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Measure Subject Author Status
AB-445 Career technical education: the California Career Technical Education Grant Program. Cunningham Assembly - Died - Appropriations
AB-457 Saline water conversion: Diablo Canyon nuclear powerplant. Cunningham Senate - Died - Rules
AB-484 Sex offenses: registration. Cunningham Chaptered
AB-522 Alcoholic beverages: nonprofit corporations: raffles. Cunningham Chaptered
AB-554 Desalination: statewide goal. Cunningham Assembly - Died - Appropriations
AB-555 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund: schoolbuses. Cunningham Assembly - Died - Natural Resources
AB-580 Security services: limited liability companies. Cunningham Assembly - Died - Business and Professions
AB-653 Joint powers agreements: County of Santa Barbara: nonprofit hospitals. Cunningham Chaptered
AB-657 State government: small business liaisons. Cunningham Chaptered
AB-744 Legislative Counsel: legislative information. Cunningham Assembly - Died
AB-808 Child custody: appointment of counsel. Cunningham Assembly - Died - Judiciary
AB-866 State highways: gateway monuments. Cunningham Chaptered
AB-903 California Marijuana Tax Fund: California Highway Patrol. Cunningham Assembly - Died - Appropriations
AB-996 Contractors Licensing Board Web site: search function for workers’ compensation claims. Cunningham Senate - Died - Appropriations
AB-1078 Superior courts. Cunningham Assembly - Died
AB-1079 Common interest developments: association: annual policy statement. Cunningham Assembly - Died
AB-1090 Cannabis use: location restrictions. Cunningham Senate - Died - Appropriations
AB-1233 Transportation Inspector General. Cunningham Assembly - Died - Transportation
AB-1339 Public employment: background investigations. Cunningham Chaptered
AB-1415 Pupil instruction: career and technical education: curriculum framework. Cunningham Assembly - Died
AB-1416 Violent felonies. Cunningham Assembly - Died
AB-1417 California Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Reduction Act. Cunningham Assembly - Died
AB-1516 Maintenance of the codes. Cunningham Chaptered
AB-1735 Protective orders: human trafficking: pimping: pandering. Cunningham Chaptered
AB-1736 Evidence: hearsay: prior inconsistent statements. Cunningham Chaptered
AB-1737 Pandering. Cunningham Assembly - Died - Public Safety
AB-1738 Sex offenses: prostitution: registration. Cunningham Assembly - Died - Public Safety
AB-1868 Pupil instruction: sexual health education: sexually suggestive or sexually explicit materials. Cunningham Chaptered
AB-1986 Craft distillers: alcoholic beverage licensees: donations. Cunningham Chaptered
AB-2013 Crimes: public records: disclosure of information. Cunningham Assembly - Died - Appropriations
AB-2141 Common interest developments: association: annual policy statement. Cunningham Assembly - Died
AB-2385 Public postsecondary education: textbooks. Cunningham Chaptered
AB-2580 Special education: due process hearings: extension of hearings: good cause. Cunningham Chaptered
AB-2603 Private security services: private patrol operators. Cunningham Senate - Died - Business, Professions and Economic Development
AB-2604 Public Utilities Commission. Cunningham Assembly - Died
AB-2986 Transportation network companies: disclosure of participating driver information. Cunningham Chaptered
AB-3041 Real estate transfer fees: prohibition. Cunningham Chaptered
ACR-88 Charles I. Walter Memorial Highway. Cunningham Chaptered
ACR-103 Matthew “SLOStringer” Frank Memorial Highway. Cunningham Chaptered
ACR-164 Career Technical Education Month. Cunningham Chaptered
HR-38 x Cunningham Assembly - Died