Sen. Check-in Session Bills - 04/07/2021

Bills Returned: 49
Item Measure Subject Author Status
1 SB-551 California Electric Vehicle Authority. Stern Senate - Transportation
2 SB-576 Gambling: local moratorium. Archuleta Senate - Appropriations
3 SB-57 Controlled substances: overdose prevention program. Wiener Senate - Third Reading
4 SB-505 Wages: withholdings: written authorizations. Hertzberg Senate - Judiciary
5 SB-33 Apprenticeship: annual report: task force. Cortese Senate - Appropriations
6 SB-779 California Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act: earn and learn programs. Becker Senate - Appropriations
13 SCR-11 Cancer Patients’ Bill of Rights. Rubio Assembly - Pending Referral
14 SB-539 Property taxation: intergenerational transfers of real property: base year value transfers. Hertzberg Senate - Third Reading
15 SB-721 California Farmworker Day. Hueso Senate - Second Reading
16 SCR-18 Compassionate California. Cortese Senate - Third Reading
17 SCR-22 Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) Week. Umberg Assembly - Pending Referral
18 SB-48 Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Limón Senate - Third Reading
19 SB-52 State of emergency: local emergency: planned power outage. Dodd Senate - Second Reading
20 SB-73 Probation: eligibility: crimes relating to controlled substances. Wiener Assembly - Pending Referral
21 SB-107 CalFresh. Wiener Senate - Third Reading
22 SB-263 Real estate licensees: continuing education: implicit bias training. Rubio Senate - Third Reading
23 SB-294 Public retirement: leave of absence: service credit. Leyva Senate - Third Reading
24 SB-386 Tied-house restrictions: advertising: mixed-use district. Umberg Senate - Third Reading
25 SB-484 Home inspections: sewer lateral repairs. Archuleta Senate - Third Reading
26 SCR-23 National Military Appreciation Month. Archuleta Senate - Third Reading
27 SR-20 Archuleta Senate - Third Reading
28 SR-21 Pan Senate - Third Reading
29 SR-22 Min Senate - Passed
30 SR-23 Durazo Senate - Third Reading
31 SJR-1 Student loan debt. Allen Senate - Third Reading
32 SB-298 Brewpub-restaurant licenses: exchange for bona fide public eating place license. Dodd Senate - Third Reading
33 SB-84 Oil and gas wells: hazardous or idle-deserted wells and facilities. Hurtado Senate - Third Reading
34 SB-103 Uniform Faithful Presidential Electors Act. Dodd Senate - Third Reading
35 SB-267 Property taxation: active solar energy systems: partnership flip transactions. Hertzberg Assembly - Pending Referral
36 SB-303 Property taxation: transfer of base year value: disaster relief. Borgeas Senate - Third Reading
37 SB-374 Protective orders: reproductive coercion. Min Senate - Third Reading
38 SB-417 Alcoholic beverages: import. Dodd Senate - Third Reading
39 SB-479 Local Government Renewable Energy Self-Generation Program. Laird Assembly - Pending Referral
40 SB-614 California Military Department Support Fund activities. Archuleta Assembly - Pending Referral
41 SB-685 Employment of minors: agricultural packing plants. McGuire Assembly - Pending Referral
42 SB-288 Corporations: conversions: foreign corporation or foreign other business entity. Jones Assembly - Pending Referral
43 SB-407 Professional Land Surveyors’ Act. Archuleta Senate - Third Reading
44 SB-520 Water resources: permit to appropriate: application procedure: mining use. Wilk Senate - Third Reading
45 SB-818 California State Lottery Committee on Governmental Organization Senate - Third Reading
46 SR-6 Skinner Senate - Third Reading
47 AB-84 Employment: rehiring and retention: displaced workers. Committee on Budget Senate - Second Reading
48 ACR-22 Girl Scouts of the USA. Boerner Horvath Assembly - Passed
49 ACR-34 Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week. Luz Rivas Assembly - Passed
50 ACR-38 School Breakfast Week. Blanca Rubio Assembly - Passed
51 SB-400 Homeless children and youths: local educational agencies: collaboration, training, and reporting. Jones Assembly - Pending Referral
52 SB-578 Lanterman-Petris-Short Act: hearings. Jones Assembly - Pending Referral
53 SB-634 Public employees’ retirement. Committee on Labor, Public Employment and Retirement Assembly - Pending Referral
54 SB-817 Fire protection: Office of the State Fire Marshal: State Board of Fire Services: membership. Committee on Governmental Organization Assembly - Pending Referral
55 SB-431 Street lighting systems: City of West Covina. Rubio Assembly - Pending Referral