Asm Privacy and Consumer Protection Bills - 04/17/2018

Bills Returned: 21
Measure Subject Author Status
AB-1781 Corporations: annual statement. Steinorth Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1859 Customer records. Chau Senate - Appropriations
AB-1957 Social Services Modernization, Efficiency, and Due Process Protection Act of 2018. Berman Senate - Appropriations
AB-2167 Information privacy: digital health feedback systems. Chau Senate - Appropriations
AB-2182 Privacy: Department of Justice: online platforms: personal data privacy. Levine Senate - Appropriations
AB-2184 Business licenses. Chiu Senate - Appropriations
AB-2194 Video games: microtransactions. Quirk Assembly - Privacy and Consumer Protection
AB-2225 State government: storing and recording electronic media. Limón Senate - Appropriations
AB-2375 Voter registration database: Electronic Registration Information Center. Obernolte Assembly - Appropriations
AB-2402 Cannabis: personal information. Low Senate - Appropriations
AB-2556 Charitable organizations: crowdfunding solicitors. Irwin Assembly - Appropriations
AB-2748 Election infrastructure: independent security assessments. Chau Senate - Appropriations
AB-2749 State agencies: state entities: Internet Web site accessibility: standards. Bonta Senate - Appropriations
AB-2769 Privacy: driver’s license information. Cooper Senate - Appropriations
AB-2812 Data storage and protection standards: local agencies. Limón Assembly - Appropriations
AB-2813 California Cybersecurity Integration Center. Irwin Senate - Appropriations
AB-2998 Consumer products: flame retardant materials. Bloom Senate - Appropriations
AB-3010 Financial transactions: finance lenders and deferred deposit transactions. Limón Senate - Banking and Financial Institutions
AB-3193 Information security. Chau Senate - Failed Passage in Committee
AB-3207 California Financing Law. Limón Senate - Appropriations
AB-3229 California Right to Financial Privacy Act. Burke Senate - Appropriations