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Measure Subject Author Status
SB-306 Nursing: licensing criteria. Torres Assembly - Died - Business, Professions and Consumer Protection
SB-864 State teachers’ retirement: Defined Benefit Program: funding. Torres Assembly - Died - Budget
SB-944 Surplus state property. Torres Chaptered
SB-950 Bribery: statute of limitations: tolling. Torres Chaptered
SB-951 Statute of limitations: conspiracy. Torres Senate - Died - Appropriations
SB-952 Prohibited financial interests: aiding and abetting. Torres Chaptered
SB-963 Elections: payment of expenses. Torres Senate - Died - Appropriations
SB-972 California Health Benefit Exchange: board: membership. Torres Chaptered
SB-1025 Department of the California Highway Patrol: Department of Human Resources. Torres Chaptered
SB-1032 Personal income tax. Torres Senate - Died - Rules
SB-1033 Land use: local planning: housing elements. Torres Assembly - Died
SB-1043 Elections: in-lieu-filing-fee and political party qualification petitions: penal provisions. Torres Assembly - Died
SB-1052 Health care coverage. Torres Chaptered
SB-1069 Student Tuition Recovery Fund: claims. Torres Senate - Died - Rules
SB-1098 Commission on the Status of Women and Girls. Torres Senate - Died - Governmental Organization
SB-1116 Physicians and surgeons. Torres Chaptered
SB-1127 Emergency services: individuals with developmental disabilities and cognitive impairments. Torres Chaptered
SB-1137 School transportation: apportionments. Torres Assembly - Died - Appropriations
SB-1186 Merger: conversion of nonredeemable common shares and equity securities. Torres Senate - Died - Judiciary
SB-1219 Public employees’ retirement: service after retirement. Torres Assembly - Died
SB-1220 State teachers’ retirement. Torres Chaptered
SB-1252 Public social services: former foster youth: transitional housing. Torres Chaptered
SB-1303 Public health: hepatitis C. Torres Senate - Died - Health
SB-1320 Medi-Cal: eligibility. Torres Senate - Died - Health
SB-1342 Alcoholic beverages: licensees: electronic data services. Torres Senate - Died - Governmental Organization
SB-1393 Local government: community redevelopment: successor agencies to redevelopment agencies. Torres Senate - Died - Rules
SB-1436 California Financial Literacy Fund. Torres Senate - Died - Rules
SCR-56 National Night Out. Torres Chaptered
SCR-71 Suicide Prevention Week in California. Torres Chaptered
SJR-31 Immigration: unaccompanied minors. Torres Assembly - Died