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Measure Subject Author Status
AB-38 Student loan servicers: licensing and regulation: Student Loan Servicing Act. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-160 CalWORKs: eligibility. Mark Stone Assembly - Died - Appropriations
AB-319 Recycling: single-use plastic beverage container caps. Mark Stone Assembly - Died
AB-325 Termination of tenancy: sale of property left behind. Mark Stone Assembly - Died - Judiciary
AB-372 Domestic violence: probation. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-404 Foster care. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-436 San Lorenzo River. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-529 Juveniles: sealing of records. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-597 Child abuse and neglect: information: computerized database system. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-684 California Coastal Commission: ex parte communications: database. Mark Stone Senate - Appropriations
AB-790 Identification cards: replacement: reduced fee. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-889 Secrecy agreements. Mark Stone Assembly - Died
AB-935 Juvenile proceedings: competency. Mark Stone Assembly - In Desk Process
AB-1129 Coastal resources: structures: beach access and protection. Mark Stone Assembly - Died
AB-1181 Juveniles: court records. Mark Stone Assembly - Died - Appropriations
AB-1214 Juvenile proceedings: competency. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-1269 Mobilehome Residents and Senior Protection Act. Mark Stone Assembly - In Desk Process
AB-1308 Youth offender parole hearings. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-1371 Juveniles: ward, dependent, and nonminor dependent parents. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-1556 Employment discrimination: unlawful employment practices. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-1694 Foster care payments: income. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-1930 Foster care. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-2044 Domestic violence: family court. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-2066 Personal income taxes: credit: earned income: eligible individual. Mark Stone Assembly - Appropriations
AB-2192 State-funded research: grant requirements. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-2308 Cigarettes: single-use filters. Mark Stone Assembly - Died - Governmental Organization
AB-2313 Electronic benefits transfer system. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-2376 Civil actions: provisional remedies: injunctions. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-2421 Wildlife Conservation Board: Monarch Butterfly and Pollinator Rescue Program. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-2533 Inmates: indigence. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-2549 Tidelands and submerged lands: exchange agreements. Mark Stone Senate - Natural Resources and Water
AB-2608 Licensed Mental Health Service Provider Education Program: former foster youth. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-2677 Deposition notices. Mark Stone Assembly - Judiciary
AB-2751 Agricultural labor relations. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-2779 Recycling: single-use plastic beverage container caps. Mark Stone Assembly - Inactive
AB-2849 Sierra Nevada Conservancy: watershed improvement: tribal organization. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-2934 Residential lead-based paint hazard reduction program: county health departments: certification. Mark Stone Senate - Appropriations
AB-2952 Juvenile records: sealed records: access. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-3006 Child welfare services: recipients who are deaf and hard of hearing. Mark Stone Senate - Human Services
AB-3066 Mobilehome Residency Law Protection Act. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-3109 Contracts: waiver of right of petition or free speech. Mark Stone Chaptered
ACR-17 California Court Reporting and Captioning Week. Mark Stone Chaptered
AJR-9 The March for Science. Mark Stone Chaptered
HR-96 x Mark Stone Assembly - Pending Referral