Asm Privacy and Consumer Protection Bills - 04/22/2021

Bills Returned: 22
Measure Subject Author Status
AB-34 Broadband for All Act of 2022. Muratsuchi Assembly - Appropriations
AB-268 Courts: sealing records: autopsy reports. Irwin Assembly - Appropriations
AB-286 Food delivery: purchase prices and tips. Lorena Gonzalez Assembly - Third Reading
AB-390 Advertising: automatic renewal and continuous service offers: notice and online termination. Berman Senate - Pending Referral
AB-472 Campsite reservations: securing an equitable process. Cooley Assembly - Consent
AB-587 Social media companies: terms of service. Gabriel Assembly - Appropriations
AB-694 Privacy and Consumer Protection: omnibus bill. Committee on Privacy and Consumer Protection Assembly - Consent
AB-901 Rental passenger vehicle transactions. Calderon Senate - Pending Referral
AB-917 Vehicles: video imaging of parking violations. Bloom Assembly - Third Reading
AB-984 Vehicle identification and registration: alternative devices. Luz Rivas Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1076 Automated license plate recognition systems: model policy. Kiley Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1089 Credit services organizations. Grayson Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1184 Medical information: confidentiality. Chiu Assembly - Third Reading
AB-1237 Information access: research institutions: firearms. Ting Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1252 Information privacy: digital health feedback systems. Chau Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1262 Information privacy: other connected device with a voice recognition feature. Cunningham Assembly - Third Reading
AB-1356 Reproductive health care services. Bauer-Kahan Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1444 Food delivery platforms. Lee Senate - Pending Referral
AB-1475 Law enforcement: social media. Low Senate - Pending Referral
AB-1503 Digital driver’s licenses and identification cards. Santiago Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1556 Ticket sellers. Friedman Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1560 Distance learning: pupil access: computing devices and broadband internet service. Daly Assembly - Appropriations