest developments: annual notices: time-share plan interests. Vidak Chaptered
SB-1181 Emergency services: certified community conservation corps. Hueso Chaptered
SB-1183 Mortgages: deeds of trust: successors in interest. Morrell Chaptered
SB-1187 Competence to stand trial. Beall Chaptered
SB-1191 Crimes: elder and dependent adult abuse: investigations. Hueso Chaptered
SB-1192 Children’s meals. Monning Chaptered
SB-1194 Privacy: lodging and common carriers. Lara Chaptered
SB-1195 Public Employees’ Medical and Hospital Care Act: health benefit plans. Portantino Chaptered
SB-1196 Personal identifying information: unlawful use: business entity filings. Jackson Chaptered
SB-1199 Sex offenders: release. Wilk Chaptered
SB-1200 Firearms: gun violence restraining orders. Skinner Chaptered
SB-1201 Contracts: consumer protection: residential mortgage lending. Jackson Chaptered
SB-1202 Land use: development fees. Stone Chaptered
SB-1205 Fire protection services: inspections: compliance reporting. Hill Chaptered
SB-1208 Courts, judicial emergencies. Committee on Judiciary Chaptered
SB-1215 Provision of sewer service: disadvantaged communities. Hertzberg Chaptered
SB-1217 Private Investigator Act: firearms qualification. Morrell Chaptered
SB-1226 Building standards: building permits. Bates Chaptered
SB-1227 Density bonuses. Skinner Chaptered
SB-1228 Alcoholism or drug abuse recovery and treatment services: referrals. Lara Chaptered
SB-1232 Victims of crime: application for compensation. Bradford Chaptered
SB-1235 Commercial financing: disclosures. Glazer Chaptered
SB-1236 Commercial driver’s license: education. Monning Chaptered
SB-1239 Political Reform Act of 1974: campaign disclosures. Hertzberg Chaptered
SB-1244 Public records: disclosure. Wieckowski Chaptered
SB-1245 Covered California. Leyva Chaptered
SB-1246 Property tax: claims for refund. Gaines Chaptered
SB-1248 California Partnership for Long-Term Care Program. Gaines Chaptered
SB-1249 Animal testing: cosmetics. Galgiani Chaptered
SB-1250 Voting: domicile. Bradford Chaptered
SB-1251 California Training Benefits Program. McGuire Chaptered
SB-1252 Wages: records: inspection and copying. Pan Chaptered
SB-1254 Hospital pharmacies: medication profiles or lists for high-risk patients. Stone Chaptered
SB-1259 Signage: tourist oriented directional signs. Nielsen Chaptered
SB-1260 Fire prevention and protection: prescribed burns. Jackson Chaptered
SB-1261 Fire prevention: firefighting aircraft: pilot death benefits. Nielsen Chaptered
SB-1262 Construction Manager/General Contractor project delivery method: Department of Transportation. Beall Chaptered
SB-1263 Ocean Protection Council: Statewide Microplastics Strategy. Portantino Chaptered
SB-1270 County employees’ retirement: system personnel. Vidak Chaptered
SB-1274 Developmental services: data exchange. McGuire Chaptered
SB-1280 Small house skilled nursing facilities. Roth Chaptered
SB-1281 Juvenile records. Stern Chaptered
SB-1283 Brewpub-restaurant licensees: beer sales. Bradford Chaptered
SB-1287 Medi-Cal: medically necessary services. Hernandez Chaptered
SB-1289 Maintenance of the codes. Committee on Judiciary Chaptered
SB-1292 Alzheimer’s disease. Hueso Chaptered
SB-1293 California State Auditor: high-risk local government agency audit program. Lara Chaptered
SB-1294 Cannabis: state and local equity programs. Bradford Chaptered
SB-1300 Unlawful employment practices: discrimination and harassment. Jackson Chaptered
SB-1304 Veterans: transitional assistance program: funding. Roth Chaptered
SB-1305 Emergency medical services providers: dogs and cats. Glazer Chaptered
SB-1309 Fishing: Fisheries Omnibus Bill of 2018. McGuire Chaptered
SB-1310 Fishing: Dungeness crab. McGuire Chaptered
SB-1312 State public employees: sick leave: veterans with service-related disabilities. Jackson Chaptered
SB-1320 Elder or dependent adult abuse: victim confidentiality. Stern Chaptered
SB-1321 School finance: necessary small schools. Monning Chaptered
SB-1323 Maintenance districts: County of Los Angeles. Hernandez Chaptered
SB-1328 Mileage-based road usage fee. Beall Chaptered
SB-1331 Peace officers: domestic violence training. Jackson Chaptered
SB-1333 Planning and zoning: general plan: zoning regulations: charter cities. Wieckowski Chaptered
SB-1335 Solid waste: food service packaging: state agencies, facilities, and property. Allen Chaptered
SB-1338 Electrical and gas corporations: rates. Hueso Chaptered
SB-1339 Electricity: microgrids: tariffs. Stern Chaptered
SB-1343 Employers: sexual harassment training: requirements. Mitchell Chaptered
SB-1346 Firearms: multiburst trigger activators. Jackson Chaptered
SB-1348 Postsecondary education: allied health professional clinical programs: reporting. Pan Chaptered
SB-1355 Unmanned aircraft systems: correctional facilities. Hill Chaptered
SB-1358 Public Utilities Commission: proceedings: hearings. Hueso Chaptered
SB-1361 Department of Business Oversight: administration. Bradford Chaptered
SB-1363 Personal income taxes: voluntary contributions: National Alliance on Mental Illness California Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund. Moorlach Chaptered
SB-1367 San Diego River Conservancy: San Diego Rivers Watershed Consortium Program. Atkins Chaptered
SB-1369 Energy: green electrolytic hydrogen. Skinner Chaptered
SB-1374 State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission: Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program: assessments and forecasts: integrated energy policy report. Hueso Chaptered
SB-1375 Health insurance: small employer groups. Hernandez Chaptered
SB-1376 Transportation network companies: accessibility for persons with disabilities. Hill Chaptered
SB-1382 Firearms: vehicle storage. Vidak Chaptered
SB-1383 Teacher credentialing: Committee of Credentials: membership. Fuller Chaptered
SB-1386 Optometry. McGuire Chaptered
SB-1387 Vehicles: license plate pilot programs. Beall Chaptered
SB-1391 Juveniles: fitness for juvenile court. Lara Chaptered
SB-1393 Sentencing. Mitchell Chaptered
SB-1397 Automated external defibrillators: requirement: modifications to existing buildings. Hill Chaptered
SB-1402 Labor contracting: customer liability. Lara Chaptered
SB-1403 California Clean Truck, Bus, and Off-Road Vehicle and Equipment Technology Program. Lara Chaptered
SB-1406 Public postsecondary education: community college districts: baccalaureate degree pilot program. Hill Chaptered
SB-1408 Cigarettes: seizure. Pan Chaptered
SB-1409 Industrial hemp. Wilk Chaptered
SB-1410 Public utilities: inspection and audit of books and records. Morrell Chaptered
SB-1412 Applicants for employment: criminal history. Bradford Chaptered
SB-1413 Public employees’ retirement: pension prefunding. Nielsen Chaptered
SB-1421 Peace officers: release of records. Skinner Chaptered
SB-1422 California Safe Drinking Water Act: microplastics. Portantino Chaptered
SB-1423 Medi-Cal: oral interpretation services. Hernandez Chaptered
SB-1428 Minors: employment: work permits. McGuire Chaptered
SB-1431 Obligations: release. Morrell Chaptered
SB-1435 State military: officer commissions. Dodd Chaptered
SB-1436 Natural parent and child relationship: establishment. Portantino Chaptered
SB-1437 Accomplice liability for felony murder. Skinner Chaptered
SB-1440 Energy: biomethane: biomethane procurement. Hueso Chaptered
SB-1442 Community pharmacies: staffing. Wiener Chaptered
SB-1446 CalWORKs: welfare-to-work. Glazer Chaptered
SB-1447 Pharmacy: automated drug delivery systems. Hernandez Chaptered
SB-1448 Healing arts licensees: probation status: disclosure. Hill Chaptered
SB-1453 Statutes of limitations. McGuire Chaptered
SB-1459 Cannabis: provisional license. Cannella Chaptered
SB-1465 Contractors: civil actions: reporting. Hill Chaptered
SB-1474 Passenger stage corporations: charter-party carriers of passengers: impoundment of vehicles. Hill Chaptered
SB-1477 Low-emissions buildings and sources of heat energy. Stern Chaptered
SB-1480 Professions and vocations. Hill Chaptered
SB-1481 Structural pest control: certification: fumigation: penalties. Hill Chaptered
SB-1482 Dental hygienists. Hill Chaptered
SB-1483 Department of Consumer Affairs: Bureau of Household Goods and Services: electronic and appliance repair, home furnishings, and thermal insulation. Hill Chaptered
SB-1484 Sales and use taxes: exemption: charitable thrift stores. Hernandez Chaptered
SB-1491 Healing arts. Committee on Business, Professions and Economic Development Chaptered
SB-1492 The Department of Consumer Affairs. Committee on Business, Professions and Economic Development Chaptered
SB-1493 Public resources. Committee on Natural Resources and Water Chaptered
SB-1494 Public Safety Omnibus. Committee on Public Safety Chaptered
SB-1495 Health. Committee on Health Chaptered
SB-1496 Validations. Committee on Governance and Finance Chaptered
SB-1497 Validations. Committee on Governance and Finance Chaptered
SB-1498 Local Government Omnibus Act of 2018. Committee on Governance and Finance Chaptered
SB-1499 Validations. Committee on Governance and Finance Chaptered
SB-1500 Prohibited discrimination against service members. Committee on Veterans Affairs Chaptered
SB-1501 Military and veterans: enlisted persons. Committee on Veterans Affairs Chaptered
SB-1502 Nonvehicular air pollution. Committee on Environmental Quality Chaptered
SB-1503 Alcoholic beverages: licensees. Committee on Governmental Organization Chaptered
SB-1504 Public employment: retirement savings plans, employment conditions, and training. Committee on Public Employment and Retirement Chaptered
SB-1505 State contracts: procurement processes. Committee on Governmental Organization Chaptered
SB-1506 Property taxation: tax collector: notices. Committee on Governance and Finance Chaptered
SB-1507 Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate: release or return of levy. Committee on Governance and Finance Chaptered
SB-1509 State finance. Committee on Governance and Finance Chaptered
SCA-9 Property tax: new construction exclusion: rain water capture system. Glazer Chaptered
SCR-38 Recording legislative meetings. Atkins Chaptered
SCR-57 Memorial highways. Cannella Chaptered
SCR-59 Arthritis Awareness Month. Bates Chaptered
SCR-74 HIV viral load suppression. Wiener Chaptered
SCR-78 The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women. Jackson Chaptered
SCR-83 Pain Awareness Month and Women In Pain Awareness Day. Jackson Chaptered
SCR-86 Veterans of the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces Day. Nguyen Chaptered
SCR-87 Republic of Vietnam Month. Nguyen Chaptered
SCR-88 Black April Memorial Month. Nguyen Chaptered
SCR-91 California Law Revision Commission: studies. Roth Chaptered
SCR-92 Deputy Sheriff Robert Rumfelt Memorial Highway. McGuire Chaptered
SCR-93 California Girls and Women in Sports Week. Skinner Chaptered
SCR-94 Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month. Leyva Chaptered
SCR-95 Court reporters. Jackson Chaptered
SCR-96 Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Dodd Chaptered
SCR-97 Inflammatory Breast Cancer Awareness Day of 2018. Leyva Chaptered
SCR-98 Armed Forces of the United States: active duty and retired military personnel. Nguyen Chaptered
SCR-99 Military and Veteran Suicide Prevention Awareness Week. Roth Chaptered
SCR-101 Purple Heart Day. Roth Chaptered
SCR-103 California Physical Education Week. Fuller Chaptered
SCR-104 National Nutrition Month. Hertzberg Chaptered
SCR-105 CHP Officer Archie E. Nichols Memorial Highway. Nielsen Chaptered
SCR-106 Lynch Syndrome Hereditary Cancer Awareness Day. McGuire Chaptered
SCR-107 Developmental services: housing. Beall Chaptered
SCR-108 California Conservation Corps and Community Conservation Corps Week. Newman Chaptered
SCR-110 Sex characteristics. Wiener Chaptered
SCR-111 Douglas Stephen Franco Memorial Bridge. Leyva Chaptered
SCR-112 Cesar Chavez Memorial Highway. Leyva Chaptered
SCR-113 International Women’s Day. Jackson Chaptered
SCR-114 World Cup 2026. Stern Chaptered
SCR-115 Opioid crisis. McGuire Chaptered
SCR-116 Month of the Military Child. Nguyen Chaptered
SCR-117 Mendez v. Westminster School District Day. Newman Chaptered
SCR-118 Crime Victims’ Rights Week. Newman Chaptered
SCR-119 May 2018: California YMCA Safety Around Water Month. Jackson Chaptered
SCR-120 California Safe Digging Month. Hill Chaptered
SCR-121 Eagle Staff. Anderson Chaptered
SCR-122 California Surfing Day. Nguyen Chaptered
SCR-123 Arab American Heritage Month. Newman Chaptered
SCR-124 Harold Del Ponte Memorial Highway. McGuire Chaptered
SCR-125 Autism Awareness Month. Hueso Chaptered
SCR-126 50th Anniversary of the Napa County Agricultural Preserve. Dodd Chaptered
SCR-127 National Mental Health Awareness Month. Beall Chaptered
SCR-128 American flag. Nguyen Chaptered
SCR-129 Aviation Awareness Month. Fuller Chaptered
SCR-130 California Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness Month. Fuller Chaptered
SCR-131 CASA Appreciation Day. Newman Chaptered
SCR-132 Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Awareness Month. Anderson Chaptered
SCR-133 Senator David E. Cogdill, Sr., Memorial Highway. Berryhill Chaptered
SCR-134 California Peace Officers’ Memorial Day. Galgiani Chaptered
SCR-135 Portugal Day. Cannella Chaptered
SCR-136 Infrastructure Week. Newman Chaptered
SCR-137 Foster Care Month. Lara Chaptered
SCR-139 No Straw November. Monning Chaptered
SCR-140 Elder and Vulnerable Adult Abuse Awareness Month. Dodd Chaptered
SCR-141 Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Awareness Month. Moorlach Chaptered
SCR-142 Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Gaines Chaptered
SCR-144 National Military Appreciation Month. Fuller Chaptered
SCR-145 Juneteenth. Bradford Chaptered
SCR-146 California Grown Flower Month. McGuire Chaptered
SCR-148 California Invasive Species Awareness Week. Galgiani Chaptered
SCR-149 Green Port Month. Hueso Chaptered
SCR-151 Firearms: ASK (Asking Saves Kids) Campaign. Pan Chaptered
SCR-152 Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander community. Lara Chaptered
SCR-153 National Day of the Cowboy. Fuller Chaptered
SCR-154 Valley Fever Awareness Month. Fuller Chaptered
SCR-155 Bebe Moore Campbell National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. Mitchell Chaptered
SCR-156 Diabetes Awareness Month. Hertzberg Chaptered
SCR-157 Italian American Heritage Month. Portantino Chaptered
SCR-158 Chiari Malformation Awareness Month. Fuller Chaptered
SCR-159 Long Beach Fire Captain David Rosa Memorial Highway. Bates Chaptered
SCR-160 Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day. McGuire Chaptered
SCR-161 California Runaway and Homeless Youth Prevention Month. Wiener Chaptered
SCR-163 Hydrocephalus Awareness Month. Portantino Chaptered
SCR-164 National Health Center Week. Portantino Chaptered
SCR-165 California Firefighter Appreciation Month and California Firefighters Memorial Day. Lara Chaptered
SCR-166 Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Week. Dodd Chaptered
SJR-12 Fulbright U.S. Student Program. Wiener Chaptered
SJR-14 Confederate names and statues. Glazer Chaptered
SJR-16 Federal Temporary Protected Status. Wilk Chaptered
SJR-19 Special education funding. Wilk Chaptered
SJR-20 Electrical grid. Hertzberg Chaptered
SJR-22 Tijuana River Valley. Hueso Chaptered
SJR-23 Health care coverage for active military, veterans, and their families. Newman Chaptered
SJR-25 Batten Disease Awareness Weekend. Wilk Chaptered
SJR-26 Mare Island Naval Cemetery. Dodd Chaptered
SJR-29 Immigration. Pan Chaptered
SJR-30 Amtrak National Network. McGuire Chaptered