Senate Summer Recess Bills - 07/22/2021

Bills Returned: 205
Item Measure Subject Author Status
1 SJR-7 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: FBI surveillance tapes. Bradford Senate - Third Reading
2 AB-359 Physicians and surgeons: licensure: examination. Cooper Senate - Appropriations
3 AB-939 Sex offenses: evidence. Cervantes Senate - Third Reading
4 AB-3 Exhibition of speed on a highway: punishment. Fong Senate - Appropriations
5 AB-89 Peace officers: minimum qualifications. Jones-Sawyer Senate - Appropriations
6 AB-223 Wildlife: dudleya: taking and possession. Ward Senate - Appropriations
7 AB-229 Private investigators, proprietary security services, private security services, and alarm companies: training: use of force. Holden Senate - Appropriations
8 AB-764 Contempt of court: victim intimidation. Cervantes Senate - Appropriations
9 AB-1171 Rape of a spouse. Cristina Garcia Senate - Appropriations
10 AB-1318 Deferred entry of judgment pilot program. Stone Senate - Appropriations
11 AB-1140 Foster care: rights. Robert Rivas Senate - Consent
12 AB-361 Open meetings: local agencies: teleconferences. Robert Rivas Senate - Third Reading
13 AB-471 Bureau of Automotive Repair: administration: citations: safety inspections. Low Senate - Appropriations
14 AB-1221 Consumer warranties: service contracts: cancellation: disclosures. Flora Senate - Appropriations
15 AB-13 Public contracts: automated decision systems. Chau Senate - Appropriations
16 AB-105 The Upward Mobility Act of 2021: boards and commissions: civil service: examinations: classifications. Holden Senate - Appropriations
17 AB-323 Long-term health facilities. Kalra Senate - Appropriations
18 AB-468 Emotional support animals. Friedman Senate - Appropriations
19 AB-499 Referral source for residential care facilities for the elderly: duties. Blanca Rubio Senate - Appropriations
20 AB-701 Warehouse distribution centers. Lorena Gonzalez Senate - Appropriations
21 AB-716 Court access. Bennett Senate - Appropriations
22 AB-751 Vital records: certified copies: electronic requests. Irwin Senate - Appropriations
23 AB-948 Real estate licensees: Bureau of Real Estate Appraisers: disclosures: demographic information: reporting: continuing education. Holden Senate - Appropriations
24 AB-984 Vehicle identification and registration: alternative devices. Luz Rivas Senate - Appropriations
25 AB-1184 Medical information: confidentiality. Chiu Senate - Appropriations
26 AB-1356 Reproductive health care services. Bauer-Kahan Senate - Appropriations
27 AB-1138 Unlawful cannabis activity: civil enforcement. Blanca Rubio Senate - Appropriations
28 AB-101 Pupil instruction: high school graduation requirements: ethnic studies. Medina Senate - Appropriations
29 AB-927 Public postsecondary education: community colleges: statewide baccalaureate degree program. Medina Senate - Appropriations
30 AB-928 Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act of 2021: Associate Degree for Transfer Intersegmental Implementation Committee. Berman Senate - Appropriations
31 AB-1456 Student financial aid: Cal Grant Reform Act. Medina Senate - Appropriations
32 AB-1546 City of Alhambra: charter amendment: Alhambra Unified School District: California Voting Rights Act. Chau Senate - Third Reading
33 AB-697 Forest resources: national forest lands: Good Neighbor Authority Fund: ecological restoration and fire resiliency projects. Chau Senate - Appropriations
34 AB-817 Sport fishing licenses: electronic display: 12-consecutive-month licenses. Wood Senate - Appropriations
35 AB-641 Transportation electrification: local publicly owned electric utilities. Holden Senate - Appropriations
36 AB-107 Licensure: veterans and military spouses. Salas Senate - Appropriations
37 AJR-10 Veterans cemeteries: Republic of Korea and Republic of Vietnam veterans. Choi Senate - Third Reading
38 AB-61 Business pandemic relief. Gabriel Senate - Appropriations
39 AB-501 Reduction of human remains and the disposition of reduced human remains. Cristina Garcia Senate - Appropriations
40 AB-535 Olive oil: labeling. Aguiar-Curry Senate - Appropriations
41 AB-858 Employment: health information technology: clinical practice guidelines: worker rights. Jones-Sawyer Senate - Appropriations
42 AB-1542 County of Yolo: Secured Residential Treatment Program. McCarty Senate - Appropriations
43 AB-698 Hazardous waste: small quantity generator. Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Senate - Third Reading
44 AB-131 Child development programs. Committee on Budget Chaptered
45 AB-132 Postsecondary education trailer bill. Committee on Budget Chaptered
46 AB-133 Health. Committee on Budget Chaptered
47 AB-135 Human services omnibus. Committee on Budget Chaptered
48 AB-140 Housing. Committee on Budget Chaptered
49 AB-144 Taxes: credits: qualified motion pictures: certified studio construction projects: reports. Committee on Budget Senate - Third Reading
50 AB-148 Public resources. Committee on Budget Chaptered
51 AB-153 Public social services. Committee on Budget Chaptered
52 AB-156 Communications: broadband. Committee on Budget Senate - Third Reading
53 AB-160 Department of Cannabis Control: licensure: appellations of origin: trade samples. Committee on Budget Senate - Third Reading
54 AB-164 Budget Act of 2021. Ting Chaptered
65 SB-788 Workers’ compensation: risk factors. Bradford Senate - Unfinished Business
66 SB-822 Marine resources. Committee on Natural Resources and Water Senate - Unfinished Business
67 SJR-3 Battleship USS Iowa Museum and National Museum of the Surface Navy. Archuleta Senate - Unfinished Business
68 SB-51 Surplus residential property. Durazo Chaptered
69 SB-272 State government: gender-neutral terms: California Conservation Corps. Laird Chaptered
70 SB-391 Common interest developments: emergency powers and procedures. Min Senate - Unfinished Business
71 SB-392 Common interest developments: document delivery. Archuleta Senate - Unfinished Business
72 SCR-49 Public Power Week. Hueso Senate - Third Reading
73 SB-300 Crimes: murder: punishment. Cortese Assembly - Pending Referral
74 SCR-54 Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Ochoa Bogh Senate - Third Reading
75 ACR-77 Sea Level Rise Awareness Month. Bennett Senate - Third Reading
76 ACR-87 National Gun Violence Awareness Day Gipson Senate - Third Reading
77 AB-272 Enrollment agreements. Kiley Senate - Third Reading
78 AB-583 Remote marriage license issuance and solemnization. Davies Senate - Third Reading
79 AB-900 Charitable trusts. Reyes Senate - Third Reading
80 AB-861 Mobilehome parks: rental restrictions: management. Bennett Senate - Third Reading
81 AB-634 Density Bonus Law. Carrillo Senate - Third Reading
82 AB-239 Winegrowers and brandy manufacturers: exercise of privileges: locations. Villapudua Senate - Second Reading
83 AB-335 California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018: vessel information. Boerner Horvath Senate - Third Reading
84 AB-451 Health care facilities: treatment of psychiatric emergency medical conditions. Arambula Senate - Third Reading
85 AB-1058 Water corporations: bill payment options. Cristina Garcia Senate - Third Reading
86 AB-1426 California Advanced Services Fund. Mathis Senate - Third Reading
87 AB-1124 Solar energy systems. Friedman Senate - Third Reading
88 AB-1010 Architects: continuing education. Berman Senate - Third Reading
89 AB-532 Health care: fair billing policies. Wood Senate - Third Reading
90 AB-351 Gambling: horse racing. Cristina Garcia Senate - Third Reading
91 AB-849 Skilled nursing facilities: intermediate care facilities: liability. Reyes Senate - Third Reading
92 AB-1061 Mobilehome Residency Law: water utility charges. Lee Senate - Third Reading
93 AB-390 Advertising: automatic renewal and continuous service offers: notice and online termination. Berman Senate - Third Reading
94 AB-1588 Fireworks: enforcement actions: funding. Committee on Governmental Organization Senate - Second Reading
95 AB-1579 Family law omnibus. Committee on Judiciary Senate - Third Reading
96 AB-855 Judicial holidays. Ramos Senate - Third Reading
97 AB-129 Budget Act of 2021. Ting Senate - Third Reading
98 AB-139 Golden State Stimulus II: Golden State Stimulus. Committee on Budget Senate - Third Reading
99 AB-142 State employment: State Bargaining Units. Committee on Budget Senate - Third Reading
100 AB-146 Correctional facilities. Committee on Budget Senate - Third Reading
101 AB-147 Budget Act of 2020: augmentation. Committee on Budget Senate - Third Reading
102 AB-152 Elections. Committee on Budget Senate - Third Reading
103 AB-158 Hazardous waste. Committee on Budget Senate - Third Reading
104 AB-1590 Political Reform Act of 1974. Committee on Elections Senate - Third Reading
105 AB-811 Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority: contracting. Luz Rivas Senate - Third Reading
106 AB-503 Wards: probation. Stone Senate - Third Reading
107 AB-700 Criminal procedure: arraignment and trial. Cunningham Senate - Third Reading
108 AB-1391 Unlawfully obtained data. Chau Senate - Third Reading
109 AB-746 Adoption: stepparent adoption. Cervantes Senate - Third Reading
110 AB-151 Economic development. Committee on Budget Senate - Third Reading
111 AB-157 Crime prevention: enforcement and training programs. Committee on Budget Senate - Third Reading
112 AB-1281 Criminal procedure: protective orders. Blanca Rubio Senate - Third Reading
113 AB-636 Financial abuse of elder or dependent adults. Maienschein Senate - Third Reading
114 AB-959 Park districts: ordinances: nuisances: abatement. Mullin Senate - Third Reading
115 AJR-12 Veterans’ educational benefits. Stone Senate - Third Reading
116 AB-358 Electrified security fences: permitted use. Flora Senate - Third Reading
117 AB-473 California Public Records Act. Chau Senate - Third Reading
118 AB-474 California Public Records Act: conforming revisions. Chau Senate - Third Reading
119 AB-263 Private detention facilities. Arambula Senate - Third Reading
120 AB-1487 Legal Services Trust Fund Commission: Homelessness Prevention Fund: grants: eviction or displacement. Gabriel Senate - Third Reading
121 AB-1200 Plant-based food packaging: cookware: hazardous chemicals. Ting Senate - Third Reading
122 AB-1096 Alien: change of terms. Luz Rivas Senate - Third Reading
123 AJR-14 Title IX: 49th anniversary. Boerner Horvath Senate - Third Reading
124 AB-844 Green Empowerment Zone for the Northern Waterfront area of the County of Contra Costa. Grayson Senate - Third Reading
125 AB-1203 Property taxation: assessment appeals board: qualifications: County of Los Angeles. Burke Senate - Third Reading
126 AB-1101 Common interest developments: funds: insurance. Irwin Senate - Third Reading
127 AB-901 Rental passenger vehicle transactions. Calderon Senate - Third Reading
128 AB-428 Local government: board of supervisors. Mayes Senate - Third Reading
129 AB-970 Planning and zoning: electric vehicle charging stations: permit application: approval. McCarty Senate - Third Reading
130 AB-652 Product safety: juvenile products: chemicals: perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances. Friedman Senate - Third Reading
131 AB-392 Clinical laboratories: total protein test: authorization. Nazarian Senate - Third Reading
132 AB-1537 The California Massage Therapy Council. Low Senate - Third Reading
133 AB-331 Organized theft. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
134 AB-1305 The Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act: exemptions. Lackey Senate - Third Reading
135 AB-445 Developmental services: information collection. Calderon Senate - Third Reading
136 AJR-2 Coastal and marine waters: Santa Catalina Island: dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane. O'Donnell Senate - Third Reading
137 AB-826 County Employees Retirement Law of 1937: compensation earnable. Irwin Senate - Third Reading
138 AB-773 Street closures and designations. Nazarian Senate - Third Reading
139 AB-788 Juveniles: reunification. Calderon Senate - Third Reading
140 AB-689 Comprehensive Statewide Domestic Violence Program. Petrie-Norris Senate - Third Reading
141 AJR-16 Immigration. Reyes Senate - Third Reading
142 AB-1048 Alameda Health System Hospital Authority: labor negotiations. Cooper Senate - Consent
143 SJR-4 Special education funding. Wilk Assembly - Pending Referral
144 AJR-15 World Refugee Day. McCarty Chaptered
145 SJR-6 Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act. Wiener Assembly - Pending Referral
146 AB-1102 Telephone medical advice services. Low Senate - Third Reading
147 ACR-1 Taekwondo Day. Quirk-Silva Chaptered
148 ACR-5 AMVETS 75th Anniversary. Mathis Chaptered
149 ACR-80 California Nonprofits Day. Luz Rivas Chaptered
150 ACR-82 Juneteenth. Cooper Chaptered
151 ACR-85 The 2021 International Day of Yoga. Kalra Chaptered
152 ACR-91 Healthy Homes Awareness Month. Chiu Assembly - In Floor Process
A- 1 SB-407 Professional Land Surveyors’ Act. Archuleta Senate - Inactive
A- 2 SB-54 Plastic Pollution Producer Responsibility Act. Allen Senate - Inactive
A- 3 SB-59 Cannabis provisional licenses: local equity applicants. Caballero Senate - Inactive
A- 4 SB-450 Fire protection: fire districts: funding: working group: report. Hertzberg Senate - Inactive
A- 5 SB-460 Long-term health facilities: patient representatives. Pan Senate - Inactive
A- 6 SB-602 Review of conservatorships: care plans. Laird Senate - Inactive
A- 7 SB-518 Developmental services: Self-Determination Program. Laird Senate - Inactive
A- 8 SB-34 Libraries: student success cards. Umberg Senate - Inactive
A- 9 SB-580 Department of Transportation: highways and roads: recycled plastics study and specifications. Hueso Senate - Inactive
A- 10 SB-748 Trespass: private universities. Portantino Senate - Inactive
A- 11 SB-370 Wildlife: Big Game Management Account: uses. Dodd Senate - Inactive
A- 12 SB-216 Contractors: workers’ compensation insurance: mandatory coverage. Dodd Senate - Inactive
A- 13 SB-717 Complex Needs Patient Act. Dodd Senate - Inactive
A- 14 SB-666 Service of papers: electronic service by court. Umberg Senate - Inactive
A- 15 SB-49 Income taxes: credits: California Fair Fees Tax Credit. Umberg Senate - Inactive
A- 16 SB-20 Student nutrition: eligibility for CalFresh benefits. Dodd Senate - Inactive
A- 17 SB-387 Peace officers: certification, education, and recruitment. Portantino Senate - Inactive
A- 18 SB-285 California Tourism Recovery Act. McGuire Senate - Inactive
A- 19 SB-426 Municipal separate storm sewer systems: financial capability analysis. Rubio Senate - Inactive
A- 20 SB-240 Income tax: credits: food banks. Eggman Senate - Inactive
A- 21 SB-656 Stockton-East Water District: water rates. Eggman Senate - Inactive
A- 22 SB-70 Elementary education: kindergarten. Rubio Senate - Inactive
A- 23 SB-537 Child welfare: domestic violence. Rubio Senate - Inactive
A- 24 SB-560 Climate Pollution Reduction in Homes Initiative: grants. Rubio Senate - Inactive
A- 25 SB-107 CalFresh. Wiener Senate - Inactive
A- 26 SB-746 California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018: personal information: political purpose. Skinner Senate - Inactive
A- 27 SB-542 Sales and use taxes: exemption: medium- or heavy-duty zero-emission trucks. Limón Senate - Inactive
A- 28 SB-633 Contracts: translations. Limón Senate - Inactive
A- 29 SB-543 State agencies: nonprofit liaison. Limón Senate - Inactive
A- 30 SB-502 Hazardous materials: green chemistry: consumer products. Allen Senate - Inactive
A- 31 SB-235 Industrial hemp products. Allen Senate - Inactive
A- 32 SB-724 Guardianships and conservatorships. Allen Senate - Inactive
A- 33 SB-279 Medi-Cal: delivery systems: services. Pan Senate - Inactive
A- 34 SB-45 Wildfire Prevention, Safe Drinking Water, Drought Preparation, and Flood Protection Bond Act of 2022. Portantino Senate - Inactive
A- 35 SB-485 Income taxes: tax credits: certified studio construction project. Portantino Senate - Inactive
A- 36 SB-793 Alcoholic beverages: music venue license: entertainment zones: consumption. Wiener Senate - Inactive
A- 37 SB-490 Housing acquisition and rehabilitation: technical assistance. Caballero Senate - Inactive
A- 38 SB-532 Pupil instruction: high school coursework and graduation requirements: exemptions. Caballero Senate - Inactive
A- 39 SB-382 Human trafficking: restraining orders. Caballero Senate - Inactive
A- 40 SB-558 Farmworker Disaster Relief Planning Task Force. Caballero Senate - Inactive
A- 41 SB-670 Form preparers: immigration. Caballero Senate - Inactive
A- 42 SB-342 South Coast Air Quality Management District: board membership. Gonzalez Senate - Inactive
A- 43 SB-234 Transition Aged Youth Housing Program. Wiener Senate - Inactive
A- 44 SB-444 Personal income tax: exclusions from gross income. Hertzberg Senate - Inactive
A- 45 SB-481 Sentencing: special circumstances. Durazo Senate - Inactive
A- 46 SB-205 School and community college employees: absences due to illness or accident. Leyva Senate - Inactive
A- 47 SB-53 Unsolicited images. Leyva Senate - Inactive
A- 48 SB-64 Mobilehome parks: emergency relief: coronavirus (COVID-19). Leyva Senate - Inactive
A- 49 SB-652 Dentistry: use of sedation: training. Bates Senate - Inactive
A- 50 SB-799 Off-highway vehicular recreation: Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area: Alameda-Tesla Expansion Area. Glazer Senate - Inactive
A- 51 SB-785 Public postsecondary education: California Promise program: California State University students. Glazer Senate - Inactive
A- 52 SB-228 Public postsecondary education: support services for foster youth: Cooperating Agencies Foster Youth Educational Support Program. Leyva Senate - Inactive
A- 53 SB-648 Care facilities. Hurtado Senate - Inactive
A- 54 SB-61 Workforce training programs: supportive services. Hurtado Senate - Inactive
A- 55 SB-492 Maternal health. Hurtado Senate - Inactive
A- 56 SB-291 Advisory Commission on Special Education: pupil advisory council. Stern Senate - Inactive
A- 57 SB-582 Climate Emergency Mitigation, Safe Restoration, and Just Resilience Act of 2021. Stern Senate - Inactive
A- 58 SB-213 Workers’ compensation: hospital employees. Cortese Senate - Inactive
A- 59 AB-920 Agriculture: cotton pests abatement districts: organization and establishment: authorized counties. Aguiar-Curry Senate - Inactive
A- 60 AB-957 Gaming Policy Advisory Committee. Salas Senate - Inactive
A- 61 AB-706 Legislature: facilities. Cooley Senate - Inactive
A- 62 AB-159 State Employment: State Bargaining Unit 6. Committee on Budget Senate - In Desk Process
A- 63 AB-1585 Health care. Committee on Health Senate - In Desk Process