Sen. Check-in Session Bills - 05/04/2021

Bills Returned: 34
Item Measure Subject Author Status
1 SB-376 Wildlife: prohibitions on possession, transportation, and importation of wild animals: live animal markets. Stern Senate - Appropriations
2 SB-12 Local government: planning and zoning: wildfires. McGuire Senate - Appropriations
3 SB-378 Local government: broadband infrastructure development project permit processing: microtrenching permit processing ordinance. Gonzalez Senate - Appropriations
4 SB-560 Climate Pollution Reduction in Homes Initiative: grants. Rubio Senate - Appropriations
5 SB-612 Electrical corporations and other load-serving entities: allocation of legacy resources. Portantino Senate - Appropriations
6 SB-617 Residential solar energy systems: permitting. Wiener Senate - Appropriations
13 SB-539 Property taxation: intergenerational transfers of real property: base year value transfers. Hertzberg Senate - Third Reading
14 SB-48 Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Limón Senate - Third Reading
15 SB-107 CalFresh. Wiener Senate - Third Reading
16 SB-484 Home inspections: sewer lateral repairs. Archuleta Assembly - Pending Referral
17 SCR-23 National Military Appreciation Month. Archuleta Senate - Third Reading
18 SB-326 Health care coverage: federal health care reforms. Pan Assembly - Pending Referral
19 SB-455 California Health Benefit Exchange. Leyva Assembly - Pending Referral
20 SCR-34 Veterans’ Home of California. Archuleta Senate - Third Reading
21 SCR-37 Latino Veterans Day. Archuleta Senate - Third Reading
22 SB-323 Local government: water or sewer service: legal actions. Caballero Assembly - Pending Referral
23 SCR-36 Aromatic L-amino Acid Decarboxylase (AADC) Deficiency Awareness Day. Melendez Senate - Third Reading
24 SB-590 2022 statewide primary election: terms of office. Allen Assembly - Pending Referral
25 SB-258 Aging. Laird Assembly - Pending Referral
26 SB-331 Settlement and nondisparagement agreements. Leyva Assembly - Pending Referral
27 SCR-38 Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month. Pan Assembly - Pending Referral
28 SB-442 School districts and community college districts: governing board elections: charter cities. Newman Assembly - Pending Referral
29 SB-392 Common interest developments: document delivery. Archuleta Senate - Third Reading
30 SB-414 Land. Jones Assembly - Pending Referral
31 SB-780 Local finance: public investment authorities. Cortese Senate - Third Reading
32 SCR-33 Food Allergy Awareness Week. Archuleta Senate - Third Reading
33 SB-534 Dental hygienists. Jones Assembly - Pending Referral
34 AB-79 Budget Act of 2020. Committee on Budget Senate - Second Reading
35 AB-84 Employment: rehiring and retention: displaced workers. Committee on Budget Senate - Second Reading
36 AB-213 Public social services. Committee on Budget Senate - Second Reading
37 AB-87 Juvenile Justice. Committee on Budget Senate - Third Reading
38 SB-591 Senior citizens: intergenerational housing developments. Becker Senate - Consent
39 SJR-3 Battleship IOWA Museum and National Museum of the Surface Navy. Archuleta Senate - Consent
A- 1 SB-407 Professional Land Surveyors’ Act. Archuleta Senate - Inactive