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Measure Subject Author Status
SBX2-13 Public health: cigarette and tobacco products: electronic cigarettes: taxes: California Health Care, Research, and Prevention Tobacco Tax Act of 2015. Pan Senate - Died - Public Health and Developmental Services
SB-144 Water development projects: Sacramento-San Joaquin watersheds. Pan Chaptered
SB-145 Robert F. Kennedy Farm Workers Medical Plan. Pan Chaptered
SB-216 The Public Employees’ Retirement System. Pan Chaptered
SB-277 Public health: vaccinations. Pan Chaptered
SB-292 Public employee retirement: contributions. Pan Senate - Unfinished Business
SB-293 Public employees: retirement. Pan Senate - Died - Rules
SB-294 Public employment: military service: credit. Pan Chaptered
SB-312 Public assistance: personal interviews. Pan Senate - Died - Appropriations
SB-373 California Community Colleges: full-time faculty percentage. Pan Senate - Died - Appropriations
SB-424 Law enforcement: communications. Pan Chaptered
SB-435 Medical Marijuana: personal cultivation. Pan Assembly - Died - Health
SB-453 Prisons: involuntary medication. Pan Chaptered
SB-480 Taxation: qualified heavy equipment. Pan Senate - Died - Appropriations
SB-528 State government: leases. Pan Senate - Died - Governmental Organization
SB-529 Transportation funding: Downtown/Riverfront Streetcar Project. Pan Senate - Died - Transportation and Housing
SB-530 Pedicabs. Pan Chaptered
SB-533 Cities and counties: sales and use tax agreements. Pan Chaptered
SB-534 Medi-Cal: ground emergency medical transportation services: supplemental reimbursement. Pan Senate - Died - Appropriations
SB-535 City of Sacramento. Pan Senate - Died - Rules
SB-563 Workers’ compensation: utilization review. Pan Assembly - Died
SB-572 School facilities: school district advisory committee: use or disposition of school buildings: school closures. Pan Senate - Died
SB-573 Statewide open data portal. Pan Assembly - Died - Appropriations
SB-574 University of California: alternative investment information. Pan Assembly - Died - Appropriations
SB-591 Cigarette and tobacco products taxes: California Tobacco Tax Act of 2015. Pan Senate - Died
SB-600 Discrimination: citizenship: language: immigration status. Pan Chaptered
SB-610 Medi-Cal: federally qualified health centers: rural health clinics: managed care contracts. Pan Senate - Unfinished Business
SB-669 Personal services contracts: California State University. Pan Senate - Died - Education
SB-686 Public postsecondary education: Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act. Pan Senate - Unfinished Business
SB-721 Mental Health: community mental health services. Pan Senate - Died - Rules
SB-732 Beverage container recycling. Pan Senate - Died - Environmental Quality
SB-877 Reporting and tracking of violent deaths. Pan Chaptered
SB-947 Public assistance: personal interviews. Pan Chaptered
SB-977 Tobacco: youth sports events. Pan Chaptered
SB-1058 State employment: supervisors. Pan Senate - Died - Appropriations
SB-1095 Newborn screening program. Pan Chaptered
SB-1189 Postmortem examinations or autopsies: forensic pathologists. Pan Chaptered
SB-1238 Inmates: biomedical data. Pan Chaptered
SB-1297 Public employee retirement plans: automatic enrollment and escalation. Pan Senate - Died - Public Employment and Retirement
SB-1319 Public Employees’ Retirement System. Pan Senate - Died - Rules
SB-1353 State Teachers’ Retirement System: funding. Pan Chaptered
SCR-4 Physician Anesthesiologist Week. Pan Chaptered
SCR-55 Centennial of the founding of Locke, California. Pan Chaptered
SCR-56 Taiwanese American Heritage Week. Pan Chaptered
SCR-57 Hmong History Month. Pan Chaptered
SCR-58 Filipino American History Month. Pan Chaptered
SCR-61 Slavic Heritage Day. Pan Chaptered
SCR-64 Americans with Disabilities Act. Pan Chaptered
SCR-86 Little Saigon. Pan Chaptered
SCR-87 The 105th National Day of the Republic of China. Pan Chaptered
SCR-92 Korean-American Day. Pan Chaptered
SCR-93 Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage Month. Pan Chaptered
SCR-94 Day of Inclusion. Pan Chaptered
SCR-95 Lunar New Year Celebration. Pan Chaptered
SCR-96 Day of Remembrance. Pan Chaptered
SCR-97 Filipino American History Month. Pan Chaptered
SCR-117 Palliative care. Pan Chaptered
SCR-134 Diabetes: the “Screen at 23” campaign. Pan Chaptered
SCR-158 Promise Zones. Pan Assembly - Died
SJR-7 Medical residency programs. Pan Chaptered
SJR-12 Mitsuye Endo Tsutsumi: Presidential Medal of Freedom nomination. Pan Chaptered
SR-18 x Pan Senate - Died - Rules
SR-35 x Pan Senate - Passed
SR-44 x Pan Senate - Passed