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Measure Subject Author Status
SB-10 Military and veterans: Veterans’ Home Allied Council. Evans Chaptered
SB-60 Mental health: state hospitals. Evans Assembly - Died - Appropriations
SB-155 Maternity services. Evans Assembly - Died - Appropriations
SB-163 Attorneys: board of trustees: annual membership fee. Evans Chaptered
SB-222 Maternity services. Evans Chaptered
SB-299 Employment: pregnancy or childbirth leave. Evans Chaptered
SB-369 Dungeness crab. Evans Chaptered
SB-384 Civil actions. Evans Chaptered
SB-444 Land use: subdivisions: rental mobilehome park conversion. Evans Senate - Failed
SB-470 Commercial fishing: salmon stamp. Evans Chaptered
SB-474 Commercial construction contracts: indemnity. Evans Chaptered
SB-491 Contracts: claims. Evans Assembly - Died - Judiciary
SB-564 Energy efficiency. Evans Senate - Died - Energy, Utilities and Communications
SB-584 Oil spill prevention and administrative fee. Evans Senate - Died - Appropriations
SB-588 Coastal resources: California Coastal Act of 1976: enforcement: penalties. Evans Senate - Died - Judiciary
SB-631 Insurance Commissioner: violations: remedies. Evans Senate - Died - Insurance
SB-668 Local government: Williamson Act. Evans Chaptered
SB-685 Marine protected areas: Native American tribes. Evans Senate - Died - Natural Resources and Water
SB-738 Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control: report: due date. Evans Assembly - Died - Governmental Organization
SB-822 Infrastructure plan. Evans Assembly - Died - Budget
SB-840 Health facilities: carbon monoxide detectors. Evans Senate - Died - Appropriations
SB-907 Master Plan for Infrastructure Financing and Development Commission. Evans Assembly - Died - Jobs, Economic Development and the Economy
SB-928 Counties: taxes: authorization. Evans Senate - Died - Governance and Finance
SB-929 Vehicles: child passenger restraints. Evans Chaptered
SB-930 In-home supportive services: enrollment and fingerprinting requirements. Evans Chaptered
SB-931 Payroll cards. Evans Vetoed
SB-974 State parks: proposed closures. Evans Assembly - Died - Appropriations
SB-982 Corporations: political activities: shareholder disclosure. Evans Senate - Died - Banking and Financial Institutions
SB-1040 Fire prevention: fees. Evans Assembly - Died - Budget
SB-1078 State parks: state park revenue generation and insurance risk pool. Evans Assembly - Died - Water, Parks and Wildlife
SB-1113 Public employment: salary ranges. Evans Assembly - Died - Appropriations
SB-1192 Oil spill prevention and administrative fee. Evans Assembly - Died
SB-1251 Ocean Protection Council: Aquatic Invasive Species Working Group. Evans Senate - Died - Appropriations
SB-1291 Unemployment benefits: training: teacher credentialing. Evans Chaptered
SB-1345 State government: Commission on the Status of Women. Evans Assembly - Died - Appropriations
SB-1429 Alcoholic beverages: instruction: tastings. Evans Assembly - Died
SB-1511 State parks: general plan: submission to the Legislature. Evans Senate - Died - Natural Resources and Water
SCR-15 Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Denim Day California. Evans Chaptered
SCR-16 Women’s history. Evans Chaptered
SCR-34 Deputy Frank Trejo Memorial Interchange. Evans Chaptered
SCR-53 CHP Officer Paul C. Jarske Memorial Highway. Evans Senate - Died - Transportation and Housing
SCR-61 Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. Evans Chaptered
SJR-20 Violence Against Women Act. Evans Chaptered
SR-5 x Evans Senate - Passed